The scandal surrounding the attempt of the TFR to initiate a case against the judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Elena Kondrat is gaining momentum. On May 31, the Higher Qualification Collegium of Judges (VKKS) will consider the corresponding submission of the head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. His department believes that Kondrat is involved in bribery. Moreover, the main witness against Kondrat is her former assistant, and now also a judge of the Arbitration Court, Elena Makhalkina. This story was superimposed on another. The son of Elena and the former Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Kondrat, Nikolai, was charged with the preparation of contract killings of two people. The Cheka-OGPU was the first to report that Nikolai Kondrat was arrested for the murder of his driver and was in custody.

Елена Кондрат

On the eve of considering Bastrykin's submission, Elena Kondrat submitted a petition to Nikolai Timoshin, chairman of the Supreme Qualification Collegium of Judges of the Russian Federation, in which she outlined her version of events. In particular, the judge tells how for a long time the FSB officers in Moscow and the region were "weaving a web" around her, who wanted her to resign from the court. Having received a refusal, the operative began to organize "traps" for Kondrat, including with the participation of Judge Makhalkina. The VChK-OGPU telegram will tell you why the hunt for the judge was organized in the morning. And publishes the petition of Judge Kondrat to VKKS.


Dear Colleagues - members of the VKKS of the Russian Federation, in connection with the presentation of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A.I. about the initiation of a criminal case against judge Kondrat E.N. I am asking you to postpone consideration of this Submission due to the following circumstances:

 - finding me from May 25, 2021 on sick leave and the need to familiarize me with the materials of the Submission of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation:

 - the need to give explanations to the investigator, since the investigator never summoned me to testify, my whereabouts have been officially determined, I, inclusively through May 24, 2021. was at work in the Moscow Arbitration Court and considered 70-80 arbitration cases 2-3 days a week. I have not received any requests (calls) in any capacity.

In addition, a provocation was committed against me by officers of the FSB for Moscow and the Moscow Region with the participation of the judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Makhalkina E.A.

All LRA judges know that in May - June 2020 E.A. Makhalkin allegedly detained by officers of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region red-handed when she received a bribe from the bankruptcy administrator Goloshumova A.V., after which Makhalkina E.A. Perhaps she began to cooperate with the FSB officers in Moscow and the Moscow region.

This information Makhalkina E.A. 04/27/2021 she confirmed to me during lunch in the canteen of the LRA and told me personally that she was detained when receiving a bribe by the FSB officers in Moscow and the Moscow Region, her fingerprints were on the money, the bribe was recorded by the officers and she was offered to avoid criminal prosecution, someone pass ”from the judges (audio recording of the conversation is available).

In addition, Makhalkina E.A. (my former secretary, assistant for more than 10 years), while still my assistant, told me that she and A.V. Goloshumova. have been on friendly terms for many years, moreover, they have rested together in one room in Spain, Egypt, Italy.

I believe that the statement of Makhalkina E.A. in relation to me, it is aimed at avoiding criminal responsibility. I ask you to check the materials of the operational record (OPD) in relation to the judge Makhalkina E.A.

Makhalkina E.A., probably cooperating with the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow Region, and, possibly in accordance with the undertaken obligations, agreed to participate in the provocation against me. So, from July - August 2020 Makhalkina E.A. began to ask me for a loan to buy her own apartment. She told me that she had earned 20 million rubles and she lacked about 5 million rubles to purchase the apartment she intended to buy. In September 2020, on her work computer, she showed me the prospective apartment and the preliminary sales contract.

On October 18, 2020, when lending money to judge E.A. Makhalkina for the purchase of an apartment, a provocation was carried out against me by officers of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region. The fact of my transfer of money to Makhlkina E.A. for the purchase of an apartment was recorded on a video camera by officers of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region with my explanations about the transfer of money for the purchase of an apartment and explanations from Makhalkina E.A., who confirmed that she had received money from me in debt to buy an apartment. She clearly explained on the video camera and in the explanations that the money was given to her to purchase an apartment. I believe that members of the VKKS can familiarize themselves with this video.

 When giving explanations Makhalkina E.A. there were officers of the FSB department in Moscow, A.A. Ushakov, Roman, and other officers. Employee Roman threatened me with causing trouble with my son Kondrat N.I., in case I do not resign.

In November 2020, E.A. Makhalkina probably made a new provocation with U. Majidov (information taken from the telegrams of the OGPU VChK channel), with whom she was familiar for many years (since he was the assistants to the representative of the ASGM S.I. Nazarts). In a conversation with me (fixation means are available and will be presented) E.A. Makhalkina. told me that she "works with U. Majidov."

In addition, I never avoided going to the investigator and my location corresponds to the place of registration, I did not receive any calls, calls to the investigator, I never gave written explanations to anyone, until May 24, 2021 (before my illness) I was at work place, held court sessions.

Given the current situation, I ask you, dear members of the Collegium, to postpone consideration of the Submission of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A.I.Bastrykin. about the initiation of a criminal case against me - Judge Kondrat E.N. in connection with my being on sick leave, as well as the need to conduct a thorough pre-investigation check on the provocation committed against me, taking into account my explanations (I am ready to give them to the investigator at any time), as well as the need to study the materials of operational-search activities (DOI) in relation to Judge Makhalkina E.A.


Respectfully yours, Judge Kondrat E.N.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin