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The Anti-Corruption Committee of Saudi Arabia is looking for accomplices of 11 princes, including Al-Walid bin Talal, arrested in early November on charges of embezzlement and money laundering. Among the Russian businessmen under suspicion was the former owner of the bank "Yugra" Alexei Khotin. He collaborated with one of the richest people of the Middle East billionaire Prince Al-Walid bin Talal. After that, it becomes unsafe for Khotin to be in Europe, where, according to, he prefers to stop at the Al-Walid sites.

Interest in the Arab world, Alexei Hotin began to manifest 10 years ago and did it on a very unusual side. Recall, Khotyn was born in Belarus and began his business career with his father Yuri in this country. There they were engaged in the production of cosmetics. Belarusian cosmetic of Arab princes is difficult to surprise, but in Minsk and other cities of Belarus there are a lot of beautiful, blond girls. But their princes appreciate very highly. As a result, in the 2000s there was a real export of beauties from Belarus to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the region. And one of the Minsk charmers Natasha Alieva became the wife (do not know what in the bill) Crown Prince of Dubai Said bin-Maktoum al-Maktoum and in 2008 gave birth to his daughter. According to, to this wedding, as well as to some other permanent or temporary alliances between Belarusian beauties and Arab princes and sheikhs, Alexei Khotin could have been involved. It is not surprising that he had close relations with individual representatives of local elites.

Prince Al-Valid bin Talal was constantly in search of countries where to invest, as it now turns out, "dirty" billions of corruption. Sometimes he did it directly, sometimes through intermediaries. Al-Walid repeatedly spoke about his interest in investing in Russia. Moreover, his active interest in the Russian Federation was piled up with the fact that, familiar with him, Khotin began to suddenly acquire oil assets. Although before that he was engaged only in real estate. In particular, Khotyn acquired the assets of Kuwait Energy, which left Russia at the end of 2014. He also became the owner of Exillon Energy. Rather, it was believed that it was Khotin who became the owner. In reality, all transactions, according to, were conducted through chains of off-shores, behind them are hidden and the true names of the owners of oil assets. It would not be surprising if, among them, Al-Walid bin Talal is all the same.

With him, Khotin had a very wonderful relationship. When Alex bought the "Moscow" complex on Red Square, the Four Seasons hotel was opened there. The network of these hotels belongs to the same Al-Walid bin Talal (along with Bill Gates).

And when the Central Bank of Russia withdrew the license from the Ugra bank controlled by Khotin this summer, Alexei announced that Prince Al-Walid is ready to consider the possibility of taking part in the capital of Yugra Bank if the Central Bank regains the license.

"Prince is the largest shareholder of Citigroup (more than 6% of shares). He expressed readiness to consider the possibility of joining the bank's capital in the event of the restoration of the work of a financial institution, "Khotin's press service reported then. "However, this could be possible only if the Ugra activity resumed, which the Central Bank deprived of the license. Prince came to Moscow, where he held talks with Khotin. "

The license of Ugra was not returned. Moreover, the bank revealed a giant "hole" - Khotyn withdrew from the bank tens of billions of rubles. Realizing that the fight for "Ugra" lost, Alex prefers to spend most of the time away from Russia. As already told, Khotin settled in Cyprus, in Limassol. And he chose his residence there and, obviously, not by chance, the Four Seasons hotel, owned by Al-Valid. There he is fastened a chic room, in restaurants he conducts business and friendly meetings.

The Saudi authorities demand that the arrested princes return the stolen and "dirty" money back to the country. And now there are active searches, hidden by noble individuals of assets. And the traces of Al Waleed's money will inevitably lead to Khotin. Therefore, Alexei is very concerned now, as for the money withdrawn from Ugra, which are hidden in Switzerland and Cyprus, and for Russian assets. And then you look and the persecution of Khotin along the line of Interpol will begin. Then on the globe it will be difficult to find a place where Alexei could feel comfortable.

Source: Ruciminal