As a source told, on September 22, during operational activities, officers of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg detained a large raider Arthur Bachiev, who was on the federal wanted list and has been on the run since October 2019. On September 24, he was arrested for 30 days by the Khoroshevsky District Court of Moscow. Bachiev is the closest contact of the head of the 3rd department of the Directorate of Economic Biology and Corruption of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the capital, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Bryantsev, one of the richest police officers in the capital, and may well testify against him.

Алексея Брянцев

Artur Bachiev was put on the federal wanted list of the IC in the North-West Administrative District of Moscow as part of a criminal case of fraud, where he and his two accomplices (Kerevichyus Eduard and Chumakov Nikolay had already received a real term of 5 and 3.5 years, respectively) stole a company with money from businessman Alexander Smirnov funds in accounts in the amount of 107 million rubles.

It is noteworthy that initially Bachiev and his team, for 3 months before the theft of the company, extorted $ 1.5 million from Smirnov for not initiating a fabricated criminal case against the latter. After the entrepreneur refused to pay, Bachiev turned to his old friend, the dollar millionaire Lieutenant Colonel Bryantsev, an employee of the UEBiPK, who, in turn, initiated a criminal case against the uncooperative businessman and successfully sent him to a pre-trial detention center, and while the entrepreneur was in a pre-trial detention center, Bryantsev and Bachiev (who was not an employee of law enforcement agencies, but had a number of FSB crusts and government numbers of the AMR) conducted searches in the offices of the entrepreneur and put pressure on other business partners and employees of Smirnov's company, showing his interest in the fabricated case, which is already being investigated by the State Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. more than 42 months.

Now, with the capture of Bachiev, the main thing is not to get out on ourselves in the course of investigative actions ...

Bachiev's physical presence could shed light on the corrupt schemes of his "business partner", Lieutenant Colonel Bryantsev, and not only him.

Whether the senior comrades will help the "toxic" Bryantsev and the arrested Bachiev get out of the pre-trial detention center, given that the case is under special control in the central apparatus of the FSB of Russia, including the FSB FSB, we will find out in the very near future.

As the TC VChK-OGPU reported, the Moscow Prosecutor's Office carried out an inspection of the property of the head of the 3rd department of the UEBiPK of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the capital, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Bryantsev. According to the source, the family of Lieutenant Colonel Bryantsev owns a luxurious country mansion 15 km from Moscow and owns 3 apartments in Moscow and other property with a total value of more than $ 1 million. Despite information about his property, as well as an interview with an entrepreneur, which detailed the methods of work of Bryantsev and his senior colleagues in taking business away from uncooperative businessmen, Bryantsev remained in the BEP, thanks to his long-standing friendship with the then deputy head of the Department of Economic Security and Industrial Development of Moscow, Roman Abrosimov, and the head of 12 Division 4 ORCH Colonel Kashmatov (was the direct leader of Bryantsev). Abrosimov left his post, Kashmatov was sentenced to 11 years in April this year.

Alexey Ermakov

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