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A criminal case was initiated under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud) against the developers of StroyPlus LLC, Marino Stroi LLC, who build residential complexes in the settlement of Filimonkovskoe. Both these structures are controlled by businessman Mikhail Ogloblin. However, he does not intimidate criminal cases, three investigations are now being conducted with Ogloblin, and he is also tried for another crime. Mikhail himself feels absolutely confident and is not at all afraid of landing. Of course, his mother, Marina Ogloblina, is an advisor to the governor of the Moscow region. And with such rear services one can spit on thousands of deceived buyers of apartments and the fact that they hold rallies in the pre-election year.

For examples, it is not necessary to go far. On June 12, on the Day of Russia, protest actions were held by defrauded holders of ZhK "Sports Quarter", who paid money to structures of the Ogloblins family, and did not receive any apartments. The delay in the DDU co-investors is today 529 days, this is actually a year and a half, and the construction was stopped much earlier - already exactly two years ago. "At the moment there are workers at the construction site, they are every day, but these workers do not build, but steal materials and take it out by trucks in an unknown direction. How to stop it? How to make the completion of the "Sports Quarter" of our developer Mikhail Ogloblin, which hangs three criminal cases, and one of the firms started bankruptcy proceedings? These questions will not be answered by any official as they say, it's not in our authority! ", - the sportsmen of the ZhK" Sports Quarter "are indignant.

As a result, on June 12, in the frames of the All-Russian action "To the President of the Country - from the Affected Owners!" Interest holders LCD "Sports District" held a rally and recorded a video message to the head of state. "In this video, all our emotions, tears, the history of families, pensioners and veterans, disabled people and mothers with many children. Let him not be shown on state television and of course his president is unlikely to see him, but many citizens of our country will see him. Someone, perhaps, will save it from falling into such a nightmare of long-term construction, "- say investors who suffered from Ogloblin's actions.

As already told, advertising LCD "Sports Quarter" promised residents of Moscow and the suburbs "paradise" housing. In total in the LCD was planned to build 15 houses of different number of storeys. In the project declaration, the LC is informed about the planned construction of a DOU for 250 seats, a school for 550 seats, a sports complex for the Olympic Reserve.

Construction companies were led by companies controlled by Ogloblina Mikhail Andreevich, the son of Marina E. Ogloblina (ex-minister of the construction complex of the Moscow Region), currently an adviser (in the rank of minister) of the governor of the MO VorobyovA.Yu. on construction issues. In addition to the LCD Sports District Ogloblin MA has 5 other unfinished projects, namely LCD Aristovo-Mitino, LCD ECO PARK Nakhabino, LCD Marino Grad, LCD Sports Town and the latest project Aristye LCD. The situation Is under the same scenario: the developer in a short time builds monolithic skeletons of future houses, which contributes to the increase in sales, then the construction is factually discontinued.The scheme of the developer's work resembles the creation of a housing and construction pyramid. According to the constituent documents of OOO StroyPlusOgloblinM.A . Does not pass, but repeatedly visited meetings with interest-holders, where he was represented as the owner of this construction business.

With regard toOgloblin's structures, cases are brought on one after another, but they are all formal. And Mikhail clearly does not threaten anything. The Investigation Department of the Interior of the Trinity and Novomoskovsk Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow instituted criminal proceedings No. 208626 on part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code. More than 500 applications have been submitted from the equity holders on recognizing them as victims, but only a few people have been recognized as victims

In the framework of the criminal case instituted on the fact of fraud and withdrawal of funds from the participants in the joint construction of the LC "Sports District", the procedural status of Ogloblin is unknown. The estimated amount of money withdrawn from the facility is 1 billion 400 million rubles.

In addition, Ogloblin is in another criminal case under art. 322.1 (organization of illegal migration), which is now heard in the Tver court of Moscow. A regular meeting should be held on June 23, 2017. There is still a series of similar cases, but Michael is free and he does not care.

His mother Marina Ogloblina has huge connections. She more than 10 years oversaw the development and implementation of economic programs in Moscow, remained the last official of the city government in the rank of minister from the team of ex-mayor Luzhkov. In the financial and economic block of the mayor's office Ogloblina worked for about 20 years. However, she "did not get accustomed" to the team Sobyanin, but found a place under the "wing" of Andrei Vorobyov. He highly appreciates this employee, due to which the family Ogloblins got a kind of immunity from serious trouble with law enforcement.

Source: Rucriminal