The ninth of may 2019 slide in Moscow, died ex-telekiller Sergei Dorenko. He was staying at a friend's dacha, and after sitting went home on a motorcycle. According to the official version, the heart couldn't stand it on the way. Two and a half months before under equally strange circumstances died the other most active participant "Telefon" 90 years - Igor Malashenko. He went to his Villa in Spain, where he was found hanged. Malashenko, Dorenko, like dozens of other natives of the 90s, were closely associated with Boris Berezovsky. Afterward, he recorded all his conversations. When Berezovsky left Russia, he thought that for a while. And it turned out forever. The archives are hidden here by different people. We take a lot of information inconvenient to those who still remained "afloat". And there are many. For Priva was the hunting. According to, part of the archives seized in February. After what on the light went to Malashenko. The entire archive was found in April. Now Dorenko was gone...

A certain number of wiretaps from the archive Berezovsky is available ahhh! On one of the recordings you can hear how TV presenter Evgeny Kiselev "serves" the air with Gusinsky and Berezovsky. Berezovsky thanks Kiselev for the "right" transfer. Sings the praises of. Kiselev gives in. Connects Gusinsky and asks about how they are in the transmission screwed up MK. Berezovsky, agree that it is very good and says that you need to get out from under the bushes and beat them (MC) in full force. Sergey Dorenko will be engaged in it the other day.

B: Hello? Hello, Zhenya!

K: Yes.

B: Zhen, really, I am very grateful to you. I don't know, I mean, it's kind of weird to look at myself like this, and even though I've kind of seen it more than once, but I really appreciate you, like, the way you did it, and at the same time, so to speak, you didn't put me in an idiotic position, and most importantly, you and yourself and all this seemed to me quite, well... I don't know. You know, it's hard for me to judge again, but I think it's…

K: (interrupts) it's okay, I looked carefully. I watched carefully already on the air, because as we mounted of course in (inaudible), because there was little time. Maybe we could do something else, there'd be a full transcript, like we usually do.

B: Yes.

Q: of Course, it would be possible to Polish a little more, but here the technology is simple.

B: No, Zhen. Once again, I am very grateful. And I think it's absolutely... I don't know. I thought it was okay.

K: Well, fine, fine.  The main thing is that Oleg said that this is the same identification that people saw a completely normal, sober, and most importantly self-confident person.

B: by the Way, I had a Scotch.

(Both laugh)

K: All Right. Volodyas'…

B: (interrupts) Again, again, thank you so much.

Q: Thanks.

B: Thanks.

(the phone Gusinsky)

G: Hello, and how are you on MK?


G: And as you…

B: (interrupts) "MK" OK, Volodya, do we now... Volodya…

G: Why?


G: How does the "MK" shit?

B: Absolutely.

G: Got it?

B: Absolutely. No, Volodya, we now is the whole point, Volodya, well, just exactly one thing, Volodya, and it would be necessary that in the bushes, waiting, excuse me ... like... full-time. 

G: Wait, we have a plan, how...?

B: (interrupts) Yes.

G: So you have Dorenko tomorrow.

B: Yes.

G: Okay, yeah?

B: Agreed, Volodya.

G: Here. And the second question means that we are beginning to work out who is talking about what.

B: Yes, absolutely.

G: I kiss you, bye.

B: Hug, thank you again, thank you very much, all men.

G: Goodbye.

B: Not Yet.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov