In St. Petersburg, one of the heroes of "Gangster Petersburg", deputy Alexander Petrov, was killed. In Russia, Alexander Petrov is better known as the father of Formula 1 driver Vitaly Petrov. But for the elite of the Leningrad region, he is a businessman who decides a lot in the Vyborg district. Since the late 90s, Alexander Petrov has been closely associated with the personality of the authoritative businessman Ilya Traber. Rumor attributes to Alexander Petrov in Traber's group the status of a "lieutenant", hinting that he was engaged in power business with "infantry". Sources of, said that recently a cat ran between Petrov and Traber. The disagreements were very serious. And then the sniper came. History has exactly repeated what was already 23 years ago. In the 90s, Traber was very friendly with the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Manevich. And then a cat ran between them because of the port. And then a sniper from the attic window killed Manevich, who was driving in a company car. The murder is still not solved. We are talking about the execution of Petrov. And then we present materials about the murder of Manevich by a sniper.Александр и Виталий Петров

As 47news found out, at about four in the evening on October 24, Deputy Alexander Petrov arrived at his cottage on a site in the village of Velikoye in the Leningrad Region. By this time he had already ordered that the bathhouse be flooded. It is located on the banks of the river. Also, the bath attendant had already arrived at the place by that time. Petrov, like any lover of bath procedures, went out to plunge and breathe some air several times. At about half past six in the evening, he came out again, and at that moment a shot sounded. According to preliminary information, neither the bathhouse attendant nor the guards say that there was someone near the bathhouse and on the site. There was no one visiting either. Based on this, a preliminary version is being considered that the sniper who was on the other side was shooting.

Alexander Petrov's "take-off" took place in the 90s and is associated with the personality of Ilya Traber. Ilya Traber has amassed associates around him, among whom was Alexander Petrov, who became a deputy of the City Council. There was a struggle for approval over the spheres of influence of the Vyborg big business, among which the main ones were the Vyborg shipyard and the Vyborg fuel company. The political war with the Rubinovich brothers was marked with blood, one of whom, Sergei, just headed the council of deputies, and the other, Spartak, died after one of the bandit clashes. All businessmen wishing to work or already working in the region knew that first they had to visit the second floor of the Vyborg hotel, where Petrov's office is still located.

Илья Трабер

In the 90s, when Petrov's "take-off" began, Traber's friend, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich, was killed. They had a falling out over the fate of the "Sea Port of St. Petersburg". And on August 18, 1997 in St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich was shot by a sniper. Here is an excerpt from the case file for this murder.

“The present criminal case was initiated on August 18, 1997 by the prosecutor of St. Petersburg on the fact of a terrorist act - the murder of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Vladislavovich MANEVICH ...

The investigation established that on August 18, 1997, at about 8:45 am in St. Petersburg, at the corner of Rubinstein Street and Nevsky Prospekt, a Volvo 940 car was fired upon, in which there were Vice Governor of St. Petersburg M.V. and his wife - Marina Vladimirovna MANEVICH.

Михаил Маневич

M. V. MANEVICH received multiple gunshot wounds to the head, neck and chest and died at 9.10. The death followed from a single bullet wound - a gunshot injury with a penetrating wound to the chest, damage to the subclavian artery and vein, lung, accompanied by massive internal bleeding and complicated acute blood loss. His wife received a non-life-threatening tangential gunshot wound to the soft tissues of the occipital region and multiple blind shrapnel wounds, a concussion of the brain and brain. The driver of the car - V.K. SINITSINSKY - not injured.

Shots were fired at the Volvo-940 car with MANEVICH from the attic of house 74/76 on Nevsky Prospect. During the inspection, the Romanian-made AKM N GO 2294 assault rifle with a magazine with cartridges and a cartridge in the chamber, as well as eight spent 7.62 mm cartridge cases and a VHF "Pilot" radio station N 001309 were found and seized in the said attic.

A bullet and numerous fragments of destroyed bullets were found and seized in a Volvo 940 car.

According to the conclusions of forensic ballistic examinations, the seized bullet and four fragments of bullets, as well as all 8 cartridges found during the inspection of the attic, are components of cartridges for the AK-47 assault rifle and its upgrades and were fired from the AKM N GO 2294 assault rifle found in the attic houses N 74/76 on Nevsky prospect.

The cause of deformation (destruction) of bullets is meeting with an obstacle or passing through it. The fragment of the bullet, which inflicted a mortal wound on M.V. MANEVICH, is the bullet core of the 7.62 mm cartridge.

The place where the shooting took place - the window of the attic of the house N74 / 76 on Nevsky Prospect is a specially equipped metal embrasure - an opening overlooking the corner of Rubinstein Street and Nevsky Prospekt between sheets of different sizes of galvanized iron. An empty metal 200 liter barrel with a stack of cages (containers) for eggs was placed on the embrasure for ease of shooting (as a stop).

An investigative experiment and a comprehensive situational examination were carried out in the case, which confirmed that the shots at Manevich's car were fired from the attic of house No. 74/76 on Nevsky Prospect. According to the experts, the shooting was carried out from the attic window from a height of about 20.2 meters from the ground. The fire was opened at the car when it was at a distance of 73-76 meters from the shooting site, and the last shots were fired when the car M.V. was 40-43 meters from the shooting site.

At the moment it has been unequivocally established that the shooting at M.The. was carried out from one position and from one type of weapon of the AKM N GO 2294 assault rifle.

At the site of the shooting (at the embrasure), traces of shoes were found, which lead through the attic window to the roof of house No. 74/76 along Nevsky Prospect, and then along the roof to the ventilation window of the attic room of house No. 61 along Liteiny Prospect, and then break off in the attic of the said house at the exit to the staircase, where traces of breaking in the locking device with a padlock on the attic door were found. Plaster casts were made from the indicated footprints. Superficial footprints are fixed on a duct tape. An expert study of these tracks was carried out.

According to the conclusion of traceological examinations, these traces could have been formed by the bottom of the soles of rubber galoshes of the article "104 F" size 290 (45 size), previously produced by the Leningrad production association "Red Triangle", and now produced on the basis of this association, LLC "Forum" , or shoes with the same size and pattern of the sole, produced by another company. "

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov