Despite a sufficient number of publications in the media (to make an appropriate personnel decision) about the miracles that are daily brought to life by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Vyborgsky District of St. these employees are becoming more selective in their hobbies.

The discussion of the latest publication of about the hobbies and passions of the head of the 36th police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg Romanov R.S. had not yet stopped, as a lot of new interesting information appeared here, revealing the depth of relations between Avtomonov S.V. and Romanov R.S., and possibly explaining their connection.

We have already mentioned the special love of Romanov R.S. to scrap metal collection points, but it all came down not to some banal patronage of these points and receiving benefits from them for themselves (after all, Roman Sergeevich is a strategist and is able to think big); everything turned out to be wider - Romanov R.S. as the famous hero Yuri Detochkin in the even more famous tragicomedy "Beware of the Car", took on a good goal - not sparing his working time and constantly distracted from his daily routine, he searched for abandoned cars on the territory of the Vyborg region ( which certainly interfered with the passage of various services) and skillfully supervised the actions of the tow truck driver to take them first to the territory of the alley near the 36th police department, and then to the scrap metal collection points, naturally for money; nothing less than a “forest orderly”. How, at the same time, he spent the proceeds from this activity and together with whom, we do not know for certain, but when a criminal case was opened in the district department of the Investigative Committee on these facts, Sergey Viktorovich Avtomonov did not abandon his next brilliant and faithful vassal - this case, as they say , for some reason they “released the brakes” (let's hope that Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin is not interested in this story).

At the same time, no one was impressed by the depth of Romanov’s talent (Eldar Ryazanov would certainly have noted him) of getting out of the most ridiculous stories, because if suddenly a stubborn and persistent owner of a stolen car was announced, who began to flood service 02 with applications on the fact of the theft of his beloved Volga on Sirenevy Boulevard , or got into an accident on Torez Avenue, and then this car disappeared, then Roman Sergeevich kindly paid this citizen the cost of the stolen car - this is the level of indifference to the misfortunes of citizens, here I think there is something to envy, as they say - he can afford .

Watching a video from the phone of a subordinate Romanov R.S., in which he clearly goes beyond the scope of normal communication with a citizen in accordance not only with federal laws, but also with elementary ethics and morality, causes even more affection - after all, this is not done with friends, but about this later; although here, too, the head of the police of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, Mishenin, taking advantage of a suitable opportunity, managed to write a report on this matter and thereby write this episode itself, no less, into the annals of history. is looking forward to new stories about the adventures of Roman Sergeevich and his head Sergey Viktorovich Avtomonov, possibly in new leadership positions, because the acquisition of apartments by the right people should bear fruit.

Perhaps no one would have paid attention to such an autocratic and at the same time such a faded leader as Avtomonov, but the public assessment of the work of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Vyborgsky District of St. Petersburg is unsatisfactory, and for a city of federal significance this is a shame!

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued