There are a lot of gaps in the materials of the case of the leader of the killer gang, Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi). From the volumes of the investigation, they directly cut out references to his connections with the special services about the behind-the-scenes of many crimes. and the VChK-OGPU telegram channel will fill these gaps. Thus, Konstantin Piskarev owned the Shchit and Sword restaurant, located directly opposite the FSB Directorate for Moscow and the region. It was in this restaurant that evenings, banquets, birthdays, etc. were held. Chekists of the Moscow region and not only. Many officials and businessmen knew Piskarev himself as an employee of the FSB.

Piskarev's senior friend and partner was Mikhail Ruzin (owner of Krylovsky bank and Capital Holding), who was closely associated with the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region. In fact, he represented the interests of individual characters from this department in various projects. For example, Ruzin, who is listed in the databases of the RUOP of Moscow as an active member of the Solntsevo organized criminal group and a “close relationship” of one of the “authorities” of this organized criminal group, Alexei Molchanov, was the owner of Sergiev Posad.

Local officials and security officials danced to his tune. His "right hand" was Pisakrev. They got whatever they wanted. When the question arose about the allocation of a couple of regular plots of land for building, the head of the urban settlement Goncharov directly told his subordinates (this is in the case file): "these are not the people who can be refused." Mayor Maslov was at all their protege and business partner. And then Yevgeny Dushko appeared, who first dismissed Maslov, and after becoming mayor himself began to refuse Piskarev and Ruzin. In particular, he refused permission to build on those very plots of land. This couple threatened Dushko, pressed on him, but it was useless. Then Kostya Bolshoi came and shot Dushko. Piskarev is sitting, but Ruzin is not. Why? And this man is completely untouchable. He has long established close relations with representatives of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region. Moreover, his partners in dark deeds die one after another. Ruzin did business with the banker Oleg Zhukovsky. In December 2007, the banker's body was found on the territory of his cottage in the elite village of Lesnaya edge of the Odintsovo district. The housekeeper noticed Zhukovsky's corpse at the bottom of the pool, tied up and dressed in a tracksuit. Law enforcement officials ruled his death as an unusual suicide.

In 2009, the RF IC took up the story of embezzlement of budgetary funds in the Pushkin region, to which Ruzin was involved, and his partner in the theft of 554 million rubles perished. Ruzin's friend allegedly took his own life.

At one time, the deputy chairman of the MOO FSO "Dynamo" Alexander Rusanov attracted his friend Ruzin to the project for the reconstruction of the shooting club of the same name. It was planned to build residential houses on its territory. However, as a result of a series of sham deals using shell firms, the shooting club went bankrupt. The Dynamo lands began to be sold cheaply to the firms controlled by Ruzin. Rusanov realized that behind his back, a friend had carried out a grandiose scam. Rusanov began litigation. Shortly thereafter, the body of the deputy chairman of the MOO FSO "Dynamo" was found in the courtyard of his house. According to the official version, he threw himself out of the window of his apartment.

In this publication, returns to the topic of the murder of Marat Gazizov, director of the Scientific Center for Legal Information under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (NTSPI). He was personally shot by Kostya Bolshoi. The case file only mentions that Gazizov, on certain topics, communicated directly to the employees of the M Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation. And in the Ministry of Justice, all the state structures associated with him, Gazizov's orders were perceived as "orders of the leadership of the Ministry of Justice." However, why this was left out of the brackets of the case. Our sources have made it clear what's what. Marat Gazizov was a good friend of Yuri Chaika, who at the time of the events headed the Ministry of Justice. And the Scientific Center for Legal Information under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (NTSLI), headed by him, was a structure de facto controlled by the young Artyom Chaykes, the son of Yuri Chaika. And everyone knew Marat Gazizov as a person of the Chaika family. However, the family, having entered the business of selling the confiscated property, did not expect that they would find themselves in the very midst of the "90s".

Артем Чайка

The business was as follows. The property was valued at an underestimated value. It was sold at market value and the appraisal was necessarily paid to the budget. And the "top" was divided between the bailiffs, the RFBR and the company accredited with RFBR. In the jargon, such a pilezh was called "Mercedes" (as in 3 parts, like a Mercedes sign). Under Yuri Chaika, bailiffs (subordinate to the Ministry of Justice) began to take half, 25% went to the RFBR, and another 25% to an accredited company. Such a cut began to be called BMW.

When it became clear that the apartments of the head of Golden ADA Andrei Kozlenok (seven gigantic, exclusive apartments in the center of Moscow) would be put up for sale, a struggle began among the companies involved in the sale. However, the crayons and average players instantly went off topic. They were told that the main contenders are the "Chaika structure" (NTSPI) and the "solcevskih with the Chekists "(GKS). Trying to "butt" with one of them is suicide. Most of the market participants relied on the Chaika family.

When Chaika Gazizov's man was killed, everyone simply “opened their mouths” and waited for the development of events. But they did not happen. According to a source, the Chaek family felt that you couldn't earn all the money, but only one life. And they simply refused to earn money by selling the confiscated property. And they did the right thing. After that, many more players were killed, including officials. As for the murder of Gazizov, although everyone knew who was behind the crime, it remained unsolved for a very long time. And then at one point Kostya More ceased to be comfortable and necessary and was "closed".

As for the events that led to the murder of Gazizov, they developed as follows.

Константин Пискарев

In 2004, GKS (Piskarev and Co) and perepala real "gold mine" - the seized property of the founder of the company Golden ADA Andrey Kozlenok. The latter was a participant in a mega-scam. With the permission of the head of Roskomdragmet Yevgeny Bychkov, the company Golden ADA was created in the United States, to which valuables from Goharn were transferred for 180 million dollars (gold coins, old silverware, jewelry with precious stones). Officially, the cost of the cargo was estimated at $ 180 million, but the operatives suspected that their real price exceeded $ 1 billion. The valuables were sold, but the money never arrived in Russia. All officials were taken out of the criminal case, and the court sentenced Kozlenok to six and a half years in prison.

In addition, the servants of Themis satisfied the claim to recover 54 million rubles from Andrei Kozlenok. As a result of this claim, seven elite apartments in Moscow that belonged to Kozlenok were seized. Kostya Bolshoi and a member of his organized crime group Sergey Bezrukov agreed that the property would go through the Global Computer Service (GKS). But then the director of the Scientific Center for Legal Information under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (NTSPI) Marat Gazizov intervened. He began to demand that the property go through the NCPI. During the meeting, he shared information about the machinations with an employee of the "M" Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation, who supervised the Ministry of Justice. After that, Piskarev decided to deal with him. He dressed in tattered black clothes. Pretended to be a vagabond and lay down at the entrance of Gazizov. When a service car arrived for that, Kostya Bolshoi shot him with a pistol.

After the murder of Gazizov, the GKS was re-registered the drinker Aleksey Poshkus, the apartments were sold for $ 4.7 million. Of these, 300 thousand went to the intermediary, 600 thousand were appropriated by Bezrukov, and the rest went to Kostya Bolshoi. The budget received only 24 thousand rubles. acquaints readers with previously unpublished testimonies of the accused and witnesses in the Kostya Bolshoi case.

The testimony of the witness LV Belenko, according to which on the day of the murder of MF Gazizov, 20.05.2004, the witness was engaged in street trading near the station of the Moscow metro “Prospekt Miraradialnaya”. At about 9 hours 15 minutes 9 hours 30 minutes Belenko went to the garbage containers located in the courtyard of house 49 on Mira Avenue. There Belenko saw a man standing next to a Volga car. Suddenly another man in dark clothes with a hood on his head and a mask on his face ran up to this man from the side. This man shot three times at a man standing next to the Volga, who fell on the asphalt after the shots. The man who was shooting ran away about 3 meters, then came back and fired one more time, after which he ran between the houses towards the street. Gilyarovsky.

Testimony of the witness P.V. Zonov, that on 20.05.2004, at about 10 o'clock, he smoked together with Guzikov Sergei and Kostrovy Sergei near the entrance to the store "Chip and Deep". At that time, they heard first one shot, and then at least three more shots from the side of houses on Prospekt Mira. After 20-30 seconds, a tall man of massive build, dressed in a black jacket, ran out from the side of the courtyards from where the shots were fired. His face was hidden. Another man ran after him. The fleeing man ran to the roadway on the street. Gilyarovsky and got into a VAZ 2109 car, which started abruptly and drove towards the Moscow region. The man who was pursuing him approached the witness and, when asked what had happened, said that they had “flunked the chief”.

The testimony of the witness Y. Bulgakov, according to which in 2003 the Moscow Finance Department received a letter from the Moscow City Court or the Ministry of Internal Affairs that there is confiscated property in the form of seven apartments, subject to turning into state revenue. Bulgakov sent a request to the Moscow City Court for a copy of the verdict, after which the deputy head of the RFBR contacted him, who introduced him to S.A. Bezrukov and said that he would deal with the sale of these apartments. In the course of communication, S.A. Bezrukov. presented to Bulgakov the charter of Global Computer Service LLC and accreditation with the RFBR. S.A. Bezrukov He introduced Bulgakov to a tall man, whom he introduced as an FSB officer who will assist in the sale of the apartment. Bulgakov and this dinner also met at the Shield and Sword restaurant, and the sale of apartments was discussed at the meeting. In May 2004, the bailiff Keldyushev or S.A. Bezrukov. brought him to sign the act on the transfer of property for safekeeping from Gogia to the Department of Finance. Bulgakov signed this act and put the seal of the Department of Finance on it, after which he gave the act to probably S.A. Bezrukov.

Testimony of D.A. Zemtsov as a suspect, according to which, according to K.Yu. he knows that on May 20, 2004, on Prospekt Mira, they killed "some Tatar" who was interfering with SA Bezrukov. in the field of activity of LLC "Global Computer Service" on the sale of seized and confiscated property. Piskarev said that he himself shot the man, Saryan brought him to the place of the murder, and Aleksandrov was "on the safe side." Zemtsov also explained that the activities of the "Global Computer Service" were first carried out by SA Bezrukov. and Fedoseev, who had their own man in the service of bailiffs (deputy chief bailiff of the city of Moscow, Konstantin Plekhov).

To be continued

Arseny Dronov