Source: continues to tell the readers what kind of reputation has the current owner of the company "Grenelle" Andrey Nazarov. He was previously convicted for that drunk smashed cafes, and then his buddies raped a minor in the basement. All this follows from the copy of the sentence concerning Andrey Nazarov taken out by Baymaksky district court which appeared at the order of the edition.

In the last publication, we gave evidence of the Nazarov, who tried to convince the judges that this unfortunate voluntarily went to the dirty basement and gave herself to three young men, whom she had never seen before. New article cites the testimony of witnesses who completely destroyed this version of events. 

"The arguments of the defendants on the voluntary introduction A. in sexual intercourse with them, the court finds unjustified, aimed to shirk responsibility, they refuted the testimony of witnesses Davletberdina, Dolganova, Alibaeva.

In particular, the witness of Davletberdina showed that the victim 20 November 1986 had told her that at a stop "the Collective-farm market" it was met by three guys and dragged into the basement of the house, was raped.

The witness Dolganova showed that A.. On 20 November, it came to her health center, where tearfully told her in the basement raped by three guys, and 20 November she went to the police station, where he wrote a statement.

Alibayeva's witness showed that on November 19 the daughter returned later than usual. The sleep was delirious, shouting," reads a copy of the judgment, which is available     

The testimony of the accused, and contrary to what she told the poor girl. Her testimony, too, has

"The victim A. G. showed that on November 19, 1986 at 22 o'clock was with Tagirov at the bus stop "Collective farm market" where Kaplin and Nazarov approached. The latter called Tagirov aside, and Kaplin told her that she would go with him. She refused, for which Caplin punched in the shoulder. Trying to run away from him, she fell. Then Kaplin and Nazarov approached began to beat her, to strike hands and feet on various parts of the body," - said in the sentence, a copy of which has -" then lifting her up and not letting her scream, they dragged her and led her to the basement of the house. Having undressed her, pushed in a pantry where Nazarov held it, and Kaplin made with it sexual intercourse, then in the same way sexual intercourse made Nazarov, and after sexual intercourse with it which was in a helpless condition, made Pauline. After the rape, they threatened to kill if they told anyone." Experts recorded in the minor damage in the form of bruises and bruises of soft tissues belonging to the category of lungs, which led to a short-term health disorder.

Also Nazarov were tried for what he drunk ransacked in the cafe. This is how the witnesses described the incident.

"The witness gaynanova showed that on July 6, 1986, approximately at 21 o'clock, Nazarov in cafe "fairy Tale" was in a condition of strong intoxication, stuck to visitors, shouted something, ran on a hall, on the remark didn't react within 10 minutes.

Witnesses Gerasimov and Sultanov confirmed that appearing in the cafe, saw Nazarov drunk. He expressed obscene abuse, waving his hands."


To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov