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Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested a former lawyer and TV presenter Vladimir Oreshnikova (aka Vladimir Reznik). He is accused of having received from a businessman of 4.6 million rubles, promising to solve his problems with the police. verification is under way in respect of a number of investigators, which could be associated with the lawyer-reshaly. The biggest trouble may occur in the second person in the system of the GSM RF IC for Moscow Region - Head of the 2 nd management Valery Ivarlaka. The first checks are interested in information that Ivarlak almost seven years he worked in the prosecutor's office, having the citizenship of Moldova and carefully concealed this fact. Also, the RF IC is exploring relationships brother SENIOR GUS Anatoly Ivarlaka zainteresantami with criminal cases in the production of 2-governance. It is possible that the inspectors "dig up" information about the strong friendship with Anatoly two remarkable characters - Vladimir Oreshnikov (Resnick) and ex-employee of the Interior Ministry Alexei DEB Shirshikova. Both of them have stayed timing, and then began to actively offer "issues" with the second control GSM RF IC for the MoD. Also note the RF IC may attract strange "love" to the unit Ivarlaka now the former first deputy head of administration of the Shchelkovo district Harutyun Lobyanu, whose son works in the second management GSU.

TV star for Ivarlakov family

Recently in Moscow unprecedented activity has developed a lawyer reshalschik Vladimir Reznik. It almost does not participate in the court proceedings, which is not surprising. Namesake famous lawyer Henry Reznik (and sometimes Vladimir Ivanovich spoke about his relationship with him) informs customers that he is unable to make the criminal proceedings before the court just did not reach. Including those things that are in the production of the second control GSM RF IC for the MoD. Sometimes accompanied by a certain Vladimir Ivanovich Alexey Yurevich, it appears that the former, the current high-ranking employee of the Interior Ministry. And sometimes Alexey Yurevich act independently, without a partner. The essence of these proposals is always However for the amount of $ 300 thousand. And above "poreshat" issue in criminal cases investigated by the second control GSM RF IC for the MoD. If the customer agrees not to be unfounded, Vladimir and Alexey Yurevich, he organized a meeting with Anatoly Ivarlakom. He confirms that all issues will be resolved positively. And, strangely, they promise will certainly come true. But, of course, it's just a coincidence, unrelated to the fact that Anatoly Ivarlak brother Valeria Ivarlaka.

And certainly a coincidence is that all action in cases of interested customers and Vladimir Ivanovich Alexey Yurevich, committed a second control from the head of secretly GSM RF IC for the Defense Andrei Markov. Why should it be made aware about such trifles? And something else will cancel any of the decisions, and Anatoly would be in a very awkward situation.

Who are the mysterious Vladimir and Alexey Y.? It turns out this person well-known to law enforcement bodies and special services. And Vladimir Reznik still known to millions of television viewers, and, like a true star of the screen. It is now called the former co-host of the popular television show "The court is", broadcast on the television channel "Russia", Vladimir Iosifovich Oreshnikova. Its data it has changed at all in order to escape from the crowds of fans. Just in 2011 Oreshnikov was detained by the Federal Security Service, and then sentenced to two years of receiving 20 million 500 thousand. Rubles from his client "obnalschika" Sergei Slobodjanik for transmission in bribes operatives and investigators to engage in "a matter of Slobodjanik". After the verdict Oreshnikov, which has turned out to be a fake diploma and legal education, were deprived of the lawyer status of lawyer chamber of Moscow region. Already in 2013 Oreshnikov was released and created together with Alexei Yuryevich Shirshikova LLC "Law Firm" Law group. " In September 2014 company was liquidated and Oreshnikov mysteriously became Reznik Vladimir Ivanovich. Under this name and surname it in December 2014 and received the status of "crust" lawyer Tyumen Regional Bar Association, to which he returned in the Moscow region and took up his favorite cause - "Decide" questions for customers. As long as one of these "reshaly" has not ended for him with arrest.

A Alexey Yurevich is the most Alexey Yurevich Shirshikov - the second co-founder of "The Law Firm" Law group. " TV star he had never been, but also the identity of law enforcement officers known. In 2011, an employee of Shirshikov 7th Operational Investigative Bureau (ORB) Department of Economic Security (DEB), Ministry of Internal Affairs and was detained by the Federal Security Service for the requirement of $ 500 thousand. The representatives of LLC "Mars". For the money an employee of the Interior Ministry promised to close the criminal case against the management of the firm. It turned out that Shirshikov work in the Interior Ministry combined with reshalschika activities. In 2011, he was convicted and went out to freedom, has teamed up with his old friend Vladimir Oreshnikov or as it is now known, Vladimir Reznik.

Divide fraternally

This couple could be often seen together with Anatoly Ivarlakom and their acquaintance they clearly satisfied. Anatoly Ivarlak is the owner of the company does not actually serving "Ivarstroy". Despite this, its well-being is growing every day. But that's probably just a coincidence and has nothing to do with his close contact with Oreshnikov-Reznik and Shirshikova.

It is worth noting that Ivarlakov very strong fraternal bonds - all that is written in the Anatolia, the uses and Valery. So, in June and August 2004, less than a year after the creation of "Ivarstroya" Anatoly Ivarlak nowhere to put the blame on him millions bought two apartments in Moscow in the "Stalinist" house at Prospect Vernadskogo, 12 (58.7 sq. m) and in a new building at street Torrents of Spring, two housing 2 (52.2 sq. m). And the last address immediately been reported Valery Ivarlak that in all documents indicated as the place of residence of an apartment on the street Torrents of Spring, officially recorded at his brother Anatoly. Anatoly himself in recent years is almost impossible to find the apartment on Vernadsky Prospekt - beginning in 2013, he spends much of his time in the Kaluga region. In particular plays for a local amateur football team the "North". Love in this region due to the fact that in December 2012, Anatoly Ivarlak became the owner of non-residential premises (almost the entire first floor) area of ​​661.5 square meters. m at Kaluga, ul. Stepan Razin, Building 28, room 67. This is a new luxury house, built "Kalugaglavsnabstroy" kotoryyvhodit a group of companies whose main area of ​​activity is the Moscow region. The group of companies has built in Moscow a huge number of apartment complexes and is a "taboo subject" for the 2nd GSM SC on Defense Management. First room in Kaluga Ivarlak handed a store "Dixie", and recently it has opened its operational office new tenant - "BFG-Bank", which is the defendant in a plurality of cases of illegal cashing of funds.

In August 2015, Anatoly Ivarlak issued in his own apartment in Sochi at street Strawberry, d. 142. The construction of this house, not far from the sea, was completed in the summer of 2015. However, at this facility for some reason did not see Anatoly and another man, some of his close relative.

Favorite Harutyun

In December 2014 Anatoly Ivarlak became the owner of a large plot of land (cadastral number 50: 14: 30411: 1145) at Moscow Region, Shchelkovo district, Zhegalovo, SEC "Agricultural company". The actual owner of the plot of land was previously Harutyun Lobyan, which controls through affiliated entities of several thousand hectares of land near Moscow. Harutyun Lobyan - unofficial "host" Shchelkovo district. Since 1994, he served as deputy head of the district administration, and is now a member of the local Council of Deputies. However, it is still considered one of the main figures in the area.

"Lobyan person in Shchelkovo known. He controls all the companies that give more or less profit. Makes business to take a share in their loved ones, "- he told" Izvestiya »( general director of OOO" Keramik "Tatiana Nikitina. It is fully supported, and the general director of LLC "Inco" Andrey Bulanov: "No business does not go past it. Take, for example, my business. I own a network of food stores ... Lobyan by putting pressure on me, forced me to give to his son Andrew a 49% share of the authorized capital ... And before that Andrey Lobyan led me into the office of gangsters who extorted money from me and beaten. They beat not only me, but my managers. " Such stories can be brought tens and they are still going on.

Like the other associated with a free handling of public funds and land. For example, when construction companies Schelkovskoe authorities have allocated land for the construction of a residential complex. Instead, the developer had to provide a large number of flats waiting list and build the clinic, kindergartens, schools. Total district administration hoped to get the objects of 2 billion rubles. And then Lobyan held a number of manipulations that make all the arrangements with the company were changed: she had just-just to pay for the land of 32 million rubles, and do not spend billions of dollars.

However, the second management GSU MO RF IC and proteges Ivarlaka the Investigations Division for Shchelkovo district has consistently endure all allegations concerning Lobyana, exemption regulations.

The most egregious case occurred in 2012. Then the members of the "Shchelkovo" holding the board wrote a statement with a request to check the availability of the actions Harutyun Lobyana of extortion from them a large plot of land. They were supported by the Chairman of the Board of Deputies of the urban settlement Shchelkovo Rushan Makhmutov and Deputy Mayor Andrew Shchelkova Kirilochkin. Investigation Department of the city Shchyolkovo GSM RF IC for Defense issued at the request of business exemption decree. Soon representatives of the Department bestowed with searches to Makhmutov and Kirilochkinu. They suspected ... in preparation Lobyana murder. As a result, this information is not confirmed, but officials discouraged "fight" with Lobyanom. As recaptured it in a number of businessmen who have written statements on Lobyana. In Business Simancheva reported to law enforcement agencies about extortion on the part of Lobyana. She treated the investigation had not begun. But the matter was brought to the very Simanchevu, was accused of tax evasion.

Such love Ivarlaka unit and its henchmen to Lobyanu, of course, only it seems. And certainly it is not related nor with the fact that his son Artem Lobyana Inspection Division works in the second control GSM RF IC for Moscow Region, which is headed by Valery Ivarlak. And nothing to do with the piece of land obtained Anatoly Ivarlakom.

Source: Rucriminal