The UK officially accused the participants in the supply of video cameras to the largest stadium in St. Petersburg of a particularly large and organized fraud. also decided to follow the route of the investigation and be surprised.

The investigation sees the supply of equipment for the Gazprom Arena as the work of the "great five and the goalkeeper" - if we count as such the participant who organized the delivery and customs clearance services for this supply. The names are not a secret, their head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, called them for some reason back in 2020: Alexey Kobyshcha, Sergey Belyaev, Andrey Sobolev, Alexander Polovko, Valery Moroz and Dmitry Sbruev. Let's look at this situation and first find out what a tender is ...

A public procurement tender is two federal laws, an entire state industry and a million officials, while everyone pretends not to understand that purchases for millions of dollars are never carried out according to the price list ... purchases. A tender is a method of purchasing goods or services based on the principle of open competition.

Usually tenders are held by large companies when they want to buy something for a large amount. The ordering company announces a tender and invites several participants (suppliers) to participate in it. At the end of the auction, the customer enters into a contract with the supplier who was able to offer the best conditions. That is, in the end it is an agreement, all the conditions under which must be decided in the legal field, that is, in Arbitration disputes, if any of the terms of the agreement are violated. As a rule, deadlines are very important - you have signed up for execution within 6 months, which means you can act as you like, even if you twist the nuts yourself, but fulfill the conditions, since the price suits everyone.

GC Okhrana is not a newcomer to the implemented tender projects, we are looking at the TOP 5 in terms of the amount of contracts, the participation of the organization in the procurements carried out under 223, 44 and 94 Federal Laws is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Directorate for Construction and Reconstruction (1 contract for the amount of 2,593,284,850 rubles ), Mariinsky Theater (19 contracts worth 64,373,275 rubles), Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov 1 contract worth 47,031,311 rubles), Goznak 7 contracts worth 37,075,881 rubles. ), FSBI "Rest House" Valdai "(1 contract for the amount of 29,279,512 rubles), and the total amount of completed government contracts 5,652,280,400 rubles. Among the customers and the Administration of the Governor of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of State Enterprise" Isaac's Cathedral " , FSBI "State Complex" Palace of Congresses "," Almaz-Antey ", Ministry of Finance and many others.

How do you ask such a reputable company could steal something? So the fact of the matter is that there was no theft of money ... this is the "version of the investigation", which is needed to knock a successful company out of business, Alexey Yuryevich Kobyshcha is a successful businessman who has been in his business for a long time and, as he believed, for a long time. Someone wanted to remove him from this market and now this whole boundless operation was brewed, a corruption component in a special size and at the highest level is not excluded, because this criminal case was personally initiated by the senior investigator for Highly Important Cases under the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Major General Khalapov Alexander Sergeevich, he excited talentedly and irrevocably, though letting Alexei Kobishche hide, since he was not a goal, the goal was his business, clients and his money.

Searches at the stadium took place at the end of 2019 as part of a particularly large fraud case, operatives of the economic police and the FSB economic security service came. They were interested in a lot - from the blockers of radio fuses to the notorious scoreboards (which were recently discussed in the conviction of the former vice-governor Marat Hovhannisyan). The story about the supply of security equipment stood somewhat apart - in particular, video cameras manufactured by Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co KG (Dallmeier): the equipment was transported from abroad, transferred from the hands of one subcontractor to another. The investigation attracted Interpol to the case, and Bastrykin spoiled the total amount of embezzlement - 180 million rubles (and who only writes reports to him). Contracts for the supply of equipment from Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co KG (Dallmeier) were imported through Atlant LLC and through the Kremlin House Federal State Unitary Enterprise, however, for some reason, the Kremlin House Federal State Unitary Enterprise does not appear in the criminal case, apparently Major General Khalapov does not see it everywhere a crime, the investigation is procedurally independent.

The picture of events, which the investigation came to, is completely absurd, but since the general is investigating, then it is likely that the expectation is that "it will come down anyway." The figures given by the representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia do not fight either with the figures for state contracts from public sources, or with actual ones ... Information stuffing is carried out, probably with the aim of creating a "public outcry", as the Investigative Committee likes to do when there is no evidence and there is no crime event. Here even Vyshenkov (director of was involved, to whom all the data of the preliminary investigation was leaked), we will go according to these figures, but taking into account the objective truth: In total, 2.3 billion budget rubles were transferred from Metrostroy to the accounts of Okhrana Group under the supply agreement in two almost equal tranches. Even before that, the beneficiary of the company, Aleksey Kobyscha, assumed the role of organizer of the future crime, according to the SK, - he participated in the budgeting, communicated with the suppliers and imagined in detail how much and what should be brought to the stadium and how much it might actually cost. According to the investigation, Kobyshch was supposed to do this for free, that is, for nothing.

The final link in the chain was immediately identified - the same Dallmeier, from which cameras, workstations, servers, brackets and other components were expected. It was the commercial proposal of the Russian representative office of the German company that Okhrana Group submitted to the construction committee to determine the estimate, although Kobyshcha assumed that it was probably overstated and would be reduced: a 40% discount was agreed with the supplier. But he also understood that all the jambs were to be closed by his company, this was additional equipment, commissioning, commissioning, and everything on time. The experience of working on previous contracts taught him a lot, he perfectly understood what he would have to face when fulfilling the terms of the contract on time

Sergei Belyaev was and, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the director of the Okhrana Group of Companies, the company exists and works today, despite the fact that the director has been in the pre-trial detention center for 19 months (yes, yes, it turns out that way), and the founder of Kobyshch was forced to leave for Israel. Another employee of Sobolev's company, the investigation recorded as a member of some group (according to the investigation, all who took part in the delivery make up a group, although many have never known each other). It is clear from the director what was required - to sign the contracts and delivery certificates without checking each digit; from Sobolev - staffing efforts to attract contractors. But the UK considers the contractors to be accomplices, so Moroz became an accomplice. Valery Moroz had previously repeatedly helped Kobyshche in the implementation of the terms of contracts for the Mariinsky Theater and the Ministry of Justice, but in this case Moroz knocked on the door of IT Systems LLC and brought into the scheme its general director Alexander Polovko, whom he had known for a long time, used his services for cashing in. He, in turn, attracted Dmitry Sbruev, the founder of Da Logistics LLC, a logistics company that imported equipment, Dmitry Sbruev brought Polovko together with Alexey Khizhnyak and Vasilyeva Elena. Aleksey Khizhnyak has already ensured for Polovko the participation of the director of Atlant LLC Evgeny Levashov in the organization of the entire process, and also organized customs clearance of the cargo, according to the documents provided by Polovko and Moroz, and Elena Vasilyeva took over tax optimization and accounting for this delivery.

The investigation, realizing that in this way it is necessary to involve everyone in the accusation, including even the drivers of the trucks who brought the cargo, decided to reduce their version a little. The investigation frightened Khizhnyak and Vasilyeva with inevitable responsibility and forced him to testify against its founder Dmitry Sbruev, as if he was doing this himself and doing it himself, and all of them, under pain of being shot and on a voluntary basis (without a salary), carried out the tasks set by Polovko. Through interrogations and confrontations, it was decided that the investigation decided that the DVS HANDEL GmbH (DVS-Handel GMBH) registered in Latvia, whose main value for the concession was in foreign accounts, was managed by Dmitry Sbruev. At least four companies with the name DVS HANDEL are known, one German, one Latvian, one from the Marshall Islands and one from Denmark - which of them did what exactly and which accounts were used by the investigation decided not to establish. The starting lineup, according to the investigation, was personally coordinated by Kobyshch (which is absurd, since Kobyshch personally knew only Sobolev, Belyaev, Polovko and Moroz). Sobolev allegedly repeatedly met with the members of the group in the IT-Systems office, where all the participants who did not represent the Okhrana Group of Companies agreed on their commission in the amount of 3% of the stolen amount, which of course is not true, and you will understand why later.

The first delivery took place in September 2016. Belyaev (GC "Okhrana") and Polovko ("IT-Systems") signed two contracts for the supply of Dallmeier cameras - for 130.8 million and 104.8 million rubles. On the basis of the contracts, applications and specifications were drawn up, which were again signed by Belyaev - and Kuzmenko, director of the UPTK branch of OJSC Metrostroy. The investigation considers him a victim of deception. All this was performed again at the beginning of 2017 due to the need to supply additional equipment; at the exit, two more contracts were obtained - for 68.5 million and 30.3 million. In total, "Protection" transferred 334.4 million rubles to "IT-Systems". There is nowhere a word about the money that went through the Kremlin House Federal State Unitary Enterprise, although this is the same equipment, under the same contract with Dallmeier and the same Metrostroy OJSC.

Then Polovko, on behalf of IT-System, entered into agency agreements with Atlant LLC - again at an inflated cost (according to the SK). According to them the company transferred 325.3 million rubles in several tranches. The investigation, for all the criminal outline, does not exclude a conscientious approach to calculations: at least Atlant even returned more than 4 million extra million to the IT-Systems accounts, which shows once again that Polovko was in charge of all the finances. Thus, more than 13 million rubles were deposited on the accounts of IT-Systems along the way: Polovko, according to the findings of the Investigative Committee, turned them in his favor, “for the needs of the organization” - we do not know what kind of needs. I would like to note that the criminal case itself began with a statement about the crime of Oleksandr Polovko himself, in some incomprehensible way, on the eve of the submission of this statement of “confession,” he recorded Sobolev and Belyaev on a dictaphone and went, as they say, to surrender. Alexander Polovko did not stay late according to 91 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, his home was not even searched, his real estate was not arrested, and the IT Systems firm sells contraband computer components on various Internet sites. The second oddity is that the criminal case is based on documents of Rosfinmonitoring with a stamp "for official use" and with a note prohibiting the use of financial intelligence data as evidence in court or anywhere else. However, these data got into the materials of the criminal case without notification and without the permission of the financial intelligence units of Latvia, but, as they say, the generals did not have this and rolled, but in this case it is unlikely that it will be possible to go to court on inadmissible evidence.

To "Atlanta", respectively, reached 322 million: 56.5 million there and remained - to pay customs, tax and other payments; for the remaining 264.5 million rubles, the company bought almost 4 million euros. After that, Atlant and ICE-Handel GMBH signed two contracts - all for the same supply: 2.66 million euros and 1.31 million euros. The contract was signed by a foreign citizen from the company DVS-Handel GMBH, the investigation is not looking for him. These funds were transferred to an account in the Latvian bank ABLV Bank. However, the final agreement between ICE-Handel GMBH and - finally already - “Dallmeier” contains a different amount - 2.5 million euros; and 1.5 million euros were spent on the accounts of the German company in Commerzbank on its invoices. As a result, out of 4 million euros received by ICE-Handel GMBH, only 1.5 million were spent on the purchase of equipment, or in terms of rubles of that time - 102 million. The remaining 2.4 million euros went to the accounts of Polovko and Perchukov, who , who helped Polovko to carry out his plans.

On the accounts of DVS-Handel GMBH, 92 thousand euros of this remained, of which more than 63 thousand euros were spent on four deliveries for logistics (delivery, insurance, warehouse services) and about 18 thousand euros to pay for the services of Vasilyeva and Khizhnyak, documents, powers of attorney, office rent and other things, about 8 thousand euros went to bribes customs officers (according to Khizhnyak).

But, as mentioned above, the bulk was transferred to foreign banks: 1.9 million euros - to ABLV Bank, to the accounts of the company (Inevox / Corp), the beneficiary of which was Polovko; another 440 thousand - in Rigensis Bank for the company of his longtime acquaintance Perchukov, who, presumably, was not aware of the crime (which of course is impossible). Then, with this money, Polovko bought mining video cards, solely for the purpose of personal gain, and somehow smuggled them in, without paying duties and taxes, in Russia he sold them for cash and he does not see all this consequence, since it is likely that everything Polovko did this solely out of love for art, without income for himself. For a total of 2.34 million euros, Polovko brings in video cards for mining and sells it for cash, past taxes and past the cash register. As we wrote above, it is strange that in such a "situation" the investigation did not conduct a search in Polovko's addresses, because all the money was in his hands and he was in charge of all the money. Moroz really tried to be personally present at each operation, probably not in vain, since upon completion of the import of goods from Dallmeier, he bought himself two new GLs. Be that as it may, the investigation believes that this story should be left in the shadows and simply believes that Polovko and Moroz left themselves 2.5 million rubles for their troubles, the rest was transferred to Sobolev, Belyaev and Kobishche.

The market was dumped, in which Polovko has been working for many years, has never dropped below 13% since 2015, that is, by a simple calculation, we get that Polovko and Moroz would have earned 304,200 euros for cashing out for two, but the scheme through the purchase of equipment, smuggling and the implementation has a marginality of at least 22%, that is, Polovko and Moroz earned 514800 euros for two, which, you must agree, is quite good and for them the game was really worth the candle. Moreover, this is their "honestly" earned money, not stolen from anyone and pure cash. It is hard to believe, of course, that the co-founder of IT Sistema and a relative of this co-founder, the chief accountant of IT Sistema, were not aware of such voluminous monetary transactions. Considering especially that the money was spent partly through the accounts of "IT-System". It should be noted that the second founder of IT Sistema and his daughter, who works as an accountant at IT-Sis topics ”were also not touched upon by the investigation, he, like Perchukov, is believed by General Khalapov that they did not know, did not understand and did not take part, although the facts say otherwise. The indictment is very selective. For example, Polovko does not have 174 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and the aforementioned persons are all witnesses, although they performed the objective side of the crime.

Another interesting moment, when they began to assemble the equipment, that is, to do the installation, it turned out that a lot of the details needed to start the system were missing. Several camcorders are missing, more than 800 8Tb hard drives are missing for recording video, cables and other components. All this rushed to buy Polovko and Sobolev, according to rough estimates, they spent at least 450 thousand euros on it. The investigation decided not to attach any importance to this event, since the whole version would fall apart. The fact that the amount of damage is incorrectly determined - the investigation does not give a damn, the principle "and so it will come down", they say, let the court understand. For the same reason, the investigation "cannot" find the director of "Dallmeier" in Germany, Mr. Birzak (although he regularly visits Russia), cannot find, nor interrogate, because the investigation has stuffed / hid data on the equipment imported by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise. "Kremlin house", and if you add everything up, then there is no theft, the Germans received the entire amount due to them, taking into account the additional purchase of equipment in the Russian Federation, everything is in place. Kobyshch could not deal with such nonsense, having under his belt the amount of successfully completed state contracts for almost 6 billion rubles.

At the exit, the bottom line for the UK (according to is the following arithmetic: taking into account all customs fees and duties, as well as VAT and commissions, the actual costs for everything about everything amounted to 156.3 million rubles. However, the GC "Okhrana" handed over the equipment to Metrostroy for 334.4 million rubles, this amount also consists of the signed acts. The acts - under the influence of deception, believes the UK, - were agreed in the St. Petersburg komstroy and the capital construction fund. Damage to the city budget - 178 million rubles.

At the exit, in the bottom line, in fact, we have a shabby but not destroyed business at Kobysha (he fulfilled the contract for the stadium, all the equipment was delivered on time and put into operation, delivered at full cost to the balance of the city of St. Petersburg - this alone excludes the event of the crime), we have Belyaev, who has been in jail for 19 months, and the cunning Polovko, who himself stole, earned, he himself confessed, and the fellow himself. Well, the following arithmetic: taking into account all customs fees and duties to the budget of the Russian Federation, delivery, cargo insurance, economic costs of enterprises that took part in the delivery, warehouse services, additional purchase of equipment in Russia for installation at the stadium and necessary for the functioning of this entire system video broadcasts, as well as VAT and commissions, the actual costs for everything about everything amounted to 254 million rubles. However, the GC "Okhrana" handed over the equipment to Metrostroy for 334.4 million rubles, everything was put on the balance sheet and no one has any claims either in the amount or in the quality of work Damage to the city budget - 80.4 million rubles, but this is not counting the amount of equipment , which brought the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Kremlin House", and this material is not the case. But if we add this equipment, and this is Dallmeier equipment, the final delivery, then the mathematics is reduced to almost zero. Well, there is no damage to the city budget, NO!

The city is preparing for the European Football Championship, the equipment, by the way, is working properly and reliably, and taking into account the figures given above, fantasies about 3% are nothing more than a myth invented in the UK. Even the bank takes a commission for the transfer of funds, this is the bank's remuneration, any work must be paid, this is the principle of the business. And the work done with high quality and should be paid accordingly. If something is stolen at the stadium, then during its many years of construction, it would be there to look, there the names are more interesting and the amounts with a large number of zeros. Why would private business use such an approach at all, let the Federal State Unitary Enterprise do everything (by the way, this is why the Kremlin House State Unitary Enterprise was not involved in the prosecution). And businessman Kobyshch is not going to give up his niche in business, given the presence of such a number and such powerful contractors, he will definitely fight and he will win. Dallmeier will provide confirmation that they received all the money in full and what will the investigation do then? Let them shoot video cameras and equipment, send them back to Germany, let the customs return the money from the budget and everything back to the original one, Kobyscha can afford it. Let the General of the Investigative Committee of Russia Khalapov Alexander himself carry the equipment and install it, and Alexander Polovko will find him new fools to perform. The theater of the absurd continues.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued