Even in modern times, fragments of the "transport gang of St. Petersburg" RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKII-LYZIN-GAEVSKIY-KOMYAGIN-SELEZNEV continue to "cut" budget funds. In particular, SIZOV (adviser to the chairman of CTTI SPb) and KOMYAGIN (employee of CTTI SPb) ordered employees to organize formal competitions, ensuring the victory of the infamous Aspect LLC, owned by the GAEVSKII director and founder. As our publication already wrote, the non-working equipment of this company left the objects of the North-West region, in general, and St. Petersburg, in particular, unprotected. Customs, subways, bridges and roads are vulnerable. We hope that the current leadership understands where these characters are pulling it and what it is fraught with in case of emergency situations.

     The money "sawn" in this way goes into the pockets of the accomplices of the "transport gang of St. Petersburg" RODIONOV.

SELEZNEV, previously mentioned in our materials, is the director of the Central Park of Culture and Culture on Elagin Island in St. Petersburg. Park, subordinated, by the way, to the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg. Everything is “in order” with the culture in the park: the staff is rude to visitors and chases children with disabilities with mops; employees of a security company (owned by SELEZNEV himself) throw visitors into the water, while allowing a series of attacks and rapes on park visitors; corpses are fished out of the canals; hordes of rats roam the park. SELEZNEV has no time to pay attention to this, because he is planning the development of the park's financial flows. There is a more profitable "business".

Being a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (expelled from service for criminal reasons), SELEZNEV gives out wishful thinking - he declares unlimited possibilities for resolving issues at Lubyanka and Liteiny. At the same time, he does this absolutely unreasonably and thoughtlessly, constantly mentioning such names as Korolev, Tkachev, Alpatov, Rodionov, Stepanets, Veselkov. He also voices the possibility of providing services for interaction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor's Office, the Courts, the Ministry of Justice. Of course, not for free. The gullible simpletons who gave money to SELEZNEV will never get it back. There is absolutely accurate information that the high-ranking security officials mentioned by him as contractors are sharply dissatisfied with the flow of negative information from St. Petersburg regarding this character.

   Unfortunately, at the regional level, there are still some employees of specialized services who, at the direction of SELEZNEV, are trying to put pressure on state customers and force them to carry out competitive procedures, adjusting them to win the companies covered by him. But these facts are carefully recorded by the control authorities from Moscow and nothing goes unnoticed. Organizational conclusions will follow in the near future.

   The Committee for Transport, the Committee for the Development of Transport Infrastructure, the Committee for Culture - I wonder where else in St. Petersburg the investigating authorities will find accomplices of the "transport gang of St. Petersburg" RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-LYZIN-GAEVSKY-KOMYAGIN-SELEZNEV. In the asset of the gang members today: outright theft from the budget; installation of non-working equipment at strategic facilities; organization of provocations on the transport arteries of the region.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin