The Basmanny Court of Moscow received a petition for the arrest of the former adviser to the chairman of the board of Russtroybank, the owner of a large number of real estate near Moscow, Alexander Sytin, who introduces himself as an agent of the "K" Department of the FSB of Russia and the son of a retired lieutenant general of the KGB. This is not the first attempt to imprison this figure. In 2020, he was arrested on charges of pedophilia, but the Moscow City Court released Alexander Sytin right in the hall. Details are in the investigation.

Александр Сытин

Our sources believe that such loyalty to Sytin is due to the fact that he is a well-known character in the circles of various high-ranking officials and representatives of power structures near Moscow. Still would. He owns a huge number of real estate objects, has a reputation as an influential "decision maker" in matters with the same real estate (he presented himself as an agent of the "K" Department of the FSB of Russia), plus an excellent reputation of his father, Boris Pavlovich Sytin, who posed as a retired lieutenant general in the Serpukhov region KGB. In reality, Sytin is a senior criminal who served a sentence for murder in 1982-1993! And Alexander Sytin is also known for dozens of rumored cases of manifestations of love for underage girls and boys, whom he lured with his red Ferrari cabrio.

He was caught on one of these crimes. The essence of Sytin's accusations lies in acts of a sexual nature against a thirteen-year-old girl. Places Sytin chose not the most glamorous - a forest near Moscow near the village of Romashkovo, and apartments on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.


The victim's testimony was confirmed by a polygraph. Interestingly, the investigation did not offer Sytin himself to undergo a polygraph: he did not appear at any investigative action or at forensic medical examinations, which can refute his most likely fake diagnoses of a blood disease and a certificate of disability.

In general, Sytin is chronically lucky in the courts: both for the early episodes related to the theft of land owned by the state and under the article for pedophilia - the court does not question key witnesses. And why, and so everything is clear: the person is ill, he must take pity and let him go.


Sytin's wife, Anastasia Vyacheslavovna Sytina, an accomplice in giving a bribe to an official from the Serpukhov region, who personally informed whom to come to and how much money should be brought, has not even been interrogated to date and has no status in the criminal case. The audio recordings of the negotiations have been at the disposal of law enforcement agencies for almost two years, while the rest of the not so financially wealthy persons involved in the bribe case have already pleaded guilty.

We have restored the chronicle of how Sytin had previously evaded responsibility.

2011-2015. Capital accumulation.


According to the interlocutors of, until in 2015 the Central Bank revoked the license from Russtroybank, from 2012 to 2015. Sytin helped the bank to obtain ownership of a building in Moscow and the region for a penny. The company that owned the building was artificially bankrupt by him, then Sytin went to the officials he knew and changed the parameters of the nondivzhka, reducing its cost several times. After this, the buildings were transferred to the bank. The appetites of Sytin and the bank managers grew. When the Central Bank suspected something was wrong with the bank, Sytin, through one-day firms, helps the bank's management to withdraw depositors' funds. According to the bank's employees, the average size of the transfer then amounted to 100 million rubles. The bank was closed, the management successfully fled to the United States, and for 2020 the claims of the DIA are around 10 billion rubles.

Despite the fact that back in 2017, the investigation proved Sytin's guilt in a number of episodes, the investigation against him was suddenly terminated.




Being at large, Sytin is building a number of objects in the Moscow region with the proceeds. Without approvals, without obtaining permits - why, if there is a criminal scheme worked out over the years to legalize land plots and real estate through his contacts in MosoblBTI and other departments for a bribe. Since the fraud is sewn with white thread, Sytin runs in panic to a rally in support of Ivan Golunov and from the stage says that he is illegally accused of “stealing spoons”. A month later, Kommersant checks the information - Sytin is guilty of bribery and is being investigated.

Significant witnesses in the case are not interrogated, Sytin provides fake health certificates and remains at large.

2020. Pedophilia.

Sytin is being sued by a victim of his harassment, who at the time of the “friendship” was only 13 years old. According to a source, Sytin was often seen in companies with minors. He came to them in a Ferrari convertible. The victim is tested on a polygraph - it's all true. Sytin is not being tested. According to the information provided and probably fake, "for health reasons" the court is becoming more and more lenient towards him, ignoring the circus in the form of leaving the court in an ambulance. Already in early June, hired by a lawyer for a fabulous fee Sytin from the Padva & Partners office brags about his release on his Instagram: the court releases him under house arrest for 2 months. A few weeks later, while still under arrest, Sytin is seen in the office of Valery Ivarlac, the second person in the Moscow Region IC, whom the media accused of having Moldovan citizenship. The loudest scandal of Valery Ivarlak is the death in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center of an elderly entrepreneur Vera Trifonova, who suffered from diabetes mellitus and during her imprisonment, her kidneys almost failed and her eyesight disappeared. The measure of restraint was not changed for her then, and four months later Trifonova died of complications. After this scandal, Ivarlak and his subordinates were fired from the UK, and then suddenly reinstated back.

Now the RF IC is asking to arrest Sytin for episodes related to the activities of Russtroybank. has at its disposal a certificate of embezzlement from Russtroybank:

Joint Stock Company RUSSIAN STROITELNY BANK (PSRN 1027739327880, TIN 7744001514 KPP 770901001, address: 109004, Moscow, Drovyanoy B. lane, 7 / 9-1) was established in 2002.

On 15.10.2015, the Bank of Russia revoked the banking license from Russtroybank. The reason for the revocation of the license was the bank's failure to fulfill its obligations to creditors and its involvement in dubious transactions, such as money laundering, legalization and cashing through anonymous "fly-by-night firms" of funds.

As of 2014, the Chairman of the Board of the bank was Andrey Petrovich Strukov, whose business partner in joint projects was Alexander Borisovich Sytin.

According to available information, A.P. Strukov and Sytin A.B. were involved in the following illegal transactions with bank assets:

1) According to the data received from the former top management of the bank at the time of the acquisition by the bank of the asset of LLC "Sports and Recreation Complex Vostok" (INN: 7709660480) at a reduced price (about 500 thousand dollars), it turned out that the real estate objects located on the territory of the complex were not privatized and not registered, which became clear after the acquisition transaction. Sytin A.B. offered Strukov A.P. a way out of this situation by forging a privatization list with the participation of a friend of Sytin A.B. notary. Strukov A.P. agreed to this deal. Further, the notary made a notarized copy of the privatization sheet with the included real estate objects worth about 300 million rubles, after which this document was submitted for registration with the Federal Register, which entailed an increase in the value of the object by the amount indicated above.

Subsequently (2016-2017), the SEBiPK of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Odintsovo District of the Moscow Region, according to the above episode, an attempt was made to involve A.B. Sytin. to criminal liability under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud). In spite of operational measures, in particular, the identity of the notary, to whom the testimony was given, was established, but the case was closed “on a call from Moscow”.

2) According to reliable information, before the revocation of the license from JSC RUSSTROYBANK, the bank's management represented by A.P. Strukov. operations were actively carried out to withdraw funds of depositors, in particular Sytin A.B. through various one-day companies he actively cashed out large sums of money, in the amount of more than 100 million rubles.

There is evidence from a group of top managers of the Bank, testifying to the illegal operations of Sytin A.B.

3) Sytin A.B. in the period 2012-2014 the funds of JSC RUSSTROYBANK were used to organize the development of residential real estate located at the address: Moscow, st. 50 years

October, 2, bldg. 1. During the sales process, 2 criminal schemes were implemented:

Ø one building was assigned two cadastral numbers, which made it possible to legally sell the same premises twice to individuals.

Ø Sytin A.B. reconstructed part of the common areas, converting them into residential apartments, grossly violating urban planning regulations.

Until 2017, real estate buyers were in court with A.B. Sytin. on the subject of legalizing the real estate they purchased.

Testimony on the fact of numerous violations is ready to give the chairman of TSN Eliseev I.P.

4) CJSC "Disk", founder and general director - Sytin A.B.

The company owns a large office and retail building located at the address Reutov, Highway Moscow-Nizhniy Novgorod, 1, which is operated, contrary to the law, without commissioning.

In the course of its operating activities in 2011, Disk CJSC had a debt to Russtroybank JSC in the amount of 16,999,101.27 rubles. After the revocation of the Bank's license in December 2015, there was a threat of bankruptcy of the company at the suit of the Bank's successor - ASV Group of Companies and the sale of the building at auction to satisfy claims for debt.

In this regard, presumably, the director and owner of 40% of the shares of the company - Sytin A.B. there was an intention to form fictitious - "controlled" debt to establish control over the company, initiate bankruptcy proceedings and transfer the building to another subcontract roll face.

To implement this plan, appraisers were involved, in the process of preparing the appraisal report, they restructured the cost of the object - while maintaining the total cost of about 185 million rubles. Most of the value as a result of the appraisal was allocated to land (150 million), and the building was valued at 35 million, so that in the future, in the process of bankruptcy, under control of the bidding procedure, to redeem it at a low cost Sytin A.B. to an affiliated person.

The total amount of debts controlled by Sytin A.B. presumably, based on the claims filed with the court, is estimated at 50 million rubles. - enough to determine the site for the bidding of the building, the procedure for its sale and to receive from the bankruptcy commissioner insider information about the bidders for the purchase. The bankruptcy trustee introduced by the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service challenged the bankruptcy estate introduced into the bankruptcy estate by A.B. Sytin. requirements, is currently trying to prove Sytin's guilt under part 4 of article 159 (fraud by deliberate bankruptcy) in a criminal case "

Yuri Prokov

To be continued