On the eve of one of the most ambitious events in the world of thieves in recent years, took place in Turkey. One of the largest thieves 'gatherings was assembled which was led by the patriarch of the thieves' world, thief in law Ramaz Dzneladze (Ramaz Kutaissky), as well as respected thief in law Besik Kuprashvili (Beso Kutaissky) aka Totoriina, who received this nickname for staying in an Italian prison.

Теймураз Чурадзе

At the gathering where more than twenty respected thieves were present, various issues were discussed, but the agenda was the appeal of the thief in law Churadze Teimuraz (Aleko Shoshia), who enlisted the support of his friend, one of the most influential young thieves in law, who had just been released from the Turkish prison Chehlidze Guram ( Kvezhovich) godson of thief-in-law number one Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), who is also his representative and mouthpiece abroad. The conversation began with a claim by Churadze Teimuraz (Aleko Shoshia) against Gocha Antipov (Alfason), whom two years ago Churadze Teimuraz (Aleko Shoshia), at a personal meeting, called Gocha Antipov (Alfason) an "external student" and demanded an explanation of how many times he had participated in the runs and making decisions in absentia to thieves in law unilaterally without listening to the other side, which is unacceptable in the thieves' world.

Gocha Antipov (Alfason) did not have verbal arguments for the questions asked and he tried to rush and beat Churadze Teimuraz (Aleko Shoshia), to which Churadze hit Alfason with glasses on the head and in the presence of outside thieves in law and those who were with Alfason announced that he is not a thief. And if Alfason does not agree with this decision, let him gather a meeting and he will explain why Alfason is not a thief in law.

For two years, Gocha Antipov (Alfason) hid and did not appear anywhere without responding to claims, at the same time thief in law Churadze Teimuraz loudly through calls and personal meetings with other thieves made it clear that Alfason was not a thief in law , since he has claims against him and demanded from him to gather a meeting and explain himself for the claims that Churadze Teimuraz presented to him.

After there was no reaction from Gochi Antipov (Alfason), thief in law Churadze Teimuraz (Aleko Shoshia) gathers a gathering headed by Ramaz Dzneladze (Ramaz Kutaissky) and Kuprashvili Besik (Beso Kutaissky), who, after listening to the opinions of more than twenty thieves in law , as well as the opinion of the respected thief in law who was present at this conflict Lasha Dogonadze (Pitersky, Barjga), who confirms the correctness of the question asked and the behavior of Churadze Teimuraz, who took the side of Churadze Teimuraz and confirmed that he did the right thing. Thief in law Nizharadze Georgy was also dialed by phone, who in turn confirmed that Gocha Antipov (Alfason) was wrong. And on the basis of all the arguments and opinions of the thieves in law and thieves in law who were phoned, Ramaz Dzneladze (Kutaissky) and Basik Kuprashvili (Kutaissky) put an end to that Gocha Antipov (Alfason) is no longer a thief in law.

Рамаз Дзнеладзе

Straight from the meeting of Chekhlidze, Guram (Kvezhovich) phoned Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) on the speakerphone and informed him about the decision of the meeting, to which Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) agreed with the arguments and supported the decision. After that, all the thieves who were in touch and in places of imprisonment were phoned and informed of the decision made in relation to Gochi Antipov (Alfason) that he was no longer a thief in law.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov