"Sovkombank" to withstand one of the most serious challenges during its existence. As has learned, law enforcement agencies are interested in the results of the audit conducted by the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 17 in Moscow. Tax inspectors documented the participation of Sovcombank in the withdrawal of funds from Russia to Cyprus.

 Witnesses testified that Vasily Klyukin, one of the founding fathers of Sovcombank, was in charge of this work, who rewrote his stake in his brother Mikhail.

At the disposal of were the inspection report of the Inspection of Federal Tax Service 17, which, according to the editors, is already a ready criminal case. So, turn to the documents. As seen from the case file, the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 17 in the city of Moscow conducted a field tax audit of OOO Stroymonolit regarding the correctness of the calculation and timeliness of paying taxes and fees, insurance premiums for the period from 01/01/2010 to 12/31/2012. According to the results of the audit, the Act of the on-site tax audit No. 20-25 / 2-761 was drawn up, in which numerous cases of the withdrawal of capital from Russia through Sovcombank were recorded.

In due course we will tell about all these shadow schemes, while we will stop on one example fixed by tax inspectors. Stroymonolit had a partner, Stroygeninvest LLC, which was transferred hundreds of millions of rubles under various contracts.

An analysis was made of the movement of 200 million rubles, which Stroymonolit transferred to Stroygeninvest. These funds are transferred by Stroygeninvest LLC to:


- Moscow branch of LLC IKB Sovcombank in the amount of 150,000,000 rubles. for issuing bills of exchange;


- OOO StroyMontazh with the purpose of payments "For the supplied construction materials"


- LLC Stroyteks with the purpose of payment "For construction and installation work under the contract."

The Inspection of the Federal Tax Service requested information about Sovcombank about the persons who presented bills of exchange to Stroygeninvest acquired by LLC Stroygeninvest. LLC IKB Sovcombank presented contracts concluded with LLC Leasing Company Soglasie. These promissory notes were presented for early redemption of LLC “Leasing Company Consent” on the basis of applications for redemption.

According to the information from the Incorporation, LLC “Leasing Company Consent” was registered on 09.02.2005 and liquidated by the decision of the founders on 09.11.2011. The founder of LLC Leasing Company Soglasie in 2010-2012 was LLC IKB Sovcombank, which is an issuer of bills of exchange. The founders and managers of LLC “Leasing Company Consent”, who presented for redemption the promissory notes of LLC IKB Sovcombank, acquired by LLC Stroygeninvest for funds received from Stroymonolit are Zvyagin A.I. and Zhukov E.E.


Based on the testimony of E.E. Zhukov, who is at the disposal of, who was the head of Consent's Leasing Company LLC, it was established that the head and founder do not have minimal information about the financial and economic activities of the organization, which indicates its rating as a head organizations.


As a result of the interrogation Zvyagina A.I. it was established that at present the witness is working as a medical assistant at the ambulance station “MBUZ Mytishchinskaya station of emergency medical care”. Regarding the construction work at the site, the witness reported that he owns information about these works from Vasily Vasilyevich Klyukin, who offered to take the position of the general director of the Consent Leasing Company LLC nominally, without actually managing the organization’s activities. Vasily Klyukin is the founder and owner of a large Sovcombank package, which then decided to move to Monaco and build a career as a card player. In this regard, he rewrote his stake in the bank to his brother Michael.


Thus, LLC “Leasing Company Consent” was used for processing transactions without the actual participation of the head of the organization, that is, other persons acted on behalf of the said organization.


In addition, the Inspectorate of Tax Inspection during the audit established that the funds from OOO LC LC Soglasie were transferred: from December 17, 2010 to December 27, 2010 under a loan agreement and to pay off bills of exchange in the amount of 91,517,256 rubles. addressed to SK Arka Insurance LLC, were subsequently withdrawn from the Russian Federation - transferred to SovCo Capital Partner BiV Company (Netherlands) from December 17, 2010 to December 27, 2010 under a loan agreement in the amount of 82,563,863 rubles.

SovCo Capital Partner BV is a company that is 100 percent owned by Sovcombank and the bank’s shareholders are already hiding behind it.

From 12/20/2010 to 12/23/2010 under a securities purchase agreement in the amount of 58,600,000 rubles. addressed to Blokstroytorg LLC, with the latest transfer of the latest currency by order to the offshore organization - QUERSKO LIMITED AGIOS (Cyprus).

As a result, the tax inspectorate, in the documents published by, comes to an unequivocal conclusion - thus, as a result of the successive conclusion of formal transactions, funds in the amount of 150,000,000 rubles. withdrawn to the accounts of foreign companies, including - in the offshore zone - the Republic of Cyprus.


“The interdependence and consistency of the actions of the parties to the transactions allowed the creation of a formal document flow .., in order to withdraw funds to the accounts of non-residents of the Russian Federation,” they say in the IFTS. A "core" of this mechanism for the withdrawal of capital was "Sovcombank."

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov