In October 2018, in the crash of the AS 350 B3 helicopter in the Kostroma region, one of the most famous employees of the prosecutor's office, Deputy Prosecutor General Sahak Karapetyan, died. Sahak Karapetyan, who was on vacation, went hunting with his comrades. However, in conditions of poor visibility, the helicopter pilot lost control and the car fell to the ground.

As it became known to, the Karapetyan family now lives in London, and it is very rich. The family treasury was formed by Karapetyan himself and his father-in-law, Vladimir Kazaryan. He has the fame of one of the main raiders in the south of Russia with a very powerful law enforcement "roof". Details in our investigation.

Владимир Казарян

According to the source, the leaders of the clan are now Vladimir Pavlovich Ghazaryan and Tigran Sarkisovich Ghazaryan. and members of this family, who, relying on family and "friendly" ties with officials of the prosecutor's office, carry out regular raider seizures. All this noticeably forms a negative public opinion about the government, its leaders, the mechanism of judicial legalization of criminal and corruption transactions.

      The main thing that this group is doing is the rather impudent seizure of large pieces of federal and municipal property, land and industrial assets. So, in their hands were the "Experimental Plant" of the Research Institute of Microtechnics (avenue Kosmonavtov), ​​GPZ-10, the sanatorium "Nadezhda" with a large piece of the adjacent territory and subsequently the sanatorium Rostovsky, the tram and trolleybus depot in the city center. For the history of most of these "miraculous" acquisitions of the Kazaryans, serious questions arose for the leadership of the city of Rostov-on-Don. Mayor Chernyshov MA .. his wife. Stepanova Z.M., however, they were softly extinguished: after all, Vladimir Pavlovich Kazaryan, the general director of ARDT-7 LLC, manages real estate belonging to the Kazaryan family and other dummies, was none other than Saak Albertovich Karapetyan's father-in-law. The co-owners of the company, along with the Kazaryans, are still the wife of the late Karine and their daughter Diana, although both of them live permanently in London. The Kazaryans resolved any difficulties by calling influential law enforcement officers, including with the help of the former Prosecutor General Chaika.

Each time, new real estate and land ended up in the hands of the Kazaryan group after the bankruptcy and destruction of one of the city's defense or simply large strategic enterprises.

This, for example, happened in the case of the Babylon shopping and entertainment center. For numerous violations, "Babylon" had to be closed according to the requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In addition, it turned out that the owner did not have permits for its reconstruction from the factory building, and the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Rostov-on-Don demanded the demolition of the building. It was rebuilt several times without obtaining permits and without observing safety standards. By the way, it turned out to be the property of the Kazaryans after the destruction of the "Experimental Plant" of the Research Institute of Microtechnics, which was hastily converted into retail space. Among the first owners who got the "Experimental Plant" was the Director of the PO "Donskoy Credit Union" Kazaryan A.S.

      The GPZ-10 plant is another strategic city-forming enterprise, which after its bankruptcy became the property of the Kazaryans. According to the documents, Kazaryan Andronik Sarkisovich is listed as the chairman of the liquidation commission of its remnants, "TRADING HOUSE" BEARING "LLC. Kazaryanov - legalization by court decisions.

      But the most delicious piece of land for construction is the territory of the Nadezhda sanatorium and the former Rostovsky sanatorium on the banks of the Temernik River. The "Rostovsky" sanatorium went to the Kazaryan group after a criminal case was instituted against the former head of the federation of trade unions of the Rostov region, Vladimir Kozlov, from whom these lands were taken for settling problems with the law. The owner of Babylon-Auto, Tigran Sarkisovich Ghazaryan, in 2014 entered into a lease agreement for a land plot with an area of ​​23.7 hectares with the territorial administration of the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Rostov Region for a period until 2039. Initially, it was announced that it was planned to build a 17-story spa hotel with 120 rooms. However, this was a simple deception.

Then Ghazaryan changed his original plans. In 2017, it was already about several small hotels, long-stay apartments and health institutions, as well as the Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic churches, the summer theater and the Peoples' Friendship Museum, with a total investment of 4.5 billion rubles in the project. However, the Rostov authorities considered the project a little-realized utopia. Again deception.

Now on the territory of the former sanatorium "Nadezhda" a loud social scandal flares up, connected with unlawful demands and Ghazaryan to residents of nearby houses to pay for travel on the road to their house, which was previously municipal, but now suddenly became private property. Social tension is growing every day and it is difficult to predict how it will end now, but residents are ready and will defend their rights to the end. Throughout its short commercial activity, the Kazaryan family has been trailing a train of scandals and criminal actions. Many people do not understand how, in a couple of years, the villagers of the Kazaryans turned into owners of a billion-dollar fortune and were able to get a job living in London, siphoning money from Russia by all means available to them.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov