Under the upcoming September 9, 10, 11 elections of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory in the Kuban, the “shadow regional headquarters” launched its extensive commercial activities.

In September, the regular elections of the composition of the next Legislative Assembly will be held in the Krasnodar Territory. There are more than strange things in this process. After the know-how with the pre-arranged election of their candidates for the primaries of the local United Russia company (we published the full list of the “winners” of this show long before the May procedure of “free expression of the people's will”), the next, no less interesting stage has come. Now all these EP appointees must be registered as the winners of the elections themselves.

In all previous similar Kuban electoral games, victories were forged by the responsible vice-governor (in recent years, it was Igor Chagaev) and the department of domestic policy assigned to him. Although such “accompaniments” to inevitable electoral victories are a violation of our harsh Russian legislation, the orders of the authorities to win at any cost were not discussed. Since the pre-election spring, DVP workers have not been tired of business trips to municipalities: training local officials involved in processes, intimidating those who joined without enthusiasm, rewriting miserable agitation, and entering into negotiations with local TECs and PECs, promising all sorts of tempting benefits. But this year, the entire domestic bureaucratic politics of the Kuban sticks out in their Krasnodar offices. No elective travel. Because the elections in the Kuban are now a purely commercial project, the purpose of which is to improve the financial situation of those young people who are appointed to be "the hope of the Krasnodar Territory in the future."

Some kind of muddy regional headquarters for elections has been created in the Kuban, under the supervision of the director of the department of internal policy A. Topalov. Topalov, as they say, is the future vice-governor (appointment is expected after the elections, when the current vice-governorate Igor Chagaev, whom the governor Kondratiev, due to a series of failures, has fallen out of love with, is swarming out of the vice-governorship).

What is the turbidity of the structure? In the absolute vagueness of what they actually do. As some astonished United Russia candidates report from the field, the main and only task of the headquarters is ... to raise funds. Depending on the ability to pay, future deputies - who care about the prosperity of their native Kuban - are invited to contribute an amount of 1 million rubles or more. The hero of the "Golden Calf" Panikovsky also, recall, asked the underground millionaire Koreiko "Give me a million", so there is a complete coincidence.

The Kuban headquarters electors Panikovsky form this "black" electoral fund also not at the expense of the candidates' election funds, and certainly not at the expense of their official income. Nevertheless, the movement of money in our country today is well monitored, and the seizure of millions of cash and the transfer of funds to who knows who, who knows what, would have aroused suspicion in the regulatory authorities. So, here the turnover is exclusively “black” cash.

This amusing formation is headed by Denis Bondarevsky, assistant to the current deputy of the ZSK Alexander Pogolov, chairman of the committee on physical culture, sports, youth affairs and interaction with public associations. It is curious that Pogolov himself cannot be attributed to the wealthy deputies. For 2021, his official income is 1,761,942 rubles. This is much less than the volume of the current electoral financial “milking” of candidates by his assistant. Bondarevsky himself is known in the region as a member of the Public Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory, who supports any undertakings of the authorities and cheerfully condemns everyone who is amazed at the actions of the far from always adequate Kuban authorities. Bondarevsky is such a regular Kuban whistleblower of oppositional evil, which is what attracted him.

Денис Бондаревский

Where does Denis Bondarevsky and his young, panic-like employees send the cash seized from the candidates? The price of services is completely incomprehensible. Formally, the headquarters seems to be coordinating campaign products. That is, the candidates send them leaflets, posters, newspapers and articles in the media, the young people read all this, and, based on their rich life experience beyond their years, they say: “It will do.” But how much does it cost to pronounce this word? Well, let's say 200 thousand (for those who paid 2-3 million, respectively, the staff "will do" - this is already 600 thousand). None of Bondarev's staff officers helps prepare the agitation, because they can't. Their functions are only evaluation.

It should be noted that many United Russia candidates for the ZSK paid "black" cash for their victories even at the primaries stage. Yes, someone “necessary”, his own for the authorities, did not pay, but for other interested people the price was around 10 million. And those who have already paid for the goods in the form of the upcoming deputy in the Kuban choice stall, back in May, they considered that that's all and you can relax. So, now, in the course of the election campaign, no one is particularly worried about the quality of agitation. Regional PR specialists, for whom earlier any election is haymaking, now they are sitting without work, and epics about the glory of candidates are created for free by employees of candidates - secretaries, accountants, well, or at worst, wives. All this creativity, of course, is poor, but this does not bother anyone - after all, victory has already been bought.

Incidentally, it is precisely because the EP-candidates contributed cash to the regional election curators back in May that Bondarevsky's headquarters now faces, at times, financial disobedience. Not everyone agrees to carry millions of rubles from shadow pockets to young elective talents. Questions like: “Do you guarantee me victory?” What causes sincere indignation among the electorate: “We do not guarantee anything to you, the result is not our area of ​​responsibility.” Collecting pennies is their area, working on the result is not theirs.

But even those who contributed money still do not understand why? There are no wise instructions from the headquarters, the questions “What to do?” - no answer, because having behind him life experience in the form of participation in rallies in support of administrative wisdom, it is difficult to come up with something that ordinary residents of the Krasnodar Territory could appreciate.

In general, the rosy-cheeked cabal assembled by Bondarevsky (and at the headquarters - exclusively his friends, acquaintances, young professional enthusiasts) for the entire period of his work did not answer a single question on the case from the candidates heaped up by them. But on the other hand, during various secret regional coordination meetings, endless remarks are heard from the staff towards those few candidates who refused to pay. That is, it turns out that the candidates paid a million to Bondarevsky's headquarters so that they would not be bang on during the meetings?

However, it is impossible to say that complete idleness reigns at the headquarters. For the remaining hundreds of thousands of rubles, the young ones stuff something into the Internet. The effectiveness of these procedures, in general, is zero, because in the Kuban it is mostly grandmothers who vote, but where are they, and where is the Internet? And those who are younger than 70, and for whom going online is a familiar thing, are unlikely to specifically look on the Internet for stories about the glorious deeds of candidates. That is, the availability of information about future winners for the population is zero. But on the part of Bondarevsky's headquarters, there is an imitation of violent activity for reporting purposes.

Already today it is possible to predict how this financially capacious project will end. If the governor deigns to conduct independent sociological polls about the electoral reality that has reigned in the electoral expanses, with a very high degree of probability a recommendation will be issued to start working as a laborer for the result of that very department of domestic policy. And officials, as always, harness themselves. And, as always, they will rush like crazy (because time trouble has already set in) all over the region for free, spud election commissions, promptly train those who help candidates, equip agitators with useful knowledge, conduct separate negotiations with the systemic opposition, in those constituencies where it is planned to concede the victory to a couple of candidates from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the SR and the "New People" for the appearance of independence of the elections. And, in the end, to get the results planned by the regional administration for the election of the most miserable parliament in modern Kuban history, which consists in no small part of swindlers, young offspring of well-known names in the region, and paid plenipotentiaries of business. Which in the official regional media will be called "updated and effective."

And it is clear who in the end will sit down in a curtsey in front of the governor Kondratyev, who is lavishing praise for the victory - Denis Bondarevsky, the main, judging by the current trust in this money-loving figure, the support and hope of the regional authorities.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued