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The former owner of Pavlovskgranit, Sergei Poimanov, was transferred from a Moscow detention center to Voronezh. The trial will be resumed in mid-July, Levoberezhny District Court will consider the case. talks about the fate of this bankrupt businessman. He also names those who can still go to SIZO after Poymanov. Among them is the husband of the famous tennis player Anastasia Myskina.

The Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Voronezh Region accuses Sergei Poimanov of abuse of authority, which caused considerable property damage. Poimanov "shines" up to 10 years of the colony. Moreover, this, judging by everything, will not be the only time for him. Now, according to the decision of the Central Office of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the investigation of fraud per 1 billion rubles was resumed, where Poimanov is the main person involved. A long time spent in prison, according to experts of, will become a logical result of Poimanov's activities, primarily as the head of Pavlovskgranit OJSC. This activity was accompanied by the disappearance of 5 billion rubles received from Sberbank, active work with judges who lost their robes for this, and work with individual law enforcers who may soon remain without shoulder straps.


Porsche, student, hundreds of millions


The most successful years for Poymanov became the middle of the 2000s. Raiderski captured along with his friend Sergei Mamedov OJSC Pavlovskgranit, Poimanov began to lead an unprecedentedly chic way of life. Well, what if the business received at a low price then made a huge profit. Poimanov bought up land in the Odintsovo district, where he built his "locks." He created his own fleet of luxury cars, including his favorite ROSSNE 911 TURVO SOUR, on which he was driving along the roads of the Moscow region. To meet other needs Poimanov in the Voronezh region (the family lived in the suburbs) served the whole model agency "Podium Art." However, this was not enough for Sergei. As a result, he organized a contest in Voronezh "Lady Perfection", which was attended solely by local students. Such was the decision of Poimanov himself, who was certainly present in the hall and personally chose the finalists, with all the ensuing consequences.

But the crisis of 2008 approached and it became clear that Pavlovskgranit OJSC would not bring any previous super-profits. These fears of the visionary Poimanov were fully confirmed later. In 2008, Pavlovskgranit received the usual 247 million rubles profit for it. But after the crisis, only 1 million rubles remained from the profit. However, in 2010, when the crisis was already over, and the economy again went into growth, Pavlovskgranit, on the contrary, collapsed at its peak - bringing a loss of 125 million rubles a year.

Back in 2008, it became obvious that we should tighten our belts. But Poimanov did not want to part with locks, sports cars and hundreds of models. And he found a way out, having received a loan in Sberbank of 5.1 billion rubles. Officially, Poimanov announced that he almost all of these funds was used to buy out a stake in Pavlovskgranit from partner Sergei Mamedov. But, according to experts at, the deal was a fiction. Simply Poimanov took the money from Sberbank and sent it to his "pocket", which is located offshore. Friends "conceptually" agreed: they will officially make it as if Mamedov sold the shares to Poimanov, but in reality everything will remain as it was. The main thing is to find an excuse to "drill" 5.1 billion rubles.


"Authoritative" partner, a famous tennis player and "his" judges


It is clear that the share of this loan went to Mamedov, as well as their unofficial partner Alexander Kharkov, nicknamed Grebets. This influential criminal "authority" for a long time provided a cover in the criminal world for Poimanov's business. By the way, immediately after the allegedly spent on a major deal Sberbank loan, Kharkov and the civil wife of Mamedov, the famous tennis player Anastasia Myskina received a residence permit in Estonia. Then, however, it turned out that they did not receive it, but bought it trivially, for which they were deprived of this "species." But this is a completely different story.

However, Sberbank could not worry much, because it received a pledge of 98% of the shares of Pavlovskgranit.

Already in February 2010, the deputy ceased to serve the loan received in the state bank, but he did not intend to part with the pledged shares. Poimanov began a judicial war with Sberbank. With an asset of 5.1 billion rubles, received from this very bank, Poimanov initially urged the judges in a well-known way to make the necessary decisions to him. Sometimes just absurd. And it soon became very noticeable for the Moscow City Court, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Arbitration Court. As a result, a close friend of Poimanov, the chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Voronezh Region, Viktor Anokhin, was sent to retirement. Even more sad fate was waiting for Judge Presnensky District Court of Moscow Yulia Sadovova, made a completely absurd decision in favor of Poimanov. As a result, her falsification during the consideration of the Poimanov case was the object of interest of the chairman of the Moscow City Court, Olga Yegorova. Sadovova mimicked the holding of preliminary hearings on the lawsuit of a businessman and passed a ruling on the imposition of interim measures, banning the alienation of shares owned by Poimanov. In the presentation, Olga Egorova stated that "in fact, the parties to the case were not summoned to court, there was no preliminary court session, no protocol of the preliminary hearing was drawn up." In her submission to the qualification board, Yegorova wrote that "gross, obvious violations of procedural legislation, as well as negligence in the administration of justice, testify to the lack of professionalism of the judge of the Presnensky District Court of Moscow Sadovaya." "Such actions disgrace the profession of the judge."

At a meeting of the qualification board in January 2012, Sadovova pleaded guilty. Qualifcollegia then imposed on Sadovova only a disciplinary penalty, although she could also deprive her of the status of a judge. Illegal definition of the Presnensky district court was abolished, and on the Sadovaya career in the judiciary a "cross" was placed.

By February 2012, Sberbank turned collection for a controlling stake in the company, and soon the management of OJSC Pavlovskgranit was replaced. Attempts by the deputy to challenge the write-offs of shares and the change of the company's management did not lead to the result. The decisions of the courts that came into force confirmed the legality of the creditor's actions.

After the story with Anokhin and Sadovaya, the judges flinched at the tempting proposals of Poimanov. Then he began to seek help from law enforcement. And I found support in the person of individual employees of the GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

As a result, Poimanov began to fill up the GUS with his appeals, often issued on deputy forms, and law enforcement bodies with unprecedented zeal took to investigate the facts stated in the statements about alleged threats he had received and compel him to sell shares of Pavlovskgranit. At the same time, even the fact that at the time of the "threats" receipt Sergey Poimanov for more than half a year did not take into account the fact that he was not a shareholder of Pavlovskgranit OJSC and did not have the opportunity to influence the activities of the enterprise.

In order to finally understand that the threats and constraints were nothing more than a dramatization, skilfully directed by the deputy himself, the staff of the Moscow Interior Ministry's GUS took more than a year. During the year of the investigation of the case, numerous searches, examinations, seizures and interrogations of persons hated by the deputy were carried out, the latter being required to exert pressure on its creditors. Only on May 8, 2015 the criminal case was dismissed for lack of corpus delicti. Thus, the version of the banal dramatization, undertaken by the deputy himself, was confirmed with the aim of putting pressure on his creditors.

The reason for such an active impulse of the deputy, who forced him to use administrative and corruption resources in the fight against creditors, was the facts of Sergey Poimanov's criminal activity uncovered by the latter. It was on the basis of the facts uncovered by creditors that allegations of crimes committed by a deputy were filed.

In April 2012, the SS of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Voronezh Region initiated criminal proceedings No. 8375524 on the sale of Pavlovskgranit's products at a reduced cost through a chain of companies controlled by the deputy. The amount of damage established within the framework of the investigation of the criminal case exceeded 1 billion rubles. Despite the evidence of the former management of the enterprise, directly pointing to Sergei Poimanov as the organizer of the scheme for withdrawing funds from the enterprise through a chain of controlled companies, the investigation has not yet been charged with a deputy, and the investigation of the criminal case has been repeatedly suspended. Only in May 2015 the investigation was resumed by the central office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, but the person guilty of withdrawing money from the enterprise has not yet been brought to justice.

Source: Rucriminal