In mid-March, the next term of detention of the solver Alexander Sytin expires. Alexander Sytin and his father Boris Sytin, who is an adherent of the “School of Astral Karate” sect and who calls himself “KGB General” Boripolk Pangorus, are being held in neighboring cells of the Serpukhov pre-trial detention center on charges under Art. 132 part 4 - acts of a sexual nature against minors (pedophilia).

As it became known to, by the decision of the First Deputy Prosecutor General Anatoly Razinkin, the criminal case of the younger Sytin was sent to court with a seized episode for especially serious crimes, including pedophilia, that is, Alexander Sytin may be free with a clear conscience as early as March, not after 18 years. This boasts to friends and acquaintances of the wife of the younger Sytin - Anastasia. Such a “miracle” for Sytin already happened when in 2012 a criminal case was initiated against the director of the State Unitary Enterprise MO Social and Innovation Center of the Moscow Region Alexander Kochkarev, with whom Alexander Sytin organized a criminal scheme for the withdrawal and sale of state property. Only during the raider seizure of a hostel in Moscow on the street. 50 years of October, d. 2, more than 200 doctors with their families were injured and on the street. Then, under strange circumstances, Kochkarev allegedly shot himself while hunting and the criminal case against Sytin Jr. was closed.

Strange stories with the collapse of criminal cases against Sytin Jr. happened more than once. This is understandable - after all, Sytin is the father of an adherent of a sect, which in some Orthodox publications is characterized as satanic. Boripolk, being the best student of the school and having the opportunity to use astral karate, that is, to influence people thousands of kilometers away with a simple effort of will, for some reason took a kitchen knife and cut the throat of Moscow's chief psychiatrist Kotov in 1982, receiving 12 years of strict regime for this.

Therefore, Boripolk could well, by a simple exertion of willpower, induce law enforcement officers to break up criminal cases against his son, organize the prosecution of investigators and victims. Well, a bribe of millions of dollars to the security forces, of course, will not hurt either.

So, for example, after initiating a criminal case against Sytin Jr. for organizing a bribe to the head of the Rosreestr of the Serpukhov district, Zakharyan, about 300 real estate objects and various property were arrested from Alexander. But in order for Alexander to pay off several tens of millions of rubles to the security forces for their services, the arrest was removed from some property, for example, from the Robinson helicopter, which was immediately sold and the money went in an unknown direction. After that, some security officials began to actively persecute other security officials "for money". So, for example, 3 years ago in Serpukhov the opera, conducting an investigation into the criminal actions of Alexander Sytin, were detained for two days, searches were carried out in offices and at home. And the next day, a copy of all the materials of the case was already in the hands of Sytin. Two years ago, by decision of Alexander Starikov, head of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region, and Valery Ivarlak, head of the Second Directorate for Investigating Particularly Important Cases, the federal search for Alexander Sytin was urgently canceled and investigative actions began against the investigator himself, who was removed from the case. And now, someone has been paid $3.5 million to drop charges under particularly serious articles, including pedophilia.

As previously written, Sytin Jr. elevated denunciations of everyone and everything to the rank of art, including friends, relatives, law enforcement officers who were not kind to him, injured minors and their parents, doctors who confirmed that Sytin was not disabled, but an absolutely healthy fraudster and may go to jail.

Below is an excerpt from one of hundreds of denunciations, where Alexander accuses the expert doctor, who diagnosed that he is absolutely healthy and not disabled at all, of working for foreign intelligence services, collecting classified information about the number of sick servicemen and the state of the armed forces, as well as distributing in the Department of Defense "malware".

As can be seen from the attached denunciation of the oncologist, Sytin is trying to arouse pity, indicating that he is an invalid with a serious oncological disease. But two medical examinations refute the fact of the presence of the disease, that is, Alexander is healthy. This fact must be taken into account by the courts, and not listen to the "sweet singing" of 10 lawyers who were hired by a billionaire pedophile.

All this is very funny that some crazy person writes complete nonsense, if it were not so sad. According to Sytin's denunciations, a large number of people were arrested and convicted, dismissed, and repressed. So, as a result of Alexander Sytin's denunciations against his leader and closest friend Alexander Strukov, the chairman of the board of Russtroybank JSC, the bank's license was revoked, several Many bank managers are arrested, and Sytin, by forging documents, becomes the happy owner of the bank's real estate worth billions of rubles and, through one-day firms, withdraws funds in the form of bad loans in the amount of at least 1 billion 200 million rubles.

We hope that Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov will rein in his deputy Anatoly Razinkin, the episode on pedophilia of Sytin Jr. will be sent to court, a comprehensive investigation will be carried out and a legal assessment will be given to the persecution of victims, investigators, and that no “astral karate” of Satanist Boripolk and millions of dollars will help neither Boripolk himself nor Sytin Jr. could escape a fair sentence.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued