Witness in the case of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik is fighting fiercely with his wife Dzhako Guzal Mustafakulova and a fugitive businessman Yuri Glotser. And this is such a war, when all means are good. But many people "died" in this war. According to the telegram channel of the VChK-OGPU, in a statement about the threats addressed to him, Skrypnik attached a photo that allegedly had been sent to him by the menacing. On it, the main killer Dzhako Ruslan Yurtov with his cellmates in jail-4 (Bear).

One of Yurtov’s most notorious crimes is the shooting in the Khutorok restaurant in Moscow of the Deputy General Director of the Financial Leasing Company Andrei Burlakov and the banker Anna Etkina. In the last publication, we cited the testimony of the “right hand” of Dzhako Arthur Dzhioev (Son), who made a deal with the investigation and received 17 years of strict regime. He was one of the organizers of the execution at the Khutorka. In a new publication, cites testimony of the performer Yurtov.

“The testimony of the accused Yurtov R.V.

Around September 2011, he and Bagaev R.A., Zasseyev I.I., Kudziev T.M. (Temo) and G. G. Slonov lived in a house in the village. Summer vacation in the Moscow region, where they were detained. Yashkin E.I. came to their house, who said that he needed to meet with A. Dzhioev. They drove on the Leningradskoye Shosse to the area of​​the CSKA stadium, where in one of the cafes it burned down, he met with A. Dzhioev. He said that Gagiev A.M. said that he (Yurtov R.V.) must shoot his former companion in Moscow. Dzhioev A.B. said that he needed to go with Yashkin E.I. into the house, take a weapon and go to G.Z. Dzugutov, who will show him the man who needs to be killed. Zasseyev I.I. He suggested that he use a 7.65 mm caliber submachine gun with a silencer, while he (Yurtov R.V.) did not inform I. Zasseyev that this weapon was necessary for the murder of A. A. Burlakov. He put the Scorpion software in a bag from under his laptop. As far as he knew, G.Z. Dzugutov, who lived nearby the Khutorok restaurant, was following the Bul. Over the next week, Y. Yashkin took him several times out of the apartment, they drove with him to the area of ​​the Khutorok restaurant and sat in the car, in case Bul appeared in the Khutorok restaurant. Around the middle of September 2011 at 19-20 hours they were with Yashkin E.I. in a gray Honda Accord car with fake government signs, we drove up to the Khutorok restaurant, stopped about 60 meters from it so that the CCTV cameras would not be fixed. The fact that Burlakov A.A. is in a restaurant, they were told either Dzugutov GZ, or Dzhioev A.B. He (Yurtov R.V.) took a bag with a Scorpion submachine gun and went to a restaurant. The restaurant's hall is somewhere about 7 m by 20 m in size. To the left of the entrance is a toilet. On the left and right sides of the entrance were tables. At the end of the wall, on the right side there is an entrance to the adjacent hall, next to the wall located opposite the entrance, there is an entrance to the office premises. He went into the hall and went through to the end. At the second or third table, on the right, facing him, closer to the wall, was a “Bul”, next to it was his common-law wife, and next to her was an unknown man. Opposite them and with their backs to him, 2 more men were sitting. There were few people in the hall. He didn’t shoot at “Bula”; he left the restaurant. Yashkin E.I. He said that he didn’t shoot, because the “Bul” in the restaurant was guarded by 3 people. On the same evening in one of the cafes in Moscow, he met with G.Z. Dzugutov. and Dzhioevym A.B. The conversation was attended by Yashkin E.I. Dzugutov G.Z. and Dzhioev A.B. were very unhappy that he had not killed Bul, they said that they had waited so long for him to arrive. They asked why he didn’t shoot, his response from the guard did not convince them, they made complaints to him, and also why he didn’t shoot on the street. Since initially according to plan, he had to shoot “Bula at the exit from the restaurant. He stood his ground. He (Yurtov R.V.), in turn, hoped that the “Bul” would leave and he would not need to kill them. Dzhioev A.B. said that it was necessary to kill not only Bul, but also his wife. He also said that he did not spare the bullets, as if the “Bul” was his worst enemy. He (Yurtov R.V.) asked to show AA Burlakov in order to know him by sight. About the next day they are with Yashkin E.I. We went to Moscow, where in the area of ​​the CSKA stadium, next to one of the cafes, whose name does not remember, we met with Dzugutov G.Z. Then they in a four-wheel drive Honda Accord in gray, drove up to the Khutorok restaurant, which is located on Leningradskoye Shosse. They stood in their car in the parking lot in front of the Khutorok restaurant entrance. After some time, a Maybach or Bentley black car drove up to the Khutorok restaurant.

Burlakov A.A. came out of the restaurant - a man of Slavic appearance, about 45 years old, about 180 cm tall, full build, with stomach, blond hair, round face, straight nose, normal, eye color not seen, lips, eyebrows, medium ears. With him was Etkina A.N. - a woman of Slavic appearance, about 35 years old, average height 160-165 cm, slim physique, dark hair, shoulders, oval face, facial features of normal sizes, are proportional. Dzugutov G.Z. nicknamed "Zhokh" pointed him to this man and said that this is a man nicknamed "Bul" and he must be killed. A woman with him is his common-law wife, according to her fate from G.Z. Dzugutov no indication has been received. After that, Yashkin E.I. He took him to his wife, who lived on Profsoyuznaya Street. They left him in the apartment so that when a man nicknamed “Bul” appears again in the Khutorok restaurant, he was nearby. Submachine gun remained with Yashkina E.I. in the car. After about 8-9 days, that is, at the end of September 2011, either GZ Dzugutov or AB Dzhioev called him, I don’t remember exactly, they said that the Bula car was next to the restaurant, they warned that he again did not succeed as last time. That is, he was warned to commit a murder. At about 5 p.m. Yashkin E.I. brought him to the restaurant again. in a Honda Accord car of gray color with fake numbers, and he was told to shoot when the Bul left the restaurant. They became almost in the same place as last time, about 60 m from the restaurant. The Bula car was parked. As soon as Yashkin E.I. stopped the car, he (Yurtov R.V.) immediately got out. The Scorpion submachine gun was still in the gray laptop bag in the car of EI Yashkin, he took it with him. Yashkin E. also told him that they ordered to shoot at the exit. But he said that because of nerves he could no longer wait. At that moment he was wearing blue jeans and a black windbreaker, made of balon fabric, a sports cut, and an elastic band on the bottom, he didn’t remember if he had a hood. Black sneakers were on his feet. He had a black baseball cap on his head. The length of hair on the head was above average. On his face was a beard of a month ago, quite thick. He went into the hall, it was light, he walked 2/3 of the length of the hall, when he walked, he saw that at the first or second table (he does not remember exactly) the table was facing him on the left, closer to the left wall, there was a “Bul” in front of the window, opposite him, also above the wall, his common-law wife was sitting with his back to him, an unknown guy was sitting next to her. Making sure that the “Bul” was in place, he ordered a waitress for tea, showed a table for which he would sit down, behind the “Bul”, then asked where the toilet was and went into it. There he put on light-colored fabric construction gloves, which he took from the house along with a submachine gun, removed a submachine gun from the fuse, the cartridge in the chamber was already from the very beginning. He put the submachine gun back in his bag. He left the toilet, walked about 2/3 of the length of the hall again, pulled out a submachine gun from a bag that hung diagonally on his right over his shoulder, turned left towards the “Bul” and from about 4 m, from his arms, as if not aiming, just pointing the barrel towards the "Bul" fired the first shot. Then he went to him and shot, holding a submachine gun in two hands, in single shots. Having reached the table at which “Bul”, his wife and man were sitting, he fired his last shot from a distance to “Bul” and his wife about 1.5 m, as if with a left turn to exit the hall. At the same time, he didn’t aim specifically at the Bula’s wife, but hit her where he doesn’t know, but from the last shot she immediately fell to the floor. In total, he fired at least 6-7 single shots. He immediately went to the exit, put a submachine gun in his bag along the way, leaving the restaurant, took off his gloves and put them in his bag. Then he went in the direction of the Leningradskoye Shosse, reaching him, on the pedestrian tunnel under the Leningradskoye Shosse, he crossed to the other side, going towards the region. There he caught a ride, a VAZ 2109 or VAZ 21099 car, a Caucasian man was driving, drove at least 2 km, got out of the car. I changed my car, caught a white VAZ 2106 or VAZ 2107, a man of Caucasian appearance was driving, drove at least 3 km. Again he changed the car near the shopping center, got into a blue VAZ 2109 car, a guy of Slavic appearance was driving, they drove off the Leningradskoye Highway with him, drove through the streets, to the place that had been agreed upon with Yashkin E.I. To change cars at least 3 times, when he leaves the place of the murder, he was ordered by Dzhioev A.B. The weapon was with him. He had to wait for Yashkina E.I. about 30 minutes, he arrived in the same Honda Accord car of gray color, already with authentic state registration marks. He took him to a house located in the village. Summer rest.

Upon arrival, he was someone: Bagaev R.A., Zassev I.I. or Kudziev T.M. gave away a submachine gun with a bag. The further fate of the weapon is not known to him, but believes that it was sawn and thrown away. Then he found out from TV shows that he had killed a businessman named Burlakov and wounded his common-law wife. He also became aware that at the time of the murder, the correspondent of the First Channel agreed on an interview with the victims, and he was an unknown man. He immediately decided that he wouldn’t kill, so he didn’t fire aimed shots at her, but he got by accident. I didn’t shoot the correspondent, it categorically declares it. ”

To be continued

Arseny Dronov