The Kuban elites tensed after the story was leaked to the Network with the Deputy Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Krasnodar Territory, Sergei Uraikin, who, in a deranged state, leaving the Royal Arbat club in Moscow, grabbed the phone of one of the visitors and was taken to the police department. According to the telegram channel “Toad and Viper”, after that, Uraykin’s patrons in one of the Kremlin towers tried to clean up the traces of the official’s presence in the Arbatskoye police department. Although it is not entirely clear why this should be done, given the rich biography of the Deputy Minister. So, in 2009, Uraikin was a defendant in the case of beatings, and in 2013 he was accused under the article on causing moderate bodily harm, as evidenced by the database of court decisions. Then, by the way, the case was also hushed up for reconciliation of the parties. What is the reason for such high connections and unsinkability of the regional official? Details at

Uraikin, or as he is called in the circle of Krasnodar officials Seryozha the Vacuum Cleaner, is not just a deputy minister, but an unsinkable official, whom no one seemed to have control over. Uraykin got his nickname for the vacuum cleaner, for his wide nostrils, with which he happily vacuums banned substances every weekend. Serezha is unsinkable for a number of reasons, including because he supplies the highest circles of the Kuban bureaucratic lobby with everything necessary, and is also responsible for escorting VIPs. Uraikin likes to say that he is close to the metropolitan and the governor, or rather the first, as he calls him, and also given carte blanche to resolve minor issues, including organizing the presence of merchants and the right people at events with the first, for small thanks.

According to the source of, Uraykin, who is responsible for youth policy, is a regular visitor to all the most expensive nightclubs in Krasnodar: Architect, La Villa, Bizhu, Magadan, etc. But most of all, Uraikin loves Zhemchug karaoke, where he and his attendants were allowed to drink whatever they wanted right in the institution, have fun with escorts and, at the same time, solve issues not only of youth policy, but also of political career advancement: from the head of a youth organization such as Kubsomol to a parliamentary mandate.

Until recently, Uraikin was forgiven for everything, including the inept use of grants and budget funds, through dummy NGOs and various individual entrepreneurs affiliated with him, who from year to year use funds for the same set of services for catering, animation, video and photography, and others. areas of activity related to the youth policy of the region. Most recently, Uraikin began to have serious problems with the regional prosecutor's office and the OEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who became interested in his financial success, the presence of a personal driver, several real estate objects, foreign cards and cells in reliable banks for dummies.

According to a source, the metropolitan and the governor, as well as VIP guests from Moscow, know almost all the escorts of Krasnodar who are under the tutelage of Uraykin and who sometimes climb the social ladder to specialists and consultants in the ministry supervised by him. For a long time, Uraikin was saved by his friends from Moscow, related ministries and departments who used his services, as well as the well-known ex-mayor of Krasnodar - Evlanov, whose grandson, grandfather Seryozha took under his wing, skillfully manipulates him and has "tons" of compromising evidence on him.

Uryakin is not shy, after leaking the telephone scandal to the Network, to demand the help and patronage of influential Kubans, including those who have held high positions in Moscow, referring to the fact that if his problems are not settled, he will drag a whole string of officials to the bottom, to each of which Uraykin collected incriminating evidence in baths, nightclubs, karaoke and closed recreation centers.

Now Uraykin is in a bad mood not only because of the scandal in the Moscow Club, but rather because of the results of the ORD in terms of his material success, the financial and economic activities of firms affiliated with him, as well as the targeted spending of budget funds and grants controlled by NPOs.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued