Sergey Veremeenko is a prominent representative of the pathogenic political flora of the country. In the past - the hero of the "Forbes" list, today - an ordinary business marauder, and a supernumerary deputy of the State Duma decided. Demonstrating the symptoms of multiple personality disorder, Veremeenko openly practices polygamy with Orthodoxy and United Russia, residency in California with access to Russia's nuclear shield technologies, and perverted forms of collection with parliamentary piety. However, popular wisdom says: the end and Veremeenko will be. After the recent scandal with the "registration" of United Russia and its businesses in the United States, the criminal prosecution of the deputy is rapidly gaining momentum. The patient is about to become “handshake”.

History of Pugachev
On the curve of banditry and financial fraud, the excellent student of the Ufa Oil Institute Veremeyenko stood in the dashing 90s. And although the witnesses are dead, sitting or on the run for a long time, the chronicles of Veremeyenko's adventures are quite easy to restore.
Soviet engineer Veremeyenko left the West Siberian Engineering Center of the All-Union Institute for the Construction and Operation of Pipelines and plunged into the super-opportunities of the banking business. Having met the currency dealer Sergei Pugachev, who by that time already had a criminal record, he founded Mezhprombank. According to the official website of United Russia, Veremeyenko had been at the helm of the bank “created to attract investments in Russian industry” for a good ten years. All this time, with the support of his brother, who headed the republican tax office, Veremeyenko raided and “nightmare” Bashkiria. So in 1999 he was associated with an attempt to seize ZAO Bashneft-MPK, and later - with the promissory notes of Mezhprombank. In the end, Veremeyenko emboldened in 2003: he simply “put” not only on the leadership of the region, but also on the recommendations of the Kremlin. Bashneft, Bashtransgaz and other assets of the region were so stubborn to the marauder that he put forward his candidacy for the election of the head of the republic. Bashkiria for the first time seriously drank "black" pre-election technologies.
However, then the attack of Veremeenko's clones drowned. 7 years later, Mezhprombank defaulted at all. “On the basis of personal contradictions,” Sergei Veremeenko left the ranks of the owners, taking with him a number of assets - in particular, the Sapfir research and production enterprise (today they produce elements of such rockets as Soyuz, Satan and Sineva , allowing "to preserve the country's nuclear shield" - according to the website of the deputy) and the chair of the chairman of the board of directors of the All-Russian Institute of Light Alloys (a strategic enterprise that supplies unique components for fifth-generation aircraft engines).

Kalambia Pictures does not represent
Today Veremeyenko does not communicate with the press. It can be understood - the work of the deputy is public, but no one has canceled the state secret in the defense industry. Nevertheless, in 2014, when Russia literally fell under the sanctions for Crimea, Veremeyenko was not at all embarrassed by the secrets of the Motherland - he preferred American journalists to domestic journalists.
The film “One Day with a Russian Billionaire” (USA) still produces a bombing effect. The footage shows a wonderful villa, where the marauder Veremeenko welcomes the film crew, showing a collection of icons (experts estimate it at $ 200 million). He gives the guests vodka to drink and hospitably leads them to the bathhouse. In response, the Americans call Veremeyenko "the lucky one who got all the wealth of Russia after the fall of communism." On the epic splash screen of the picture, a businessman in shorts flaunts on the skin of a bear (here you can hear the sigh of his party colleagues). It is literally impossible to discern this! True, a couple of questions still arise: why the hell, while the whole country is hanging out in a recession, Comrade Veremeenko is shaking his accessories over the hill? And how, after such and such “films”, propose to Americans not to consider Russians as complete idiots?
Only in February 2021, when the degree of confrontation with the states exploded to the skies, Veremeenko's residence in the United States became the subject of a journalistic investigation. Life found real estate and business in California, which "belong to the carrier of state secrets, the deputy of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, Sergei Veremeenko." It turned out that Veremeenko received the Social Security Number assigned to citizens and residents of the United States back in 1994. Together with his first wife Alla, he even bought a cottage in the California resort village of Harbor Point on the shores of Richardson Bay. The deal cost $ 1.3 million. At the end of the 2000s, Veremeenko divorced and immediately sold the house to the Egan Of Kim Living Trust. However, Alla Veremeenko lived there until the end of 2020.
While at NPP "Sapfir" under the stamp "secret" chips are soldered for the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile in the world (R-36M "Satan"), the marauder Veremeyenko continues to do business in America. How is this possible, if from the point of view of the civilized world Veremeenko is a typical representative of the financial category PEP (Politically exposed person)? World practice in