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In Moscow, one of the founding fathers of the Solntsevo group, Alexander Averin (Avera Jr.), died. He had long suffered from heart disease and this week was hospitalized with another bout. October 12 evening, he died in intensive care. has been publishing materials from the Interpol report for more than a year, including agent information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, wiretapping materials and surveillance of natives of the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related individuals , among which there are a lot of big businessmen, former and current officials. In this article, publishes a dossier on Avery Jr., compiled by Interpol.

According to the Interpol NCB in Prague, the Solntsevo grouping has 500-600 * members53. These data were confirmed by the Interpol NCB in Moscow54. According to the information provided by the NCB Interpol in Rome, the organization consists of 30 different groups, each headed by its leader. Each group has about 600 members, of which at least 200 actively participate in the organization. Most members of the organization live in Solntsevo, as well as in Gagarin, Kuntsev and Cheremushkinsky districts of Moscow. At the head of the groups mentioned above there are 7 leaders, including Sergey MIKHAILOV, AVERIN Viktor, AVERIN Alexander, MOGILEVICH Semen55.

According to information obtained from other sources, the Solntsevo group is a community of different groups, brigades or groups of 20-50 members each, and in turn, they consist of smaller teams and groups of 5-20 people each. Part of the brigades are rank-and-file members ("soldiers"), while around the world there are about 1,700 * active members ("soldiers", brigadiers and leaders) who are consciously involved in illegal business. In addition, there are members who do not directly participate in illegal business, but they know who they are working for (for example, the chief accountant knows that he is working with the account of Mikhailov). The rest are employees who do not know that they are involved in criminal activities. They are not active participants56.

 A group of leaders who manage the entire activity of the organization. It includes:


1. MIKHAILOV Sergey (the main leader)

2. AVERIN Viktor (the main leader)



5. AVERIN Alexander


7. RUSSAKOV Sergey


All the above-mentioned persons are members of the board of governing members. The main functions of which are:

a) Creation of a criminal community strategy;

b) the resolution of internal and external conflicts;

c) distribution of profit among leaders;

d) order "obshchakom";

e) direct management of the community (orders, punishment, encouragement, etc.).

In addition, there is a so-called "small council", which is convened between the sessions of the "big council", and "big council", which takes the main decisions.


 Group of internal and external security, the main functions of which are:

1. Intelligence and counterintelligence.

2. Commercial espionage.

3. Corruption and recruitment of civil servants and employees of state structures.

4. Opposition to hostile structures.

5. Police confrontation and justice.

The group mentioned above is used by legal services and lawyers, private security structures and private detective agencies (they use former civil servants from various government departments). This group provides the leaders of the organization with the necessary consultations, analytical support and warns about possible risks.

 "Shock" group.

1. Planning and implementation of specific criminal acts (usually associated with violence).

2. Active participation in gang wars and conflicts between the community and other criminal organizations.

1. The organization of Alexander Averin.

(See attached diagram "AVERINA Brigade")


 AVERIN Alexander Sergeevich, nicknamed "Avera Jr." or "Younger", was born in Moscow on April 12, 1959, Russian passport 41. He is the brother of Victor AVERIN.156 Suspected of illegal circulation of arms, extortion, robbery and money laundering. 157 He had a conflict with Arnold TAMM, however, he revised his position after the release of MIKHAILOV.158 According to available information, his Moscow address: ul. Glavmosstoyevskaya ...

The organization of Averin consists of 35 people. He is the leader of other brigades and organizations, such as:


A) Two independent organizations:

1. The Ivanovo criminal grouping, headed by TOCHILOV Igor Valerievich, is also the "Gafon", born in 1963, which includes 50 people.

2. Criminal organization "Fyokly" (Vladimir), headed by Fedor Nikolai Mikhailovich, he is also "Thekle - senior", born in 1961, which includes 25 people.159

B) Three brigades:






 30 people.160


 Russian citizen GURCHENKOV Vladimir, was born on October 31, 1960 in Moscow. The name "Chef". He is the leading personality in charge of racketeering and is considered the leader of one of the brigades of the Solntsevo group responsible for the murders. Gurchenkov has a Russian passport number 43, valid until .... and No. 08 ... He controls the extortion of money from banks in Moscow.161 Gurchenkov was warmed by the Austrian authorities in the murder in Vienna on May 9, 1989, of Siegfried GOLUH. On May 16, 1998, an international warrant for his arrest was issued, which was repealed on September 1, 1998.162 He took part in a meeting of criminal bosses that was held in 1995 in Prague.163


25 people.



ANISIMOV Anatoly Vasilievich, nicknamed "Bulylya," was born in Moscow on August 13, 1958. 165 According to the data of the NCB of Interpol in Washington, he was born on June 15, 1948, and directed the daily activities of the Solntsevo group from the Moscow offices of the company "SV Kh. . Holdings ".166 He was also inspected by the Czech police in May 1995 at the" To Holubu "restaurant .167 Anisimov owns the private customs terminal" Dixel "and uses it to smuggle furniture. 168

He also controls 5 other brigades, such as:


This brigade consists of 30 people. She is led by PETROV, who is also Duren, born on February 9, 1960, which is also possible:

PETROV Alexander, family. November 29, 1960, he is also "Duren", the leader of the brigade. 169 He also belongs to the "shock group" .170

PETROV controls six other brigades, led by:


a) Sergey Lapteev, aka "Laptexi the Elder", b. April 21, 1955 The brigade consists of 15 people.

b) DANILOV Sergey, he is also "Danila", born on March 24, 1962. His brigade includes 10 more members.

c) MIYATIOV Ildar, he is also a "Tatar", born. September 30, 1955

d) Laptev Andrey, he is also "Laptey Jr.", genus. May 23, 1960

e) GLADCHUK Vladimir, he is also "Dushman", genus. October 6, 1963 The brigade consists of 10 people.

f) Myakotin Victor, he is also "Bald," born. January 1, 1958 The brigade includes five more members. He controls:

g) KOROBOV Alexey, he is also "Korob", b. July 24, 1974, which leads a group of 7 people.

The brigade consists of 10 people. She is led by Viktor Korobov, who is also Karas, born. January 31, 1963

The team consists of 15 people. She is led by Mikhail Kolesnikov, who is also Kolesnik, born. January 22, 1955

The brigade consists of 10 people. She is led by Sergey Zubrilin, who is also Zubril, born. October 16, 1957


The brigade consists of 20-25 people. She is directed by Skrylev Andrey *, he also "Hid", genus. December 20, 1962, which also controls the activities of the organization called "Arkhangelsk Borisov" or "Arkhangelsk", which consists of 35-40 people171.


 Skrylev Andrey, he also "Hid", genus. December 20, 1962 According to the NCB of Interpol in Washington, he leads a group led by Mikhail Kudin, who is engaged in hijacking vehicles. SKRYLEV had a conflict with the local criminal gangs of Bulgaria, as a result of which, one gang was shot in Sofia. Skrylev and Qudin engaged in extortion, car theft and drug trafficking. In addition, SKRYLEV was involved in the acquisition of the Kosmos Hotel by the Solntsevo group, in which he was assisted by an Israeli citizen, Igor KIEVSKY, who moved from Russia to Israel in the 1980s.172 SKRYLEV is the "authority" in the organization. He has a brother, who is also a member of the brigade brothers "Skrylevyh." According to available information, SKRYLEV died of a drug overdose.173

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal