The former governor of the Tula region, and now the chairman of the board of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Vladimir Gruzdev, is going to be summoned to the investigator. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, the activities are planned by the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Tula Region within the framework of a criminal case under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Exceeding Official Powers”) on the fact of the exchange of the territory of the former tram depot on Oboronnaya Street for part of the territory of the Central Stadium.

According to sources, Gruzdev's summons for interrogation is related to the testimony of the former city manager of Tula, Evgeny Avilov, who confirmed that it was the ex-governor Gruzdev, through the Prime Minister Yuri Andrianov, who gave urgent recommendations on the transaction. This story is also interesting in that it is closely related to the characters from the garbage wars of the Tula region, which talked about more than once.

The essence of the new criminal story is as follows. Initially, before the exchange deal, the stadium belonged to Sphere LLC, controlled by the former head of Tsentrgaz, Mikhail Borshchev. OJSC "Tsentrgaz" acquired this stadium back in the early 90s, when the company was headed by a passionate fan of Tula football, Viktor Sokolovsky. After he left the enterprise, the stadium became an unnecessary burden for the new management.

After Mikhail Borshchev realized that the Tula city authorities would not allow him to change the purpose of the land plot under the stadium to multi-storey housing development, his interest in this property was completely extinguished. And due to the fact that this property required serious regular investments for its maintenance, the asset also became burdensome, since even theoretically it could not reach self-sufficiency.

Vladimir Gruzdev at that moment suddenly flared up with a passion for local football and was looking for opportunities to create its own training base for the Tula football club Arsenal.

As an option, the chairman of the government of the Tula region, Yuri Andrianov, and the then minister of property relations Valery Sherin (now the chairman of the government of the Tula region) proposed to exchange the stadium for land plots owned by the municipality suitable for multi-storey buildings.


It would seem that logic dictated that, with the approval of the local city council, a direct exchange be made between Sphere LLC and the Tula administration, although the legal purity of such a transaction also raises certain doubts.

But Yuri Mikhailovich Andrianov and Valery Vitalievich Sherin never looked for easy ways, especially since it was almost impossible to make money on such a scheme. Mikhail Borshchev, who is a protégé of the famous St. Petersburg Chekist Valery Golubev, would have sent "money changers" with their kickbacks to hell.

Therefore, exactly how and for how much the stadium suddenly fell into the ownership of a certain Irina Sergeevna Zlobina, history is silent.

Irina Sergeevna Zlobina is the common-law wife of a well-known Tula businessman and former deputy chairman of the committee for property and land relations of the city of Tula Sergei Kitanin, a long-time partner of the director of JSC "Spetsavtokhozistvo" Igor Gusev.

And together they were one big wallet of the former governor Gruzdev and his entourage, in particular, Prime Minister Yuri Andrianov and Deputy Governor Alexander Sorokin

Until now, the Gusev-Kitanin clan operates with billions of dollars in budgets and controls a number of city management companies and 67% of the shares of Tulagorvodokanal JSC. They are actively preparing to gain full control (100% of the shares) over the former municipal enterprise, and now the Spetsavtokhozyaistvo JSC. They now own 51% of the shares. And also through a spouse, they are actively working in the development market.

But back to our sheep, on December 11, 2014 and December 12, 2014, being an employee of the PCR of the Moscow region of the city of Tula "Tulgorelectrotrans" with an annual income of 700,000 rubles, Irina Sergeevna Zlobina acquires a real estate object from Sphere LLC, consisting of the Central sports core with western, eastern, northern and southern stands, as well as a football field.

In the second column of the table, the sum of Irina Sergeevna Zlobina's annual income in various organizations, as you can see, her official income at that time did not exceed 60-65 thousand rubles a month.

And with this money, Mrs. Zlobina acquires an object worth 200-250 million rubles.

And already on January 28, 2015, without regret, he parted with all this property, changing it to a complex of buildings at the address Tula, Oboronnaya str. 102, that is, the former Depot No. 1 of the MKP MO Tula "Tulgorelectrotrans".

What remains in the bottom line? What did Irina Sergeevna get for a month and a half of owning the Central Stadium?

Yes, so little things. She changed this illiquid asset for a building plot worth more than ... 2 and a half billion rubles.

This is clearly seen from the long-term lease agreement with IP Zlobin I.S. land plot by the developer of the residential complex "Sovserennik" - LLC "Sovremennik".

In addition, on May 24, 2019, almost for free Irina Sergeevna, the city administration also gets an unfinished construction project at the address: Tula, st. Defense, 104.

It is so easy to become a billionaire in the hero city of Tula.

And all this with violations of the law - without the approval of these transactions by the Tula City Duma.

And what else happened after Ms. Zlobina became the owner of the former tram depot?

Like what?

Irina Sergeevna immediately rented it out ... MCP MO Tula "Tulgorelectrotrans".

Since in 2005 the tram depot No. 2 was officially closed, and at the beginning of 2008 it was transferred to the bus transport service MKP "Tulgorelectrotrans" and was converted into a bus fleet. Naturally, it was expensive and nowhere to remove the bus fleet located on the territory of the sold depot.

So the Kitanin-Zlobina family became richer by another 30 million rubles.

And where were the controlling and inspection bodies during this undoubtedly deal of the century?

The fact that the FSB department in the Tula region was practically the private security service of Gruzdev-Andrianov and their operating wallets Gusev and Kitanin, we have already repeatedly told earlier.

So, in order to bring all these fraudsters to clean water, it is necessary to take the investigation of this criminal case to the central office of the Investigative Committee. And to entrust operational support to the central office of the FSB of the Russian Federation with the participation of 3 services of the Internal Security Directorate.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin