VChK-OGPU and in their publications have repeatedly mentioned the head of the second department for the investigation of particularly important cases (on crimes against state power and in the economic sphere) of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Yaroslavl region Tsaturyan A.V. and his patron.

It would seem that Tsaturyan A.V. occupies an important position in the structure of the named department, must, even based on the name of this very department, fight against all kinds of corruption, embezzlement of budget funds and other similar crimes.

However, apparently, the personal qualities and closeness of Tsaturyan A.V., to the now former head of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Yaroslavl Region A.M. Sobolev, as well as the position held, gave him a false understanding of such a struggle, or a sense of his own exclusivity.

At the disposal of the Cheka-OGPU and came across a lot of videos - and photographic materials that reliably prove the facts of the possible presence in the actions of Tsaturyan A.V. and his immediate supervisor Sobolev A.M. serious violations.

From the words of "colleagues", from the moment of arrival in Yaroslavl, Mr. Tsaturyan A.V. has established himself as very nervous, impudent, intolerant, arrogant, having no idea of ​​subordination, respect, despite Caucasian roots, for older people, etc. employee and person.

According to the source, this behavior Tsaturyan A.V. formed by the lack of socialization, as well as the presence of a vivid example in the form of a behavior model of the former head of the department A.M. Sobolev. before the eyes and, perhaps, some kind of internal complex. At the same time, Tsaturyan A.V. at the time of his arrival in Yaroslavl, he had little experience in the position of deputy head of the investigative department in a small town, and he was not remembered for anything outstanding, except for his quirks. And the relationship with colleagues and subordinates of Tsaturyan A.V. were built and are built on the principle voiced in the notorious "Best Film" - "You are all ha .... but !!!".

Since the appearance and subsequent appointment of Tsaturyan A.V. no one wanted to work there as the head of the second department and still does not want to. Seconded to the second department on a “voluntary-compulsory” basis, young investigators went on sick leave, vacations, etc. if only to somehow avoid any communication with his leader, subsequent punishments, incomprehensible suspicions, leaks to the authorities, etc.

It should be noted that the reputation of Tsaturyan A.V. among operational officers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl Region and other departments, it is not exactly ambiguous, but, on the contrary, exclusively negative. Having completely destroyed the interaction with the operational and other services of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl Region and other institutions and departments, Tsaturyan A.V. buried the performance of the department under the thickness of his conceit. As a result, the number of acquittals, cases returned for additional investigation by the prosecutor and the court, satisfied complaints, and similar negativity in the work of the department has increased dramatically. Among the numerous and loudest, one can note the verdict of acquittal against the deputy of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma of the 7th convocation Pavel Dybin, who for some reason did not receive due attention from the CA of the IC of Russia.

In just 2 years of his leadership of the second department, Tsaturyanu A.V. succeeded in what no other leader could manage - to completely destroy the second department and the team, established connections and at the same time "beat his heel in the chest", telling everyone about his masterpiece leadership.

Thanks to the support of his leader Sobolev A.M., Mr. Tsaturyan A.V. I felt quite comfortable and confident, receiving various bonuses for the failed results of my work. Of course, for the sake of appearance, he was attracted to minor penalties, which, however, Sobolev A.M. removed, incl. before leaving for SEC. I wonder if another employee was in charge of the department, how long would he be able to hold a position with such performance indicators?

But these are not all the privileges that Tsaturyan A.V. received. after being appointed head of the second department for the investigation of particularly important cases (on crimes against state power and in the economic sphere) of the Investigative Committee of the RF Investigative Committee for Nuclear Weapons. will tell about one of them right now.

As usual, at the disposal of any investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, and the department of the Investigative Committee for the Yaroslavl Region is no exception, there is a car park consisting of official cars with special color schemes and signals (in everyday life, “chandeliers”) attributing them to the Investigative Committee of Russia. There is also a staff of drivers who carry employees of the UK, but are registered in private companies.

What are official vehicles of the Russian Investigative Committee used for? Exclusively for the solution of official tasks, as a rule, these are trips to the court, to the prosecutor's office, temporary detention center, pre-trial detention center, other bodies and institutions for meetings, for all kinds of interrogations and other investigative actions , for the transportation of criminal cases, materials, for business trips over short distances, for going to the scene of incidents, crimes, etc. To this end, for the maintenance of this park, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is annually allocated funds, fuel cards, etc., which are distributed between the departments of the subjects and between departments within the subject.

So, from the moment of moving to the city of Yaroslavl Tsaturyan A.V. determined his child to study at a fairly prestigious school in Yaroslavl. (for obvious reasons, the number and address of the school is not called). But how, with such busyness with “investigation of resonant crimes”, how to deliver a child to school? It is impossible, having the status of the head of the subject department, to take the child to school on foot or by public transport. Not the scale, somehow not solid, ashamed, laughed at.

But after all, you can always use a company car for personal purposes with the consent of your boss. For example, to take one child to school, and the second to kindergarten, or use a company car for other personal and family matters.

With the support of the head of the department and a whole fleet of cars, including, a / m "Volkswagen Polo" g.n.z. Х003ХХ76RUS, Tsaturyan A.V. for three years from 2019 to 2022, he forced drivers (who, however, like the investigators, tried to escape from him with all their might) to take their child to school and pick him up almost daily. In addition, there is reason to believe that cars were used not only for these purposes.

It seems to be nothing of the sort. Yes, only at that moment an incident could occur or a crime could be committed, but there was no official car. It turns out that the investigator, instead of immediately leaving for the scene (crime) in an official car and starting to solve the problems set by the state, would have to wait until the child Tsaturyan A.V. will be taken to school or brought from there. In fairness, it should be noted that not always Tsaturyan A.V. used only the service car "Volkswagen Polo" g.n.z. Х003ХХ76RUS, there were other official cars, other drivers.

And what does the head of the TFR department for the Yaroslavl region, Sobolev A.M., have to do with it? - ask you and you will be right. There seems to be no information that he was aware of the affairs of Tsaturyan A.V. no.

But the catch is that each specific car is assigned by order (instruction) of the head of the department to a specific department. Just the same, according to the available information, the official car "Volkswagen Polo", g.n.z. Х003ХХ76RUS is assigned to the MTO Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Yaroslavl Region. That is, to use this company car, assigned to another department, Tsaturyan A.The. could only with the knowledge and consent of Sobolev A.M., and of a number of other employees. Needless to say, this official car is intended only for the implementation of the tasks facing the IC of Russia, with a subsequent report on the trips made to the head of logistics, the head of the department and to the IC of Russia.

A number of questions arise. And what kind of special service tasks did the car "Volkswagen Polo" Х003ХХ76RUS carry out and pick up the child Tsaturyan A.V. from school? How did Tsaturyan A.V. report after that? to the head of the MTO, and the latter to a higher manager, i.e. Sobolev A.M., and how Sobolev A.M. reported to the Investigative Committee of Russia on the use of the specified official car?

It turns out that in the investigative department of the TFR in the Yaroslavl region during the leadership of Sobolev A.M. there were not only cases of loss of cases, materials and seized money, but also multiple facts of falsification of waybills and transport reports, as well as misappropriation of funds allocated to the investigative department in the Yaroslavl region and abuse of official powers.

Interestingly, until when is it necessary to open the eyes of the leadership of the Central Asian Investigative Committee of Russia to those who, on duty, are obliged to fight crime, but, on the contrary, encourage it in every possible way?

But what about the tireless struggle of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the moral character and patriotic education of the younger generation of investigators who, having seen enough of such "Tsaturyans" and "Sobolevs" will do exactly the same thing?

And when will it be, and will there even be any reaction from the Central Office of the Russian Investigative Committee to such multiple facts of various abuses by the leadership of the investigative department of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Yaroslavl region in 2019-2022? Or, as usual, all this will be hushed up without a proper reaction.

Do not forget about another moral aspect. For 3 years, car drivers with special coloring the IC of Russia in front of parents, classmates, other students and the teaching staff of the school saw off and met the child of a high-ranking employee of the IC of Russia, in fact, as personal drivers! And this is already a direct demonstration of a privileged position!

Timofey Grishin

To be continued