Ex-head of the Moscow-controlled Moscow City Property Department OEK-Finance2 Andrey Baybarov will soon stand trial for theft of 282 million rubles. The manager of Moscow officials "organized a criminal group with the help of which he entered into fictitious contracts with the company controlled by him CJSC" OFSK "in the amount of 282 million rubles."

The case was confirmed at the highest level - Deputy Prosecutor Viktor Grinh gave "kindness". "Depending on the role and degree of participation, they are accused of committing crimes, foreseen by ch. 3, 4 tbsp. 160 of the Criminal Code (misappropriation or embezzlement), Part 5 of Art. 33, part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (complicity in misappropriation or embezzlement), Part 1 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of authority), "said the official representative of the Prosecutor General's Office, Alexander Kurennoy.

Baybarov and his alleged accomplices created their office a half-empty with an authorized capital of 100,000 rubles and without guarantors using their official position they took and transferred several tranches of almost 300 million rubles. But the state manager could have accomplices, including in the government.


"Undercover affairs" of the mayoralty and Mutsoev


The last loud decision of the Sobyanin residents in December 2016 to spend 10 billion rubles on the United Russia party's Zelimkhan Mutsoyev's park, against the background of a reduction in the financing of hospitals and schools, caused not only outrage, but also questions.

Sergei Semyonovich preferred to invest 10 billion rubles in the park of the future JSC "VDNKH". Analysts say that Mutsoyev will squeeze 163 billion rubles.

It should be noted that only in 2015 Mutsoyev's office was registered with OOO "Wheel of VDNKh" (INN 7708293597). Competitors said that Mutsoyev had no chance. But it looks like a cunning United Russia managed to agree with who should.

"We found two state contracts for the demolition of the Ferris wheel at VDNH: on June 3 and 21. Both are concluded with single suppliers already after the wheel has been dismantled. For these purposes, JSC VDNKh transferred to the subsidiary structure of the KhOZU VDNKh 72.9 million. After that, Hozu "VDNH" concluded an agreement with the same subject with LLC "MSU", but already for 62.1 million. Given that the main work was carried out from March to the end of May, the question arises: what is the difference in the amount of 10.8 million, "said lawyer Alexei Karnaukhov.

It should be noted and Sergei Mitrokhin for many years sifted out the interests of Muscovites. "Apparently, these machinations at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements were originally started, so that the Mutsoyev clan and, perhaps, some other oligarch in power should have made good money. To do this, and expel the previous tenants. The only way to defeat this arbitrariness is a regular change of power, "the prominent" apple "Sergei Mitrokhin believes.


The situation with Te


Let us note that Sobyanin controls projects like VDNKh through his first deputy Marat Khusnullin, who is associated with Capital Group Pavel Te.

Te company "got the right to build a multifunctional complex on the section of Sofiyskaya Embankment on the" Golden Island "in March 2015". Mr. Khusnullin checked that the project went to Te without competition ...


Marat Khusnullin


"Considering that this project, located in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin, is a landmark for Moscow and after completion it can become a visiting card of the city, it was of fundamental importance for us to choose a reliable investor who has the necessary experience and will be able to fulfill all obligations on the quality of performance, - said Mr. Husnullin.

Speaking of Khusnullin, recall that the reconstruction of the "Luzhniki" and, it turns out, the demolition of the "Friendship Park" is engaged in the company "Mosinzhproekt." 100% of the company's shares belong to the Government of Moscow. What methods did officials use? After all, the territory of the "Friendship Park" does not provide for the construction of capital structures, as well as cutting down green spaces.

But sobyanintsy found a way out of the situation. Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow has removed the status of a monument of landscape art! From this moment, illegal construction becomes legal. But this requires ... Correct. Workers arrived at 6 am and immediately began to saw the trees! How do you manage from Sobyanin?

"The builders made it clear to us that the work will continue here as soon as we go home, that is, at night. Therefore, we decided to respond in kind and organize night duty. None of the local residents expected the park to be smashed so sharply, so for now there are not many of us, but many are going to join us. Since 9 am moms with wheelchairs were on duty, now they were replaced by men, all together we stand against four excavators, "the municipal deputy from Khovrino district Nadezhda Barynina told journalists.

But officials and Sobyanin do not care. Moreover, "residents who tried to prevent the passage of equipment to the territory were beaten. At the moment, there are three victims, one of them was taken to the hospital, "the protesters said.


Sobyanin to the answer


Sergei Semyonovich, hiding behind the thick walls of the Moscow mayor's office now and then arranges a variety of freaks. For example, Sobyanin's ex-wife Irina Rubinchik "had a direct relationship to the Sobyanin project for laying paving slabs in the capital."


Sobyanin's daughter and ex-spouse Irina Rubinchik


On business preferences Rubinchik only in 2011 the budget of Moscow spent 1 billion rubles! And the most blatant: in 2012, put the tiles on the same streets! In 2016 it turned out that the tile must be changed ...

Do not forget Sergei Semenovich and myself. Only in 2015 the mayor of Moscow spent a huge 13.6 billion rubles on his own PR! In that year, Sobyanin's salary was "relatively small" 7.2 million rubles. Earlier the salary was even less.

But his daughter is "has an apartment of 108 square meters. M in an elite house in Moscow on the street. Kosygin, whose value is estimated at 2.2 million US dollars. " How is this possible, Sergei Semenovich?

Now the fraud of the establishment of the MEC OEK was revealed. Apparently they can attract deputies, and maybe even the mayor himself.