The notorious Metrostroy in St. Petersburg is driving the region's transport organized crime groups into the next "fornicators". There is no other way to put it.

In the video, the transport vice-governor Maxim Sokolov, accompanied by Vitaly Rodionov, who is expelled by the central FSB office for corruption, and is acting without shoulder straps, seize the Metrostroy office. Dashing 90s? Raider zeroes? No, this is today's St. Petersburg. The leader of the St. Petersburg transport group, RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV, is trying not to stop at what has been achieved and to master = appropriate budget funds allocated for the construction of the St. Petersburg metro.

Виталий Родионов

JSC "Metrostroy" is a Russian construction company, which is the main contractor, one might say a monopoly in the construction of lines of the St. Petersburg metro. In fact, the shares of JSC Metrostroy are now owned by 21% in St. Petersburg, represented by the Committee for Property Relations, however, the representatives of the transport block do not think this is enough.

Delving deeper into the history of this enterprise, it is clear that over the past year and a half it has been completely controlled by Smolny. After the arrest of ex-director of JSC Metrostroy Nikolai Aleksandrov (by the way, who is the second largest majority shareholder after State Unitary Enterprise Petersburg Metro), only people from Smolny became general directors of JSC Metrostroy. Both S. Kharlashkin and I. Kargin - at one time were the inhabitants of the offices in Smolny. A series of failures N. Alexandrova found in 2018-2019. 2019 was a particularly unfortunate year: inspections and searches, including those initiated by the city, led to arrest and charges of embezzlement and embezzlement. And here it is "in the arena, all the same." M. Sokolov appeared in this "arena" in 2018, and with him his "acting, but without shoulder straps" adviser V.N. Rodionov, and his faithful "friends" - Velesevich and Sizov.

Максим Соколов

Numerous media outlets and news agencies have repeatedly written that Rodionov V.N. is an advisor to a number of officials, or “the gray cardinal in the transport kitchen” - that is how some publications dubbed him. In fact, he is a corrupt official associated with the Tambov organized criminal group. It is enough to enter his full name in the search bar and compromising material will fall from everywhere. But, despite this, Vitaly Nikolayevich, posing as an adviser to the vice-governor, “saws” billions of government orders in the region.

But back to Metrostroy. A serious intention to control this giant of the metro construction industry has led to the fact that to start there "brought" the right CEO. Then a small personnel reshuffle was needed. Again, so that part of the budgetary funds went into the pocket of Rodionov and those associated with him. Suffice it to look at the largest customers of JSC Metrostroy - SPb GKU Directorate of Transport Construction, the Committee for the Development of Transport Infrastructure (Sizov), the Committee for Construction, and the Committee for Transport (Velesevich). Rodionov has connections in each of these departments. A detailed examination of the activities of Metrostroy, one can see that the amounts of contracts are truly enormous. But once the flagship of the metro construction industry was "in debt as in silk." The consequence of this was that at the moment the company is in the stage of bankruptcy. At the same time, the court hearing in the bankruptcy case is scheduled for August 31, 2021, as well as the meeting of the general meeting of shareholders on the issue of deciding the future fate of the enterprise.

Meanwhile, the leader of the St. Petersburg transport group, RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV, has already decided everything: the employees of Metrostroy will be transferred to the newly created Metrostroy of the Northern Capital JSC. For Rodionov & Co., of course, this is very convenient - the new company is under the complete control of the city government, where Rodionov feels very calm. Apparently, M. Sokolov does not make decisions without his faithful Counselor.

And "Metrostroy" is generally about especially large sizes, especially in recent years: large contracts, large underpayment of taxes to the budget. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was so interested in the "gray eminence". This is evidenced not only by the construction of the subway, but also by the most expensive stadium on Krestovsky Island, which, according to the then vice-governor I. Albin, cost about 50 billion rubles (in fact, much higher). By the way, another company affiliated with Rodionov managed to work at the stadium - AO Aspect North-West. It is noteworthy that the searches in Metrostroy were carried out both during and after the construction of the stadium. The source reports that this was aimed not only at "excavating" the machinations around the stadium, but also to reveal the "sins" associated with the main activity, as well as to obtain information about which of the officials is closing these "sins" eyes and gets a good reward for it. This is how the once flagship of one of the most important industries in the region turned out to be in a state that its further existence is in question. The city government, including under the auspices of M. Sokolov, is apparently confident in soon After the liquidation of JSC Metrostroy, a new JSC Metrostroy of the Northern Capital was created, 65% of the shares of which were transferred to the ownership of the city.

This circumstance gives the right to those responsible for the transport sector of the city to take part in the activities of the newly created Society. A new general director has already been presented and the transfer of employees of the old Metrostroy is planned. The most interesting thing is that Rodionov is already full of "bright thoughts" in relation to JSC "Metrostroy of the Northern Capital". To do this, you only need to create the necessary conditions, namely to put the right people in leadership positions.

Meanwhile, in the still existing JSC Metrostroy, an internecine war broke out. On August 2, I. Kargin was removed from office. The documents on dismissal were signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors A. German. By the way, he is also a native of Smolny. This circumstance suggests that Kargin is no longer pleasing to the transport organized criminal group. Knows too much, and in general is not the most "convenient candidate".

The information in Metrostroy itself was not confirmed and even sent objections to Smolny. But who cares if Rodionov has already appointed Alexei Starkov to this place. Thus, already at the beginning of July it was known that the change in the leadership of Metrostroy was carried out on behalf of the transport group of St. Petersburg RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV. This is carried out allegedly “to improve the personnel policy of JSC. Allegedly, Starkov has the necessary competencies in the construction of large infrastructure facilities for transport purposes. And, indeed, he has experience with relatively large transport infrastructure facilities, they have - in large corruption schemes = an ideal team.

Meanwhile, M. Sokolov continues to promote his advisor Rodionov in every possible way. One gets the impression that Vitaly Nikolayevich has left his "mark" everywhere in which state structure or state-owned enterprise not to enter. Among other things, in light of the situation with Metrostroy, M. Sokolov is ready to "donate" his Advisor to A. Starkov's deputies (temporarily, of course). But this is not at all a gesture of goodwill, this is another "multi-move" from deciding the fate of the transport sector in St. Petersburg. The appointment of Rodionov to the position of Deputy General Director of JSC Metrostroy will further result in a personnel reshuffle. Starkov becomes first deputy, and Rodionov becomes general director. Thus, Starkov will be just a bargaining chip and will return to the post that he has ... And all this will be done in order to transfer all the existing contracts to JSC Metrostroy of the Northern Capital as easily as possible, which was created with the aim of a monopolist in the construction of the metro.

Everyone knows the "merits" of the St. Petersburg transport group RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV ... People living in expensive residential complexes, driving around in cars with a cost incommensurate with their declared income, are responsible for the transport block of the region. At the same time, even for a split second, they do not think about the safety of movement of ordinary citizens, among whom there are children. The looted federal billions in the field of road construction are not enough for them, they decided to rob the metro. There are few accidents and accidents provoked by irresponsible performance of work by companies controlled by the transport organized criminal group of St. Petersburg companies on the ground, they decided to arrange a similar thing underground. For such greedy people, of course, human life is worthless. The main thing is to live comfortably and drive in your next expensive car. And then you can, in principle, and to blame for the cordon. So what? Nicely "worked", beautifully lived. Somewhere in Sweden, or in the Philippines ... It’s closer to someone in terms of climate ...

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin