Source: continues to publish confession statements of the former Moscow policeman Ruslan Yurtov. "Authority" Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako) accepted Yurtov into his group (Semyu), put him in the police, took him to full maintenance and gradually began to involve organized criminal groups in the murders, until Ruslan became the main killer of the brigade. He has a huge number of murders on his account, which he described in detail during interrogations. In the last article, we talked about how Dzhako's killers, including Yurov, shot businessman Oleg Avlokhashvili in a Porsche car. His brother Levon disappeared, he conducted his own investigation and followed Gagiev's trail, after which his fate was decided. Levon (Lasha's nickname) Avlokhashvili and his friend Javakhalashvili were also killed by Jaco's militants. The latter positioned himself as an ardent fighter against kidnappers. Somehow, information came to him that Avlokhashvili could be involved in the abduction of one child. Members of the "Family" in the uniform of police officers and masks-balaclavas broke into a cafe on Malaya Pochtovaya Street in Moscow, where they put all visitors on the floor under the guise of a special operation, and then abducted Avlokhashvili and Javakhalashvili. They were taken to the office of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC), where they were beaten and tortured for a long time, and then strangled. The bodies were dismembered, the remains were buried in the forest.

“About a month after the murder of 'Kipa' he tried, hiding behind work, to appear less often in the 'Family'. In this regard, Nikolaev M.K. began to make claims that he devotes little time to the "Brothers" and rarely appears in the "Family", does not help them. As it became clear to him later, to the police his Gagiev A.M. He arranged it not out of the kindness of his soul, but only so that he could freely, using his official ID, transport the necessary items and "Brothers", and sometimes transport corpses. Nikolaev M.K. he was told that now he has no parents, no wife, no child, and in the first place is the case of the "Family". By that time, he wanted to transport his wife and child to Moscow or the Moscow region. But Nikolaev M.K. asked him that he still did not understand where he was. He said he understood, also said he did not want to deal with hiding and murder. To which he noted that its content is not simply given by the "Family", it must work it out. Nikolaev M.K. said that leaving the "Family" just won't work. Leaving the "Family" is punishable by death. Subsequent events confirmed the words of M. Nikolaev. He received similar remarks from S.L. Beglaryan, who said that if he continued to evade the “Family's” affairs, he would take a bat and break his legs. At the beginning of January 2008, it seems to him it was Saturday, Nikolayev M.K. called him. and told me to drive up to the Base located on Lodochnaya Street in Moscow. He is driving a Nissan-Almera car at the direction of M.K. Nikolaev. arrived at the Base, there the latter said that it would be necessary to follow the car, either a BMW, or a Mercedes, or some other executive class, black, also Nikolayev M.K. reported the state registration plates of this vehicle. He left his car near the cafe, got into the car of M.K. Nikolaev. brand "Mazda 3", blue, on which they are under the control of Nikolayev M.K. went to a car wash located near the Garden Ring on Malaya Pochtovaya street. Before reaching the sink, M.K. Nikolaev. parked his car across the street from the car wash, in the parking lot opposite the residential building, and explained that as soon as the car he indicated entered the car wash, he would have to call him and inform him about it. Also Nikolaev M.K. explained that there is a minibus with the guys nearby, as he understood by the guys from A.M. Gagiev's entourage, and when he calls and informs about the arrival of the car, the persons in this car will be taken away, that is, they will be kidnapped and taken to the office for a conversation Gagieva AM, located in the center of the Garden Ring of Moscow, on Makarenko Street, with the name "FLK". What kind of persons were in the car, which he needed to follow, he did not know. When Nikolaev M.K. left, then he saw that a Mazda 3 car had driven away from the car wash, which color he no longer remembers, but he knows that someone from A.M. Gagiev's entourage could have moved on this car, perhaps Beglaryan S was there .L. He waited near the car wash for about one to one and a half hours and saw how M.K. indicated by Nikolayev drove into the car wash. the car, after which he immediately phoned him and informed him about it, the time was about 5 am. Immediately, a silvery Chrysler minibus drove into the car wash. He knew that this minibus was in their fleet, as he had seen it several times at Base.

He realized that in this minibus there were their guys who would now take away, that is, kidnap the persons who were in the car he was monitoring. After about 5 minutes, the minibus left the territory of the car wash, but when leaving, it stalled, as it was winter outside, and ice formed on the road. As far as he remembers, Yashkin E.I. jumped out from the front passenger seat. and in front he began to push the minibus, which was driving backwards, after which he got into it again in the same place and they left. Yashkin E.I., as it seemed to him, was in everyday clothes, believes that Nikolayev M.K. was at the wheel, since he had a law enforcement officer's certificate and in an emergency situation on the road, he could present his certificate. Then Nikolayev M.K. called him. and said to follow them. He went for a minibus, but in the dense traffic of Moscow lost sight of the minibus, called M. Nikolaev again and told that he was behind, to which he told him to go to A.M. Gagiev's office. FLC. He had previously visited the office of A.M. Gagiev. in sauna. Arriving at the office of A. Gagiev, he went into the sauna room in the basement, went into the room where the billiards table and the dining table were located. Gutiev U.Kh., Gagiev O.S. were in the room. "Bote", Nikolaev M.K., Beglaryan S.L., Dzhioev A.B. "Figure", Bagaev R.A., Zasseev I.I. and others. Some of these persons were in black uniforms with masks on their heads, which were rolled up and did not hide their faces, as he understood, it was in this uniform that they kidnapped people from the car, staged a detention under the guise of law enforcement agencies. Also, in the room indicated by me, he saw 2 men, as it later became known, Avlokhashvili L.S. "Lasha" and Javakhishvili D.G. “Gruzina”, with masks on their heads, without cutouts for the eyes and mouths, that is, those persons could not observe the surroundings, behind these persons' hands were handcuffed. One of them was sitting on the side of the pool, far from everyone. Gutiev U.Kh. later he said that this person was not at all involved, he was simply confused. "Lasha" was sitting on the floor near the billiard table. Everyone talked to each other, calling each other not by their first names, but saying “colonels” when addressing them and, naming other titles, as he understood, created the impression that the abducted persons were in the police department and detained by the police. O.S. Gagiev asked the two abducted persons questions in the Ossetian language. nicknamed "Bote", the latter leaned towards them and talked about what they were talking about, he did not know, since the conversation was in the Ossetian language. During the conversation Gagiev O.S. "Bote" hit the first of the men with a billiard ball on the back and other parts of the body. As he understood from their speech, the two abductees were also Ossetians, and from their intonation, he understood that they were not very agitated, as they answered calmly enough, did not panic. After Gagiev O.S. “Bote” talked to them, their same persons who were in the room of this room took them out and went to the Base located in the area of ​​the Sheremetyevo airport. By about 08:30, he drove a Mazda 3 car to the police department, where he stayed until about 3 am. According to the established Nikolaev M.K. the order of daily informing about the release from work, he said that he had been released. Nikolaev M.K., told him that he could go home to rest. The next day he worked again, was released about 2-3 nights, as reported to MK Nikolaev, he said to go to the Base in the Sheremetyevo area. When he arrived at the Base, located near the Sheremetyevo airport, there were OS Gagiev. "Bote", Nikolaev M.K., Beglaryan S.L., Dzhioev A.B. "Figure", Bagaev R.A. "Robson", maybe there was someone else. He went into the shower room near the sauna and saw that one of the abducted people, as he later found out L.S. Avlokhashvili. “Lasha” was already lying there with a plastic bag on his head and showed no signs of life. Another person (Javakhishvili D.G. "Gruzin") was still alive. He also said, leave him, he is sick with AIDS, he will not last long anyway, he will not do anything, he will not tell anyone anything. He (Yurtov R.V.) went in, walked into the room with a TV, sofa, table, and was there. At this time, Gagiev O.S. "Bote" went into the shower room, they talked about something, and he already understood that they had taken the second one, and put the bag on his head and twisted it, he understood by the sound, he had not personally seen it. At that time, there were exactly Nikolaev M.K., Beglaryan S.L. nicknamed "Armenians", Gagiev OS nicknamed "Bote". The second (Dzhavakhishvili DG "Gruzina"), as he later found out, was killed on the instructions of OS Gagiev. "Bote". They wanted to let him go first. They did not dismember them that evening. Safronov S.V. suggested the next day. The bodies were stuck in a Ford bus at the Base. The next evening, on Monday, he arrived at the Base at the direction of M.K. Nikolaev. after about 00 hours. O.S. Gagiev were at the Base. "Bote", Nikolaev M.K., Beglaryan S.L., Bagaev R.A. nicknamed "Robson", Safronov SV, maybe someone else.

Nikolaev M.K. or Beglaryan S.L. offered to dismember the corpses, unpack the fragments of bodies into bags and throw them away. Some of the guys went to the store and brought several axes, knives, several sets of clothes (work uniforms), rubber gloves, rubber shoes, plastic wrap, which was used to paste over the walls in the sauna, nothing seemed to be laid on the floor, then they were simply washed off. The floor was tiled. Then all together changed into the clothes they brought and began to dismember the corpses, they were frozen. Nikolayev M.K. directly cut corpses into pieces. and Beglaryan S.L., the rest helped to hold the parts of the body, put them in plastic bags like garbage bags. Where there is a shower, there is a recumbent platform, the elevation is small. One body there Nikolaev M.K. dismembered, the second in the middle of the shower. He (Yurtov R.V.) wound the packages with scotch tape. For the convenience of cutting, something wooden was placed under the parts of the corpses, either boards or a bar, cut in such a way that first they chopped off the head, then the hands, part of the arm to the elbow, then to the shoulder, foot, then the leg to the knee, then to the pelvis , the body itself was not chopped into pieces. Safronov S.V. all the time worried that the walls would be stained with blood. After the bodies were chopped up and folded into packages, M.K. Nikolaev offered to put the bags in the luggage compartment of his black Toyota Land Cruiser 100 with state registration plates bearing the numeral designation “955”. Nikolaev M.K. told him to go with him, got behind the wheel and the two of them drove along the Leningradskoe highway towards the Moscow region, drove for about 1 hour, drove through one city in the Moscow region, then M.K. Nikolaev. turned off somewhere, drove some more distance, then he stopped and they pulled out some of the bags from the car, walked away from the road no more than 20 meters and threw the bags into the forest plantations, then drove again, stopped and threw out the bags again until they got rid of all the bags with parts of corpses. The frequency of getting rid of the bags was about 20 minutes, that is, they drove for up to 20 minutes, threw them away, and so on, they could throw out the body itself and a few more of its fragments in one place. They stopped at least 10 times, thus throwing away fragments of corpses in at least 10 places. All this was done at night. Before dismembering the corpses, all things were removed from them, all documents were taken out of their clothes. The things from the corpses, as well as the things in which they were dismembered, were left in the shower room, where the documents went, he does not know. Safronov S.V. got rid of things, burning them in a bathhouse in a furnace or on the territory of the Base, he also took off the oilcloth, which was pasted over the shower room, and also burned it in the furnace or on the territory of the Base, perhaps he also burned the documents of the corpses. The heads and hands were put in buckets, S.V. Safronov. filled them with some kind of mortar. They are with them with M.K. Nikolaev. did not take, they remained at the Base. Either SL Beglaryan later took them out and threw them out, or MK Nikolayev, where exactly, he does not know.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov