According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and, the head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, avoids mentioning corruption at internal meetings. At the same time, he instructed Arutyunova, whom he had nominated for the position of head of the internal audit service, to suspend all investigations of economic crimes in the corporation that had been initiated by the previous management. This is associated with personnel policy, when he invites to work and promotes defendants in numerous criminal investigations. We have already written about the criminal case No. 11902460043000115, where the accused were the former general directors of RSC Energia - Solntsev and JSC NPO Istok - A. Borisov. The current head of the state corporation (and namesake) first “dismissed” the latter from the criminal case, and then invited him to the position of his adviser with the prospect of heading the most problematic and most generously funded block of space electronics. The details of this criminal case and Borisov's actions to destroy it have become known.

During the investigation of the criminal case, it was established that A. Borisov (Istok) signed an agreement in which the prices for the supply of an electronic component base for the needs of RSC Energia were overstated by 1 billion 310 million 692 thousand rubles. In fact, low-quality Chinese analogues were purchased for 240 million 4543 thousand rubles. In an attempt to disguise the theft, commercial activities were imitated and documents were fabricated on the alleged sale and purchase through a chain of seven intermediaries: two Chinese. Two from the UAE and three from Russia, although in reality the products were delivered directly from the manufacturer. As a result, over 1 billion rubles of budget funds were stolen through fraud. Nine individuals were charged, including Borisov and his close associate and one of the main defendants, Popova, the CEO of Mikrokom LLC, who fled to Ukraine.

The criminal intent and actions of A.Borisov were fully proven. The fictitious feigned nature of the contract No. 1-326-16 dated March 29, 2017, signed by him, was established. Telephone conversations that took place between A. Borisov and Almaz Mareev, assistant to the general director of NPP, were also documented. It follows from them that, at the direction of Borisov, Mareev (a former senior official of the Prosecutor General's Office) controlled the progress and results of the check that was carried out by the Moscow Regional Prosecutor's Office on the facts of inflating the price of EKB, hoping to get a high position in JSC NPO Istok or in the government military-industrial complex, as A. Borisov promised him under the patronage of "my friend Yura". During the investigation, Mareev fully confirmed Borisov's criminal actions.

According to the totality of evidence of wine A.A. Borisov and other accused of the crimes they are accused of has been fully confirmed.

According to, for a long time, the prosecution authorities refused to agree on the direction of the criminal case to the court. Moreover, the issue was considered at the level of the Prosecutor General, in whose reception, as our channel already wrote, Yuri Borisov, at that time Deputy Prime Minister for the defense industry, was repeatedly noticed. And only after, at the insistence of the Prosecutor General's Office, Borisov's status was changed from an accused to a witness, the case was transferred to the Royal City Court, which on August 11 sentenced another accused, Prokhorov, to 1 year and 8 months in prison in a correctional colony of general regime with a penalty on account of compensation for material damages in favor of RSC Energia 839 million 681 thousand rubles.

A. Borisov escaped criminal punishment and for this reason can pass a test for access to state secrets (it is not given to persons who have been prosecuted) and apply after serving a three-month sentence (possible appeal against the verdict, revision of the decision due to newly discovered circumstances, initiation of a new criminal case ) in the position of adviser to his "benefactor" and long-term partner in the supply of microelectronics to the military-industrial complex and Roscosmos - Yuri Borisov. And then use his rich experience in drawing up and implementing fictitious contracts, leading the electronics block of a state corporation. In this, he will obviously be assisted by another person involved in numerous investigations - Konstantin Borisov, the son of the head of Roskosmos, who, formally without a position in a state corporation, positions himself as the chief commercial director, promoting the interests of his company - LLC Gas Station Operator. According to operational data, this LLC, registered in Moscow at 25/2 Solntsevsky Prospekt, and having business contacts with a number of microelectronics enterprises, is controlled by Sergei Mikhailov, a well-known philanthropist from Solntsev, who asks not to be considered a "leader of an organized criminal group."

Timofey Grishin

To be continued