A gray personality lives in the city of St. Petersburg - "businessman" Sergei Alekseevich Sechin. In order to evade responsibility before law enforcement agencies, tax service, deceived customers and contractors, Sechin S.A. everywhere he refers to numerous contacts in the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, indicating specific names. Sechin S.A. to achieve his goals, he sometimes appears as the nephew of the head of Rosneft, II Sechin, and Igor Rotenberg's partner. Details are in the investigation.

Sergey Sechin controls the activities of the following legal entities: LLC COMP (TIN 7813514654), LLC Managing Company of Production and Engineering Corporation STR -Technology ”, LLC“ STR Remservice ”(TIN 3812123072), LLC“ Tisma ”TIN 7801282335), LLC“ VSP-RESURS ”, LLC“ STR-Dorstroy ”(TIN 7840405439), LLC“ SZSK SPb ”(TIN 7841480573), LLC DSK-Utilization (INN 7806536618), LLC Academy Cleaning-Profi (INN 7805413451), LLC STR-Tech (INN 4001010182).


Sechin S.A. (LLC STR (renamed LLC Energostroykomplekt) OGRN 1037843002207, LLC Academy Cleaning Profi, OGRN 5067847559082) provided services for routine maintenance, repair and cleaning of infrastructure facilities of JSC Russian Railways.

The companies carry out three main lines of business - design and construction and installation work in the thermal power industry, repair of topsides of tracks in the Moscow metro, maintenance of tracks in Russian Railways.

High profitability (50% and more) along with the widespread use of aggressive tax optimization allowed S.A. Sechin. for the period from 2010 to 2014 to form initial capital with relatively low turnover of companies. The main capital came from the state contracts of the Russian Railways, the supply of materials for the superstructure of the track (rails, sleepers, railway fasteners). In the firms LLC "STR" and LLC VSP-RESURS "certificates (declarations), technical passports certifying the quality of materials, track superstructure devices in full were forged. Old wooden beams were partially laid under the turnouts, while, according to the submitted executive documentation, new wooden beams were used during the construction.

According to a source, when performing work, the state. contracts of LLC "STR" on the territory of JSC "Russian Railways" used the employees of the PC of the Russian Railways by agreement with the head of the PC of the Russian Railways for a certain fee, while recording that the work was performed by the employees of LLC "STR". Communications, at JSC "Russian Railways":

  Roman Tsukanov - Head of the Directorates for the Arrangement of Stations and Platforms of Russian Railways.

Lutsenko Larisa Viktorovna - Deputy Head of the Central Directorate of Infrastructure, Russian Railways.

Shevtsov Evgeny Aleksandrovich - First Deputy Directorate of Infrastructure of JSC Russian Railways.

Kukhar D.G. personally maintains contact with them. the right hand of Sechin S.A.

In 2015, S.A. Sechin joined the business. senior partners joined in the maintenance and cleaning of infrastructure facilities of Russian Railways, which allowed them to maintain their market share after the change of management at Russian Railways.

All the companies mentioned above were under the operational control of S.A. Sechin, tk. Sechina's trusted employees were appointed general directors. (Kuhar. D.G., Lipovetsky L.M., Kalchenko S.S., Gonochenko A.V.).

In relation to the chief engineer controlled by Sechin S.A. company (majority shareholder) LLC "STR" Kosolapova D.L. in 2019, a criminal case No. 11802009711000016 was initiated on the fact of giving bribes to employees of Russian Railways, was investigated by the Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Transport in the Northwestern Federal District, currently under Art., Art. 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (giving a bribe), 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud) were transferred to the district court in the Pskov region. In fact, the funds were transferred at the direction of S.A. Sechin. as "kickbacks".

LLC "SOMR" performs work for GUP TEK (communications - former deputy general director of GUP TEK Kalitievsky I.D. LLC "SOMR", communication - General Director A. Trinoga and controlled person Kalitievsky I. D., former General Director of PJSC "TGC 1" Borvinok A. V.), State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Metro", JSC "Russian Railways "(Communication is provided by Yu.B. Bukin, a member of SOMR LLC). The total amount of contracts concluded for these companies exceeds 30 billion rubles.

             In the period from 2014 to 2021, Sechin S.A. made numerous purchases of real estate, expensive cars. Expensive festive events were held with the participation of famous stars, several times a year flies a rented air-board abroad for rest.


In December 2019, after an uncoordinated withdrawal of operating funds from companies (280 million rubles for the acquisition of real estate abroad by S.A. Sechin), the partners broke off partnership with S.A. Sechin. In 2019, I.D. Kalitievsky became a member of SOMR LLC. "Former top manager of GUP TEK SPb "in the amount of 25%, according to available information, after the conflict Sechina S.А. and General Director of JSC "Gazprom Teploenergo" Trinogi A.M., 23.10.2019 Kalitievsky I.D. left the number of participants by selling shares. Possible reasons - a conflict that has arisen, as well as the inclusion of compensation for activities with JSC Gazprom Teploenergo in the payment amount.

In December 2019, partners. an attempt to withdraw funds from SOMR LLC in favor of SA Sechin was blocked. in the amount of RUB 50 million (in addition to the previously withdrawn RUB 150 million) from the company's operating funds required to fulfill government contracts. In this regard, on the initiative of S.A. Sechin. partnerships with other partners were severed in December 2019.

Further attempts to block the withdrawal by S.A. Sechin. operating funds from LLC "SOMR" led to the fact that Sechin S.A. forced the partners to transfer their minority share in SOMR LLC free of charge. In December 2020, the partners finally broke off relations with S.A. Sechin. due to the risks associated with the withdrawal of funds from the company in case of unfulfilled budget contracts, withdrawal of funds necessary for payments to suppliers, employees and tax authorities.

As found out, the UEBiPK of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region carried out inspections against SOMR LLC on the fact of possible embezzlement of funds under 2 contracts during the construction of boiler houses for Gazprom Teploenergo JSC in Tikhvin (scheme: overstating the price of the contract, the actual execution of the contract in a smaller volume, the funds after receiving from JSC Gazprom Teploenergo were cashed out at the second level through individuals in a short time). Sechin also decided this issue for a certain amount.

             Sechin S.A. needs to receive funds for LLC "SOMR" and their further withdrawal. to cover existing debts and the needs of a luxurious life in order to create the appearance of a respectable businessman.

            According to the information received, LLC "SOMR" during the period of payment of contracts has large-scale expenditure transactions in favor of legal entities, which are then cashed out through individuals (given in the Appendix).

            Of all businesses at the moment, Sechin S.A. generates a large income for the current maintenance and cleaning of infrastructure facilities of JSC "Russian Railways" are the companies under its operational management (LLC "STR Remservice", OGRN 1093850015610) and LLC "STR ZhD", OGRN 1127746440117).

These two companies generate approximately 40 million in profits per month, which is clearly not enough to cover the current expenses of S.A. Sechina. for the personal maintenance and maintenance of their trusted employees (at least 50 million per month), debts to the tax authorities (against Gonochenko A.V., a criminal investigation is underway with the principal amount of 54 million rubles, against OOO SZSK SPb and OOO "Academy of Cleaning Profi" is conducting field tax audits in connection with the use of aggressive tax optimization). In relation to the Academy of Cleaning Profi LLC, an operational check was carried out on money laundering of the Russian Railways at the Directorate for Energy and Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. But referring to the partnership with Igor Rotenberg, this material was covered up. The amount of 100-300 million rubles of non-payment of VAT.

Use of credit funds for companies Sechina S.А. it is not possible due to the constant withdrawal of operating funds by illegal methods, in this regard, the only way to raise funds in the amount of 50 million rubles required to pay Sechin S.A. New Year's Eve at the Four Seasons Hotel Maldives in 2021, there was a loan from a microfinance organization at 45% per annum, which clearly indicates the negative financial state of Sechin's business.

LLC "SZSK SPb" INN 7841480573 since 2016 specializes in laying and replacing sleepers in the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise. This company received government contracts worth 8 billion rubles. The General Director is L.M. Lipovetskiy, who is 100% subordinate to S.A. Sechin. LLC "SZSK SPb" poisoned funds for cashing, 70% of the contracts.

In the course of work in the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise Sechin S.A. uses fictitious offices on subcontracting, which were not issued passes and did not agree on the admission of work of the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise Management, Kirovskaya PZK LLC INN 4706034802, ASTORIA LLC INN 7804647721. “Type” funds were transferred to these offices for the work performed. In relation to LLC "Kirovskaya PZK" several criminal cases are being investigated on non-payment of VAT in the Investigative Committee of the city of St. Petersburg.

On July 8, 2021, a criminal case No. 12102450026000040 under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in the relations of SZSK SPB LLC on the change of wooden sleepers in the State Unitary Enterprise of the Moscow Metro  operation, caused material damage to the budget of the Russian Federation. Sechin S.A. escaped on a private air-board to Spain to settle this issue remotely.

The largest amounts of funds received on accounts from government contracts:

- LLC "STR" INN 7825352140

- LLC "SZSK SPb" INN 7841480573

- LLC "SOMR" INN 7813514654

- LLC "Academy Cleaning Profi" INN 7805413451



To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov