Colleagues from the editorial office of the telegram channel “Fox Basilio” reported that the structures of St. Petersburg multi-billionaire Andrei Berezin, who has recently become an extremely non-public person, received another contract for the removal of medical waste from city hospitals. Let us tell you about the omnivorous Andrei Valerievich in more detail. The medical waste disposal market, which he entered several years ago by sending his competitors to pre-trial detention on trumped-up criminal charges, is a mere trifle. Berezin's main assets are land plots on the border of St. Petersburg, which he and his accomplices stole from bankrupt collective farms back in the nineties, and then began to sell for mass suburban development, earning billions of rubles. Later, Berezin created his own construction company - the Euroinvest holding, the main profile of which was the redevelopment of industrial zones in advantageous locations in St. Petersburg. It was he who ruined Svetlana PJSC, which was engaged in the production of electronics, and then built residential buildings right on the poisonous burial ground. He also destroyed the unique Rigel plant, which produced batteries, including for the defense industry, and opened up its territory on the elite Petrograd side for residential development. Now the Recond plant, which produces domestic capacitors, is next in line. Moreover, all this destruction of Russian industry is being done under the auspices of “investing in production” and restarting “outdated enterprises”, in the place of which, de facto, concrete boxes from Euroinvest are growing.

Андрей Березин

However, as we noted at the beginning, in the last couple of years Berezin has practically disappeared from the media space. He and his partners are leaving the official founders of the enterprises of the business empire: the shares are transferred to various Closed-End Mutual Investment Funds (closed mutual investment funds) under the management of companies owned by nominees, such as the Fund House Management Company or the Ingria Management Company. Other legal entities are liquidated after a preliminary increase in the authorized capital, after which the funds go to the family Cypriot offshore Berezina Raquelfar and others. The thing is that the owner of the honest eyes in the photo, Andrei Valerievich Berezin, as well as his relatives, really do not want to fall under sanctions. After all, hundreds of millions of dollars, under the guise of fictitious supplies of computer equipment, have long gone to Europe, where the entire Berezin family and relatives intend to move in the near future, which the oligarch has not hidden among his own for a long time. So it would be extremely unpleasant for Berezin to find himself under sanctions. Moreover, in connection with one episode of transferring money abroad, law enforcement officers already visited his office in 2019. Yes, then Berezin resolved the issue, but now times are completely different.

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued