The Rotenberg family continues their campaign to single-handedly receive absolutely all contracts of Russian Railways. The only obstacle to this was the Renaissance Epoch company, which is closely associated with the Deputy Director General of Russian Railways Oleg Toni. However, in recent weeks there have been large-scale searches in a criminal case of embezzlement of funds. And this is a sure sign that the company may soon move to the Rothenbergs, as happened with two other major contractors of Russian Railways - GK 1520 and R-Industry.

As a source told, since last week, operatives and investigators have been regular guests at the offices of the Renaissance Era, the company is constantly being searched, the management is summoned for interrogation. The events take place within the framework of a major criminal case. At the moment, the list of owners of the "Renaissance Epoch" is as follows: Igor Harutyunyan (75%) and Igor Pogosyan (25%). However, it is no secret on the market that although Artutyunyan (who is also the general director) agrees on the main payments, he is a nominal co-owner. Just like Poghosyan. In reality, since the inception of the Renaissance Era, the company has been controlled by two people. The first one is an influential person with connections, his family has been friends with Dmitry Kozak for a long time (we will talk about him another time). And the second one is Oleg Toni, Deputy Director General of Russian Railways. It was this couple who made it so that the "Renaissance Epoch" became one of the largest contractors of Russian Railways.

Most of the work of the "Renaissance" was subcontracted by the PSK company, in which Pavel Mezhevikin was in command. However, this "did not shine", workers went to construction sites under the flags and vests of the "Renaissance. Mezhevikin just at that time was Tony's representative in "The Epoch". Then he created his own company "Engineering EV" and even worked independently on contracts with Rzhdstroy. And then, when the Rotenbergs came to the contracts of Russian Railways, it was allowed to leave only one company that would pass the qualification. And it was the Renaissance, which was still controlled by Tony and the second real co-owner. And Mezhivikin began to work under 1520 Rotenbergs.

The fact that the "Era of Renaissance" problems with law enforcement agencies was not surprising in the market. In recent years, the Rotenbergs have seized all the major contractors of Russian Railways and Epoch remained the last "bastion". So, in October 2018, the co-owner of the 1520 Group of Companies (the largest contractor of Russian Railways) Valery Markelov was arrested for bribing Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. While in jail, he sold his share to his partner Alexei Krapivin, who at that moment was completely controlled by the Rotenbergs and therefore did not go to the isolation ward after Markelov. Krapivin is now the nominal owner of "1520", the GC belongs to the Rotenbergs, Igor Rotenberg is responsible for this direction.

     In July 2020, the second largest contractor, R-Industry, was transferred to Rotenberg. Previously, it was owned by Vladimir Vasiliev, who was actively supported by the Kovalchuk. "Vasiliev sold the R-industry to the Rotenbergs," the interlocutor told, "Now it belongs to two denominations, but is already controlled by the Rotenbergs." According to the source, Vasilyev and Kovalchuk did not go to waste. In return, Arkady Rotenberg organized the Rus company (owned by Vasiliev), very good contracts for large sums from other state customers, including those on the line of “obranka”.

         To this we can add that the issue of entry of "R-Indusustriya" into the new JSC "Roads and Bridges", which is separated from JSC "Mostotrest", or the entry of the company into "Natsproektstroy" is currently being considered. The structure of the Rotenbergs and VEB.RF


Taking into account the fact that at the beginning of 2020 SpetsCityStroy also entered the sphere of influence of the Rotenbergs and their eternal assistant in the Russian Railways Alexei Krapivin, only the Renaissance Epoch LLC, controlled by the vice-president of Russian Railways Oleg Toni, remained of the independent players and old-timer.

The contracting business of Russian Railways is as follows.

Russian Railways conducts all its construction through its subsidiary Russian Railways.

In 2019, several competitions were held, at which those who in the next three years will have the opportunity to participate in the closed competitions of RZDstroy were determined.


These are four companies:

GK 1520 (Rotenbergs) - 80% of the entire construction of Russian Railways

Firms Vasiliev (Kovalchuki) - construction on the Sverdlovsk railway, the Northern latitudinal passage and now BAM (contracts transferred to the structures of Vasiliev Reilyan). Tony-controlled company "Renaissance"

Rusoan Baysarov - bridges in the Far East were given

Tony - Age of Revival

Contact network:

1. JSC "Transelectromontazh" (INN: 7701024958) - 100% owned by Cypriot avshora,

the same GK 1520

2. LLC "OSK 1520" (INN: 7701753020) - ГК1520

3. FORATEK ETS JSC (INN: 7716236962) - ГК1520

4. LLC "Energomontazh" (INN: 7801431481) - GK1520

5. LLC "EPOCH OF RENAISSANCE" (INN: 7814497169) - Oleg Toni


1. PJSC "MOSTOTREST" (INN: 7701045732) - Rotenberg

2. LLC "EPOCH OF RENAISSANCE" (INN: 7814497169) - Tony

3. LLC "OSK 1520" - GK 1520

4. JSC STROY-TREST (INN: 7707637478) -Baysarov

5. LLC FSK Mostootryad-47 - GK 1520

6. LLC "UK BSM" (INN: 7723682710) - GK 1520

7. LLC "CORPORATION R-INDUSTRY" (INN: 7814406725) - Vasiliev (Kovalchuki)

Earthen cloth:

1. LLC "THE EPOCH OF RENAISSANCE" (INN: 7814497169) - Tony

2. LLC "OSK 1520" (INN: 7701753020) - ГК1520

3. LLC "UK" BSM "(INN: 7723682710) - ГК1520

4. LLC "CORPORATION R-INDUSTRY" (INN: 7814406725) - Vasiliev (Kovalchuki)

5. OOO "Spetstransstroy" (INN: 2317057867) -Relian, gave orders to Vasiliev.


Everyone else who wants to "touch" the money of Russian Railways must negotiate with these three players.

For comparison, there was at least some competition at the competitions held in 2013.

In them, for example, were represented such companies as JSC "SU-308" and LLC "SK" TEMP ", which after his dismissal in 2013 from RZDstroy headed by Gennady Talashkin.

In 2013, their owner was Andrei Talashkin, the brother of Gennady Talashkin at that time, the first deputy general director of Russian Railways.

He controlled the SU-308 through OOO UK Ortus, which is now 80% owned by Gennady and 20% by Andrey Talashkins.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov