The fate of the popular Spartak forward is akin to the fate of the amazing Eduard Streltsov from Torpedo. He was also sent to prison on trumped-up charges. Where to live, to put it mildly, not comfortable. But not by dungeons alone ...

Details for the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and were reported by sports journalist and writer Alexei Matveev. He, in turn, was told about the life of his father by the eldest son of Sevidov Sr., Alexander.

- Upon returning from prison, dad continued his football career, - says the son of Yuri Alexandrovich - Alexander. - No, not in "Spartak", in Alma-Ata "Kairat". The team was coached by my grandfather, my father's father, San Sanych Sevidov. Forward Yuri Sevidov played under coach Alexander Sevidov. Demand and responsibility are special. Dad, I note, quickly regained his former sports form, scored in the "Kairat" in almost every match of the championship.

Sevidov's performance was also assessed by the Spartak team. They called him, called to him. They wanted to return the goalscorer. The subtext, according to the father, is as follows. The leadership of the red and white club offered not to remember the old. “We tried to help at one time,” Spartak claimed. “But you yourself are largely to blame for that situation. In short, we bring you back."

Dad, in turn, replied: they say, he is already with a “trailer”. Wife, small child. The club promised to give an apartment in Moscow, to pay the corresponding salary. Sevidov Jr. goes to his father, the mentor of Kairat. Say, so and so, "Spartak" is calling back, what shall we do?

Grandfather said to him: “How are we?! The goal is high - to return to the big leagues. You put the balls one after the other. We have the whole attack on you." “But Spartak gives an apartment,” my dad gently objected.

As a result, the grandfather offered an option that the father could not refuse. Because he is very acceptable. San Sanych gave his Moscow apartment to his father and his family, that is, to us. With the condition, forward Sevidov remains in Kairat. That's where we decided to stop.

We moved into this housing on Leningradskoe shosse. My great-grandmother, my grandfather's mother, lived there before us. She died suddenly. Good three-room apartment. Our glorious great-grandmother, if she were alive, certainly did not interfere. We would live together happily.

The version that Spartak, after the well-known events, did not call Sevidov to himself is not entirely true. Dad gave his answer to former teammates: “Sorry, I can’t accept your offer.” In the camp of the "red-whites" they said that they invite me to their place only once, they will not call again. And so it happened.

In its own way, it's a pity, of course. Father's career would almost certainly have been brighter in a team like Spartak. Moreover, it was there that he showed himself brilliantly at the beginning of his football path.

Later, I discussed the topic with my dad. He reasoned that from the zone to immediately get into the capital's team was a hopeless business at that time. In "Kairat", - yes, after all, the team is peripheral. He went there, plus the club was coached by San Sanych Sevidov. I really wanted to play!

According to his father, only the intervention of some very influential people, for example, from the Central Committee of the party, could radically change the situation with his possible return to Spartak. Otherwise, it's useless. To shake the air, to nourish unrealizable hopes is stupid. Of course, speaking in "Kairat", dad was eager to prove his high class to all "well-wishers".

Showed and proved, and how! According to the results of the first round, he became the top scorer of the first league championship. Handsome balls scored. To the envy of the same Spartacists. It was no coincidence that they called their father, called to him. It's a pity, "the train left for Alma-Ata."




Perhaps even the authority of the legendary Starostin was not enough to try to resolve the issue of his father's return to Spartak. Bang your fist on the table in the boss's offices, ask, demand. To fight for your player, the favorite of the public. Assumptions, nothing more. I don't have exact information.

It is only reliable that dad, while driving a car, knocked down a "secret" professor who worked for the Military-Industrial Complex of the USSR. The mentioned scientist that evening communicated with the KGB officers, spent nice time with them. They later accompanied him. The first KGB officer was located on one side of the street, the second on the opposite side. Then the father was driving, the professor was crossing the highway ... Later he died in the hospital, not at all from a collision, but as a result of a medical error.

About the basement of the Lubyanka - not fiction, a very harsh reality at that time. Papa, according to him, was taken from the Spartak training base in Tarasovka by KGB officers. They took me not to a pre-trial detention center, but to the building of their department. After the interrogation, they took me to one of the basements of the Lubyanka. I spent two whole months there!

They told my father literally the following: he went abroad. They probably meant trips with Spartak to matches. Say, "over the hill" and received an assignment from the local special services to kill a Soviet professor. Dad has eyes on his forehead from surprise and indignation climbed: “Yes, are you serious ?!” was all he could say. Well, of course, for the father himself, his relatives, just sane people - this is complete nonsense.

The case acquired a purely political coloring literally out of the blue. And overnight it became very, very resonant. Visibly smelled of "spy passions", as in the worst, sucked from the finger, detective.

In general, the story with my father turned out, in my opinion, even louder than the fuss around the great striker Eduard Streltsov. There, only rape was attributed to a person, here - politics, espionage. As a result, in the opinion of competent persons, a political assassination.

Academician Keldysh himself generally advocated the highest measure - execution. Say, some dandy, a football player, at the wheel knocked down the world-famous professor to death - shoot him, and that's it! Let it become an object lesson for other car drivers.

The return of Yuri Sevidov to big football turned out to be, perhaps, no less, if not more, cruel, painful than Eduard Streltsov. And the leadership of the same Spartak, by analogy with Torpedo, also had a hard time. In terms of getting back the leading forward. That's it.

Everyone knew who had returned from places not so remote. The one who killed the torch of national science by knocking him down with his car. Although the professor died by no means due to a collision, - from a medical error, as it turned out later. Already in the clinic, he was given too high a dose of anesthesia, his heart could not stand it.

And all the "bumps" flew at the father, no one wanted to really understand. The incident took place on a busy highway Kotelnicheskaya embankment, near a high-rise building. It is impossible to accelerate there with all the desire. But formally, yes, dad is to blame, he was driving.

Yuri Alexandrovich himself was seriously worried: “It turns out that he killed a man!” - in a fit of feelings, our loved one recalled that tragedy. For a long time after the involuntary collision, I was even afraid to enter the car. If necessary, he moved around the city by taxi. Only in the last years of his life began to drive a car.

To complete the theme of the "murder" of the professor, I will say: the father was not drunk at the time of the incident. In an inadequate state, as an actor Efremov, he definitely was not. How before? They take blood for analysis, and that's it. No one looked at how many ppm there were. A little father drank, alas. At the trial, this was imputed to him as an aggravating circumstance.

In prison, they managed to avoid some shocks, humiliation, bullying, and beatings associated with them. Apparently, he was able to put himself in such a way that, as a rule, it didn’t reach the “showdown”. For the same Streltsov, it seems, there was a certain “order”: to plant at all costs. So that he does not consider himself, God knows who, - a "star", great, etc. They wanted to teach a lesson, to punish for some obstinacy. In my opinion, there was no “order” for dad, by analogy with Eduard Anatolyevich. Although I wouldn't completely rule this one out.

Sometimes he received blows from villains in a prison cell, not without it. Dad was kind of lucky, if it's appropriate to talk about luck. The local “authority” undertook to patronize him, who told his “colleagues” literally the following: “Yurka has a household article. He is not a "rat", he did nothing shameful. I was driving and hit another person. It happens to everyone? Life punished, now sits with us. And I could travel around Europe, score goals.

Thus, he made it clear: Yura should not be touched. The word "authority" in prison conditions is weighty. He enjoyed boundless respect. And, according to the story of the pope, they lagged behind him, "without having time to stick."

Imagine playing football, like Streltsov. This is already in the settlement in the Belarusian Grodno. As part of the local team went to the field. The case itself is unique: my father even went abroad with a team, to Czechoslovakia, for example. In Moscow, according to strict rules, it is impossible. And abroad, please, Yuri Alexandrovich.

At the border, however, they agreed not to inspect the bus with players and coaches too strictly. Transport drove into the territory of Czechoslovakia, after some time back to the USSR at the end of the tour. It's great, right?! Apparently, too serious interest was shown to the football player Sevidov, who shone not just anywhere, but in the capital's Spartak.

During his stay in prison, his father did not make friends with whom he would continue to communicate in the wild. Maybe “there” he got along with someone, but this relationship did not continue. Do not remember that.

Dad said that he did not stay long in any of the camps where he had to live. Somehow he was assigned to one of the brigades to cut down the forest. “Yur, you are a healthy athlete, you still have to play football. Why get overwhelmed? Go fill out the sheets, ”the prisoner friends sometimes treated him so carefully. Although health allowed dad to carry logs. Worked as an accountant, prepared written reports.

In 1967, fifty years of Soviet power were celebrated. A colossal amnesty arrived in time for the date. And the father was released to the settlement, the regime is much more weakened compared to the colony. Mom had the opportunity to visit her loved one in Grodno.

My father lived in the settlement, in fact, as an ordinary citizen of the country. Even a service apartment The local policemen got a job. By no means did he work in the office, as an ordinary bricklayer. In fact, he was engaged in brickwork, he built the building with hard workers. The ins and outs of life I saw and felt on my own experience.

Freedom in the settlement in Grodno is relative. Mom was registered with the police, a prerequisite. There she was reminded: you will live no more than two weeks, then back to Moscow. Those are the rules. It's not easy, it's tough, really.



Yuri Alexandrovich, as it seemed to me, did not break down internally. Of course, due to his age, I cannot know the details of his life in prison. How much, deeply worried. Clearly, a very young guy at that time, only twenty-two years old. It’s hard to realize something, let alone live with it for several years in a row.

I would not call my father too soft, a completely non-conflict person. It is perhaps a flexible but resistant stem. That's how I would describe it. It seems that you bend, you bend him, and then he makes it clear: he will not bend anymore. Here it will be from now on only in his image and likeness, everything. Dot. However, I am ready to negotiate, to yield in something. But not in matters of principle for him. No problems communicating with him. The inner core, however, is powerful, quite tangible.

The family situation decisively intervened in the story around a possible return to Spartak. Sports, however, too. But the relationship with his father, San Sanych, then came to the fore.

Probably, he could have said to Sevidov Sr.: “You are my father, you owe a lot to you. But Spartak is calling me, sorry. I'm leaving your Kairat. No, I could neither state such a thing, nor, moreover, act.

Grandfather in the most difficult time very, very much helped our dad. After all, the amnesty did not fall into a happy lump on its own. She had to achieve, strongly, as they say, to sweat.

Here San Sanych Sevidov went to many instances, he reached the Central Committee. Patiently, meticulously explained to the officials that his son was no spy. Of course, he did not even think of killing the professor, and the like. Apparently, he was able to convince him that his father's name was included in the lists of persons subject to amnesty. It's worth it.

It is no coincidence that my father was transferred to a freer settlement regime. Merit, including San Sanych. In 1965, the pope received a sentence based on the sentence. A year and a half later, he lived in the settlement. In 1969, he was already released.

Yuri Alexandrovich later told us that if not for the help of San Sanych, nothing would have changed in his camp life. And here is a settlement in Grodno, much better than the conditions in the colony. Then and at all ambulance freedom. She certainly was not fast, if not the help of a loved one.

... Relations with the Spartacists remained normal upon returning from places of detention. A certain tension was felt only at the mention of the names, surnames of some leaders of the red and white club.

Father at one time coached teammates from the Ryazan Spartak. And eminent guests of the capital were invited to the opening of the brand new local arena. The Ryazans defeated then venerable guests in a friendly match with a score of 3:0. Dad recalled that after two goals conceded, the Muscovites "wound up" like "animals". Rushed to recoup, fiercely attacked. Alas, they failed.

The local fans whistled, hooted, laughed, and were perplexed during the meeting. Who came to them? It turned out, neither more nor less than the main part of the Moscow "Spartak". And such an incident - the host team had an obvious playing advantage.

Forward Valery Andreev played in the Ryazan club of those years. “Your team is good, Yur,” Starostin admitted at the end of the match. “I especially liked the guy who played on the left.” “So you expelled him last season,” dad calmly replied to the master of national football.

Funny, right? It turns out that Nikolai Petrovich simply forgot about his former player. Andreev literally blossomed like a master under the guidance of Sevidov. Yes, it showed through in the manner of holding, communicating with Yuri Alexandrovich: not very much you, Spartacists, helped me in a difficult time. I read it, I won't hide it.

I do not presume to say whether Starostin himself tried to do something. In any case, it didn't show up clearly. If not explicitly, how else could it be? The story of the “landing” of our dad came out resonant. The whole country knew and followed the development of events. Despite the lack of modern technologies in those years, the same Internet, for example. Newspapers, one way or another, reported some details. Basically, they poured mud on the father.

Then even the joke went among the people. There are so many great academicians in the country that it is impossible for football players to get through. Whomever you hit, it turns out to be a famous scientist. For our family, of course, a tragedy. And in the USSR, many, thus, amused themselves, had fun.

After all, the members of the Academy of Sciences, its leaders, first of all, sent a bunch of petitions to various high authorities. It is not difficult to imagine what property. He shot down whom, this dandy?! The smartest, brightest person, world-famous professor, etc. The foundations of our society have been rudely, vilely trampled. Atu him! Need to rot.

Young then our mother read the texts of some dispatches, her hair stood on end. By she did not know that she would not see her beloved for ten years, and maybe all fifteen. Serious fuss around the pope, which I am now talking about, was carried out even before the verdict was passed. It is easy to imagine the state of mother, father's parents.

Would you wait for him from prison? I would definitely wait. Today, looking back at their wonderful life together, there is no doubt. And then it was not, according to my mother. She brought more than just books to the colony. Ordinary everyday things - toothpaste, necessary products ...

Alexey Matveev