The person the St. Petersburg UFSB is hunting for the most is the Shaman. From him (in the status of the accused) they want to get evidence against the employee of the UEBiPK St. Petersburg Igor Leonenko - the son of the deputy chairman of the TFR Elena Leonenko, as well as testimony against the chairman of the Kolpinsky District Court of St. Petersburg Nikulin and a large group of other persons. Department M of the FSB claims that Shaman gave them bribes. The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU has published a short interview for the readers of our channel:

“I really knew a lot of people from different sectors, but only professionally.

Regarding the story of the criminal case, this is nothing more than the banal revenge of the employees of department M for the fact that I not only refused to participate in their provocations (the last sentence was 11/02/21 - "merge" the chairman of the Kolpinsky District Court of St. Petersburg Nikulin D.G. .), but also reacted rather harshly to the last such proposal, rolling out a statement to the military investigator Yevplov, who got scared and did not conduct an audit. Why not on the way with M is trite because of their use of torture and constant illegal activities, and the profile is not mine. Although I am not familiar with any of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs listed in your publication, they really asked me to slander them and I chose from two evils - none and did not interfere in other people's disassemblies, sending M-ku to 3 known letters.

Елена Леоненко

I will explain my position and why neither the cops nor the Cheka are my friends. I read what Elena Leonenko does and what she proposes for laws, I see the behavior of all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, judges, whom M. asked to slander. So I came to the conclusion that all of them are the last cowards and are not even ready to fight for themselves! Banal panties.


For example, Leonenko, a person writes to him that he does not know him, but he is asked to slander him, and he reacts with a grin "thanks, but these are not our problems" and "you hang on there." The others on the list are exactly the same! Because such cowards - it’s not a pity if they are transplanted by M FSB, I will only rejoice, a coward is not a man! But I was not going to participate in this and I am not going to ....


Well, if they come to me with a sword, then they will leave on a shield .. M-ka Chesnokov's wallet is sitting.

At the disposal of was Shaman's statement to law enforcement agencies, which was never given a go.

Дмитрий Никулин

“In essence and in addition to my statement, I can explain the following. On 11/02/2021, my former employee at SII LLC, Alexander Vyacheslavovich Ivanov, presumably under the leadership of employees of the M department of the FSB for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Sergey Zhuchik and Anton Voronkov, attempted to provoke a bribe to the chairman of the Kolpinsky District Court of St. Petersburg Nikulin Dmitry Gennadievich.

Ivanov Alexander Vyacheslavovich, recently released from prison (was serving a sentence in PKU IK - 5 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region under Part 30 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), allegedly acting on the instructions of the above employees "M", contacted me via messenger

“Votsap”, using the phone number of the messenger ... .., with a request to assist in “solving issues” in the Kolpinsky District Court, namely, to find a “way out” to the Chairman of the Kolpinsky District Court - Nikulin D.G. I attached a photo of the correspondence earlier in the application.

To this request (about pressure on the judge, giving him a bribe and other illegal actions), I answered with a decisive refusal.

According to my information, at present Ivanov A.V. is completely under the control of the employees of “M”, he is ready to commit any provocations, as he is intimidated by the possibility of toughening the punishment against him by the investigative and judicial authorities according to the punishment previously assigned to him.

The need for a provocation against me and the chairman of the Kolpinsky District Court is due to the following circumstances:

• provocative actions are a means of neutralizing me through the fabrication of criminal case materials under Article 290-291.1 (bribe or mediation in a bribe) or Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud);

• the main goal is to remove me from the legal field, since since 2019 I have been taking an active role in uncovering the theft of 5.5 billion rubles aimed at executing a defense order during the construction of especially significant strategic facilities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Russia and at the facilities of the RF Ministry of Defense in Kazakhstan. The case of Chesnokov A.G. is in the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the moment Chesnokov has been detained.


The theft was carried out by officials of the Joint-Stock Company "EMK-Engineering Company" OGRN 1027700155625 - Chesnokov Andrey Gennadievich, Shtykov Sergey Stanislavovich, Shtykov Evgeny Stanislavovich and other defendants. Some of the information about the participation of these and other persons in the theft from the Ministry of Defense was previously provided to the investigation and to one of the initiators of the criminal prosecution of Chesnokov's OPS - lawyer Sergey Anatolyevich Musatov (reg. No. 77/8431 in the register of lawyers in Moscow) - it was me. At the moment, together with Musatov S.A. we have identified a high degree of probability of participation in for employees of the department M of the FSB.

According to our information, earlier Chesnokov A.G., presumably on a commercial basis, obtained the protection of his criminal activities from unidentified employees of the M Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation and the M Department of the FSB for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, together with whom he organized a scheme to protect his companies from any inspections , by provoking giving bribes or fabricating criminal cases against law enforcement officers, which resulted in the destruction of inspection materials or materials of criminal cases against the companies of Chesnokov A.G. and his "nominal directors" Shtykov Evgeny Stanislavovich (CJSC UK

"OPEK") and Shtykov Sergey Stanislavovich (JSC "EMK engineering").

Officers of the police and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation revealed the facts of the theft of funds by Chesnokov A.G., Shtykov S.S., Shtykov E.S. after which Shtykov S.S. and Shtykov E.S. personally or through controlled persons, together with employees of the department M of the FSB (and in St. Petersburg together with the department M of the FSB)


a combination was carried out, during which a “third person” appeared, confirming the fact of extortion of bribes (which in fact was not) for the termination of inspections by officials. In total, material was initiated under Article 290 or Article 159, after which, at a minimum, employees of Department M of the FSB seized and destroyed the materials of inspections in relation to the companies of Chesnokov and the Shtykov brothers, and at the maximum they arrested officials from among the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. During 2018-2019, this group carried out 3 similar events, and each time applications were received by department M or department M of the FSB.

However, in 2020, Chesnokov A.G., including on the basis of the information provided by me, was arrested on the fact of embezzlement of 500 million rubles. the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is currently preparing to present it with the remaining episodes of theft with a total amount of 5.5 billion rubles.


I, taking an active legal position on the fact of bringing to responsibility Chesnokov A.G., Shtykov S.S., Shtykov E.S. and other persons, revealing the criminal scheme of provocations of employees of Department M, I prevent the concealment of evidence on the fact of the above crimes, I draw the attention of law enforcement agencies to those committed by Chesnokov A.G., Shtykov E.S. and Shtykov S.S. crimes, thereby greatly hindering the above-mentioned criminals and their accomplices from the department "M" in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

To eliminate Shaman A.V. and a provocation scheme was implemented with the participation of Ivanov A.V., previously involved in the combination of Chesnokov, Shtykov and department “M” for the destruction of inspection materials against CJSC UK “OPEK”, which took place at the end of 2019 (Appendix No. 1).

Employees of the department "M", knowing that Ivanov A.V. the term of punishment expires - 2 years 6 months of general regime, including the term of house arrest, and the latter is serving a sentence in FKU IK - 5 UFSIN in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region

"Metallostroy", organized a criminal method of pressure on Ivanov A.V. for the purpose of further participation of Ivanov A.V. in criminal provocative schemes. Repeatedly visiting IK-5 of the UFSIN in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, operational officers Zhuchik and Korotchenkov achieved complete subordination of Ivanov A.V. Taking into account the information leaked to the media about the methods of working with the contingent of correctional colonies covered by the M FSB department, Ivanov A.V. further confirmed.

Presumably, with the help of employees of the prosecutor's office, controlled and also supervised by the “M” department, 2 years after the entry of the verdict against Ivanov A.V. force, was organized review of the sentence Ivanova A.The. on newly discovered circumstances in the St. Petersburg City Court. The fact that the decision to cancel the verdict passed only from the 5th time testifies to the “pushing through”. On August 31, 2021, by the decision of the St. Petersburg City Court, the sentence to Ivanov A.V. canceled and the case remanded for retrial. Presumably, before Ivanov A.V. they made a choice - either they toughen the punishment for him or he begins to cooperate with the "M" department and participate in provocations. Ivanov A.V. agrees to work with the "M" department.

Knowing about the good relations between Ivanov A.V. and me, the employees of the department "M" give the command to Ivanov A.V. make me an offer to transfer a bribe to the chairman of the Kolpinsky district court - Nikulin D.G.

As I assume, Nikulin D.G. was chosen by Ivanov A.V. It is no coincidence, since the Kolpinsky Court deals with the issues of Parole of persons held in IK-5 "Metallostroy" St. Petersburg.

For an objective picture of the bribe, at least 3 persons were needed - the bribe giver (Ivanov himself), the intermediary in my person and the recipient (Judge Nikulin D.G.). According to the combination with the provocation of the crime, I was supposed to be arrested at any meeting with Ivanov, the money, as I understand it, was supposed to be thrown in. Since I was not connected with Judge D.G. Nikulin, it was decided to use my detention and arrest to put pressure on Judge D.G. Nikulin. with the aim of "recruiting" Nikulin D.G. In exactly the same way as other combinations of the department M of the UFSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region were previously produced.

Furthermore, since my actions were supposed to be qualified in the future under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, in connection with which we can say with certainty that I would have been arrested and would have ceased to prevent Chesnokov A.G. from stealing money. and Shtykov E.S.

In addition, in this way, the employees of the “M” department tried to take revenge on me for refusing to give false evidence against the employees of the UEBiPK of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of St. Petersburg Igor Leonenko (who is the son of the deputy chairman of the TFR Elena Leonenko), Soshnev, Mikhailov, who conducted an audit of CJSC earlier in 2019 " UK OPEC.

I am ready to confirm the described circumstances in court, I am familiar with Article 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. I am familiar with Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

The explanation was typed by hand on February 02, 2022. Shaman Alexander Vitalievich

Timofey Grishin

To be continued