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In August 2017, 20 years have passed since the day of one of the most high-profile murders in the new Russian history. The sniper shot St. Petersburg vice-governor Mikhail Manevich, close friend of Anatoly Chubais, German Gref and many other prominent Russian figures. The crime occurred exactly a few weeks before Manevich, according to, had to go to Moscow to raise. Almost all the Petrograders of this "appeal" are still in the highest positions. And one of them, Vladimir Putin, became the president of Russia. One can not doubt that at such a "bright" head, as Manevich would have a great future too. Even it is difficult to imagine what position he could now occupy. But someone did not want to. The crime has not yet been solved. At the disposal of were materials of the case, from which our readers will be able to find out where and to whom the "strings" from this murder were conducted, regarded by the investigation as a terrorist act.

It is worth noting that the crime was not solved, even though Manevich was a friend of Vladimir Putin. collected several presidential statements about Manevich. "Misha was a terrific guy. I'm so sorry that he was killed, such an injustice! To whom did he interfere? .. Simply amazing. Very soft, intelligent, flexible in a good sense of the word. He was a principled man, he did not adjust to everyone, but he never climbed up, always looked for a way out, acceptable solutions. I still do not understand how this could happen. I do not understand".

"In all resonant cases, no matter how long they were not conducted, the investigation as a rule comes to clarify all the circumstances. But, unfortunately, the circumstances of the murder of Mikhail Manevich, with whom I had good personal relations, are still unclear. But it still can not be done, "the head of state said. long time parts will publish business materials. Let readers do their conclusions.

"This criminal case was instituted on August 18, 1997 by the St. Petersburg prosecutor on the fact of committing a terrorist act - the murder of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, MANEVICH Mikhail Vladislavovich, on the grounds of the crime provided for in Article 277 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, i.e. encroachments on the life of a public or public figure. The preliminary investigation was entrusted to the Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

On August 20, 1997, the criminal case was submitted to the Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region and accepted for production by the Deputy Chief of the Investigative Service of the Directorate Fyodorov A.V. The investigative brigade included investigators of the FSB, the prosecutor's office and the tax police.

The investigation established that on August 18, 1997 at about 8:45 in St. Petersburg at the corner of Rubinshteina Street and Nevsky Prospekt, a Volvo 940 motor vehicle was fired upon, in which the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, Manevich M.V. and his wife - Marina Vladimirovna MANEVICH.

MANEVICH M.V. received multiple gunshot wounds to the head, neck and chest and at 9.10 am died. Death followed from the wounding of one bullet - a gunshot injury with penetrating chest injury, damage to the subclavian artery and vein, the lung, accompanied by massive internal bleeding and complicated acute blood loss. His wife received not life-threatening gunshot tangent bullet wound in the soft tissues of the occipital region and multiple blind shrapnel wounds, a concussion of the brain, brain. The driver of the car is Sinitsinskiy V.K. - not injured.

Shots on the car "Volvo 940", which was MANEVICH, produced from the attic of the house N 74/76 on Nevsky Prospekt. During the inspection, the automatic device AKM N GO 2294 of Romanian production with a magazine with cartridges and a cartridge in the chamber was found and seized in this attic, as well as eight 7.62 mm cartridge cases and VHF Pilot radio station 001309.

In the car "Volvo 940" a bullet and numerous fragments of destroyed bullets were found and seized.

According to the conclusions of forensic ballistics, the seized bullet and four bullet fragments, as well as all 8 cases found during the inspection of the attic space, are part of the cartridges for the AK-47 and its upgrades and were fired from the AKM N GO 2294 assault rifle found in the attic House No. 74/76 on Nevsky Prospekt. The cause of the deformation (destruction) of bullets is meeting with a barrier or passing through it. The fragment of the bullet, which is mortally wounded MANEVICH MV, is the core of the bullet cartridge 7.62 mm caliber.

The place from which the shooting was made - the window of the attic house of the house N74 / 76 along Nevsky Prospekt is a specially equipped metal embrasure - the opening between the various sheets of galvanized iron that faces the corner of Rubinshtein Street and Nevsky Prospekt. To the embrasure for the convenience of shooting (as an emphasis) was put an empty metal 200 liter barrel with a stack of cells (containers) for eggs placed on it.

In the case, an investigative experiment and a complex situational examination were carried out, confirming that the shots by the MANEVICH vehicle were made precisely from the attic of the house N 74/76 along Nevsky Prospekt. According to experts, shooting was made from the attic room window from a height of about 20.2 meters from the surface of the earth. The fire was opened by a car when it was at a distance of 73-76 meters from the shooting site, and the last shots were fired when the vehicle MANEVICH M.V. was 40-43 meters from the shooting site.

At the moment, it is unequivocally established that the shooting by motor vehicle MANEVICH M.V. It was conducted from one position and from one kind of weapon of the automatic device AKM N GO 2294.

On the shooting site (at the embrasure), traces of shoes are found that lead through the attic window to the roof of the house N 74/76 along Nevsky Prospekt, and then along the roof to the ventilation window of the attic of the house No. 61 on Liteiny Prospekt and then break off in the attic of the house at the entrance to the staircase, where traces of breaking the locking device with a padlock on the doors of the attic space were found. From the indicated traces of shoes are made plaster casts. Surface traces of shoes are fixed on the film. An expert study of these tracks has been carried out.

According to the conclusion of the tracological examinations, these traces could be formed by the bottom of the soles of the rubber galoshes of the article "104 F" with the size of 290 (45 size), formerly produced by the Leningrad production association "Red Triangle", and currently produced on the basis of this association LLC "Forum" , or shoes with the same in size and type of pattern soles produced by another company.

As evidenced by witnesses Z ... SM. and A ... Yu.V., employees of LLC "Forum" their company in the period from autumn 1996 to the spring of 1997 was produced and sold to various legal entities about 18 thousand pairs of galoshes on felt boots article "104 F". From the testimony of these witnesses it follows that galoshes of article "104 F" in size 290 (45 size) are intended for shoes of 42 sizes.

The fact that the offender used galoshes is confirmed by the testimony of K ... LP, who reported that on August 17, 1997 on the roof of the house she saw a man in rubber galoshes and white cloth gloves.

At the doors of the attic house No. 61 on Liteiny Prospekt, near which a chain of traces of galoshes breaks, a broken sponge of pliers was found. According to the conclusion of the tracological examination, the traces of the breaking of the locking device on these doors are formed by the said pliers of the pliers.

In houses N 74/76 along Nevsky Prospekt and N 61/63 on Liteiny Prospekt roofs, attics, staircases, ventilation and light windows, chimneys, basements were inspected.

During the inspection, in particular, metal sheets framed the embrasure in the attic window of the house N 74/76 along Nevsky Prospekt, as well as a nail of white metal, which was fixed to one of the metal sheets of this embrasure.

In addition, in the attic there were found and seized: a bunch of nails of white metal (some of which, according to experts, made on the same nailer as the nail used to fix the metal sheet embrasure); metal object, similar to the attachment for a padlock; padlock of black metal with a metal handle; a piece of white cloth (a diaper-type cloth), a plastic bottle and cigarette butts, as well as a sheet of paper with entries (possibly a negotiation table).

In the production of a second inspection of the attic of the house N74 / 76 along Nevsky Prospekt, a metal lattice located in the attic near the place where the rag-cloth was hidden, hair was found and withdrawn.

According to the expert's conclusion, there are traces of contact interaction with a gun (tracks of a close shot, traces of a mixture of gun oil and vegetable oil or animal fat) and a radio station "Pilot" (traces of a close shot, microparticles of chromium oxides and lacquer) on the rag-diaper. Individual prints on this rag, formed by a substance of dark color, correspond to parts and parts of the machine.

As a result of the production of a set of examinations, it is established that the hair found on the metal grill in the attic room occurs from the person's head and belongs to the male person with 0 (I) blood group. In addition, four human hair were found on a cloth diaper, two of which occurred from a person (s) with 0 (I) blood group, and two from a person (s) with B (III) blood group.

With the seized during the inspection of the attic space sheets of galvanized iron and sheet metal sheet, microparticles are collected, among which are found hair, also belonging to persons with 0 (I) and B (III) blood groups.

From the traces of traces found on the surface of one of the sheets of iron that formed the embrasure, the two tracks also belong to the person (s) with 0 (I) blood group, and the person with B (III) blood belongs to the traces on the plastic bottle 2.

For a number of objects, an expert study established a genotype for individual genes of individuals who left biological traces.

Thus, according to experts' conclusions, traces of saliva belonging to the male with A (II) blood group, having a genotype for the HLA DQf gene (1.2.2), for the LDLR-BB gene, were identified in one of the cigarette butts found in the attic space, according to the gene GYPA-AB, the HBGG-BB gene, the D7S8-AB gene, the GC-AC gene, the D1S80 gene (24, 31), and the stain biological material on the diaper rag contained a female human DNA with a genotype for the HLA genes DQa - (1.2; 1.2), LDLR - AB, GYPA - AA, HBGG - BB, D7S8 - AB, GC - AC, D1S80 - (24, 25).

When examining the staircase No. 5 of house No. 61 on Liteiny Prospect, a cover was found out of black material with a sheet of paper embedded in it with the text: "Optics sight 4х24 273000". Produced by expert research revealed that on the cover and a piece of paper there are traces of a close shot. As established in the case, this is a cover from the optical sight 4х24 produced by the Vileika plant "Zenith" of the Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association.

At present, the production of expert studies of objects seized from the scene has been completed.

When preparing the shooting site in the attic of house N 74/76, auxiliary materials were used in the attic and near it. Including the cells (containers) for eggs brought to the attic by the inhabitant of this house, Sokolov A.V. in the beginning of July 1997. Witnesses SOKOLOV A.V. and MAGOMEDOVA GA detailed in the interrogations about the circumstances under which these cells (containers) were brought to the attic and left there.

As the witness SEMENOVA NE, the master of RGU-17, who serviced the house N 74/76 on Nevsky Prospect, in the early days of July 1997, all the doors leading to the attic of this house were closed, and the attic windows were boarded up or sealed with metal sheets where possible.

Accordingly, it can be stated that when looking for and preparing a shooting site, the doors leading to the attic space of the named house were opened and an embrasure was installed in the window facing Nevsky Prospekt, after the first days of July 1997.

So, the witness ZAVALISHEVA LE, the owner of the barrel, who was used to equip the firing place in the firing place from the machine, was installed and questioned. As the witness has shown, this barrel was on a landing near the entrance to the attic space next to apartment 94 of house N 74/76 along Nevsky Prospekt and on August 12, 1997 disappeared. This was testified by the witness MARCHENKO G.A.

The weight of this barrel is 54 kg. Dimensions and weight of the barrel indicate that it must have been carried by at least two people from the stairwell to the attic. This fits in with the testimony of witnesses in the case that two men were seen on the roof.

One or two unknown men appearing on the roof of houses N 74/76 along Nevsky Prospekt and N 61/63 on Liteiny Prospekt were testified by witnesses ............... and other witnesses. The appearance of unknown persons on the roof was recorded by them for two weeks until August 19, 1997.

So, the witness M ... AD. told during interrogation that he saw two men on the roof of the house on August 14, 1997 and gave them a description. August 15, 1997 saw two witnesses on the roof of the house witness A ... AL.

Witness And ... AA. and K ... showed that on August 17, 1997, they saw a man walking along the roof of the house in the direction from Nevsky Prospect and then climbed into the attic window of the attic.

Witness A .... AL, who lives in the apartment ... of the house N74 / 76 on Nevsky Prospekt, showed that on August 18, 1997 at about 9 am, while in his room on the top floor, I heard several shots, and a few minutes later - quick Steps on the roof of the house. Looking out the window, I saw a man climbing over the parapet to the roof of the house N 61 on Liteiny Prospekt. From his words an unknown age in the form of 30-40 years old, tall, thin body, face unshaven. Thus, from the testimony of A .... A.L. it follows that he could see the direct perpetrator of the crime.

In addition, A .... A.L. showed that on August 15, 1997 at about 23 pm I saw two men moving towards the Nevsky Prospekt on the roof of the house, and on August 16, 1997 at about 23 pm I saw a girl on the roof of the house who had traveled the same route as the day before the man , to Nevsky Prospekt.

A number of residents of this house, being questioned as witnesses, testified about the appearance of strangers in their entrances in August 1997.

Evidence was received about suspicious persons who were in the area of ​​the scene, who could correct the actions of the shooter in the attic by radio.

In particular, the case was interrogated as a witness A ... TP, who reported that on August 18, 1997, at approximately 8:40, at the exit from the courtyard of the house N 15/17 along Rubinstein Street (MANEVICH M lived in this house B.V. and from there on that day he drove out on the official car "Volvo 940") was a man with a radiotelephone or other radio device. Based on the testimony of A ... TP. a composite portrait of this man is composed. "

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal