An article published by, “God Nisanov Could Order Rovshan Lankaran”, caused a stir in the camp of the billionaire named in the title. It said that Telman Ismailov wrote a letter to the President of Russia, in which he claimed that Nisanov was involved in a number of criminal stories, including the shooting of the “kingpin” Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lankaran). As it turned out, Nisanov is now experiencing the worst days in his entire business career: the smuggling channels are almost closed; financial flows are about to "dry up". And here, as it is wrong, the publication on our site, adding to the billionaire “headache”. At the beginning, he decided to disprove it at low cost. But it did not. Then a delegation of the oldest and common relatives went to Ismailov from his and Nisanov's clan village Krasnaya Sloboda. The task is to convince Ismailov to give up testimony. Ismailov, who now leads a miserable financial existence, did not refuse from crazy and big money.

As it became known, almost all major law enforcement, fiscal departments and special services are now taking up arms in the God Nisanov. As a result, his billion-dollar business is literally bursting at the seams. So, after the last serious personnel changes in the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, the development of contraband channels began, through which the goods enter the Nisanov markets - “Gardens”, “Slavyanka”, etc. The result of this work is that these channels are very shallowed and may soon be completely blocked. Such activities of the FCS weekly brings huge losses to Nisanov.

The billionaire’s larger revenues were delivered by another kind of dubious activity. The shopping centers “Moscow”, “Gardener”, “Food City” became the largest platforms for illegal cashing and transferring money abroad. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, 600 billion rubles pass monthly through these “laundries”. Sources claims that all these financial flows are controlled by the God Nisanov and receive huge profits from illegal operations. In September 2018, Director of the Financial Monitoring and Currency Control Department of the Bank of Russia

Yuri Polupanov said the following: in the past two years, banks have ceased to actively engage in illegal cash withdrawals. According to him, retail shadow trade has become the main channel for illegal circulation of cash outside the banking sector. In Moscow, the largest cash handling operators are the Moscow (Lyublino) shopping center, Sadovod shopping center (in the south-east of the capital, near the Moscow Ring Road) and Food City (Kaluzhskoye Highway, New Moscow), said Yury Polupanov. “We have accumulated a sufficiently large amount of information on the part of the activities of this sphere, it’s time to send it all to law enforcement agencies, which we will do safely,” said a representative of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

That is, the Central Bank directly accused the God Nisanov in cashing and legalizing huge sums. According to, after that, the relevant authorities held a tough explanatory conversation with Nisanov. It was announced to him that by the end of November all these shadow "laundries" should be closed. Otherwise, criminal cases will follow with all the ensuing consequences.

And the overlap of these financial channels, together with the blocking of contraband routes, threatens to become critical for the God Nisanov. The main sources of shadow funds will run out.

And so, in such an alarming situation, as it is impossible inappropriate, a letter appears from Telman Ismailov to the president, in which Nisanov is credited with participating in a whole group of criminal stories. Moreover, Ismailov describes everything competently, as he had previously been Nisanov’s senior partner. described only one of the stories in the letter - about the murder of Rovshan Janiyev. However, this was enough for Nisanov to get worried.

After the article was published, a letter signed by a certain “legal service of Nisanov GS” came to the editors of As promised to the “legal service”, we publish it: “Today the article“ God Nisanov could order Rovshan Lenkaransky ”was posted (link:

According to information received from official lawyers, T. M. Ismailov, also confirmed by the press service of T. M. Ismailov, no letter or other appeal to the address of the President of Russia V.V. Putin on behalf of TM Ismailova does not exist. ”

What surprised us immediately in this message. Firstly, all journalists know that no “press-services by TM. Ismailov ”was not and no. Secondly, we found a refutation coming from lawyer Marina Rusakova on, but with a link to TASS. Many other resources, primarily Azerbaijani, reprinted the message with a link to the same TASS. Moreover, they did it clearly without checking the source. The problem is that on the TASS website, like the message is simply missing. And is known for its long-standing financial relationship with Nisanov.

Having understood that we are dealing with a fake, we wrote about it to the “legal service”.

Nisanov responded promptly. On November 2, a short telephone conversation allegedly with Ismailov, which was reproduced by other “semi-commercial” resources, such as Regnuma, came out at RBC (recently embarked on commercial “rails”). The meaning of what Ismailov said is simple: "I did not write letters to the president." Of course, I was surprised that Ismailov unexpectedly spoke in Rusakova’s voice. (who is this attorney to describe will not, read the reviews of her clients on the Internet).

Here is her phrase “Kommersant”, when she denied that Ismailov had asked for political asylum in France: “The media reports on seeking political asylum is a provocation ... But I cannot name those interested in this.”

But what Ismailov allegedly personally told RBC: “I think this is a 100% provocation, but from whom it comes, I cannot say.”

What is called, find the difference. Yes, and in the confused message of RBC, describing supposedly a conversation with Ismailov, his lawyer suddenly “emerges”. Apparently, the communication went through a teleconference.

However, "smoke without fire" does not happen. Source said that Ismailov was indeed asked to back down. For this, the God Nisanov sent a whole delegation of elders from the village of Krasnaya Sloboda (the family village of Nisanova and Ismailova), including common relatives. The latter asked, despite all the insults, not to attack Nisanov now. Well, and most importantly they offered a very tangible financial bonus for this. Ismailov now drags a miserable financial existence, so he agreed. True, it is no longer possible to recall the letter. It will be fun when we publish it. However, knowing Ismailov and how carefully and unconvincingly he refutes everything, Telman can quickly “change his shoes”.

As for the God Nisanov, the list of his problems will clearly not end there. In the near future a story about the citizenship of a billionaire may be raised. But will tell about it in the next article, and at the same time lead the relevant documents.


To be continued

Maxim Voevodin