The owner of GC "Norebo" Vitaly Orlov, which the media recognized as the richest fisherman in Russia and whose fortune exceeded $ 1 billion, in the near future can add to the list of inhabitants of the remand prison "sailor's silence" or "Lefortovo". As it became known, the TFR received materials from which it follows that Orlov may be behind the falsification of evidence (article 303 of the criminal code), as well as being the leader of the criminal community (article 210 of the criminal code).

When the media call Orlov the owner of "Norebo" and a billionaire, they do it absolutely wrong. He has to split everything in half. All this fish holding was created by Orlov together with Alexander Tugushev. When the latter went to the officials, entrusted to manage his share of partners in the first place eagles. Having experienced UPS and downs on the service ladder, Tugushev decided to return his part of the fish holding. The eagles offered him five times less than the cost of the share is Not. And then, said that it is a gift to which we must agree, otherwise you can go to prison. And financial resources quite allow Orlov to bring cases on opponents.

Tugushev preferred to solve the problem more civilized, he appealed to the English court. In the lawsuit, the businessman claimed that the owner of Norebo Vitaly Orlov, co-founder of the holding Magnus Roth and their partner Andrei Petrik conspired to deprive Tugushev of a stake in the company, and demanded the restoration of their rights. The high court of justice of England and Wales froze Orlov's assets for the amount of the claim and on March 27, 2019 recognized the jurisdiction of the dispute as its jurisdiction. On 17 April, the businessman was denied the right to appeal the decision.

In response to Vitaliy Orlov has addressed in Arbitration court of the Murmansk region with the objections against the decision of a foreign court (in accordance with article 245.1 of the APC), which asks the court to refuse recognition of the decision of the Commercial court (PCC) of the chamber of commercial and property disputes in the High court of justice of England and Wales from 17.04.19 in the case of SIEL-2018-000498 (CL-2018-000498) the jurisdiction in respect of the claim of Alexander Tugusheva to Vitaly Orlov, Magnus Roth and Andrew Petrik. These objections the court at present has vremac production has not yet adopted. After reviewing the objections, Vitaly Orlov, Alexander Tugushev, according, appealed to the SC of the Russian Federation with the statement for excitation of criminal case concerning Vitaly Orlov and other persons in the articles about falsification of evidence (article 303 of the criminal code), obstruction of justice (article 294 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation), creation of criminal community (item 210 of the criminal code). At the same time Alexander Tugushev refers to the fact that: 1. Representatives of Vitaly Orlov falsified the translation of the judicial act to which objections are submitted (Vitaly Orlov's lawyers attached to the application the Order (Order) of the English court issued in April 2019, which considered the possibility of filing an appeal, and a notarized translation, in which the Order was called a Decision, and Tugushev believes that such a translation was made with one purpose – to make it possible to file an objection to the Order, which is not a decision. 2. At the same time, even about the April court decision Vitaly Orlov learned 17.04.2019, not 13.05.2009 (his lawyers at the meeting 17.04.2009 was also present). 3. The issue of jurisdiction was resolved by the English court in March 2019, when the English court on dozens of pages described why it considers it a resident of England and recognizes its jurisdiction over the dispute. Orlov was well aware of the March decision (his lawyers participated in the court session), but then objections to the decision were not submitted to the Russian court. 4. Orlov claims that the English orders were issued in respect of shares of Norebo, but these judicial acts were devoted to the residence of Orlov, and nothing more. 5. Orlov also refers to the, that these acts are final, but under this virtually simultaneously requests English court resolve appeal on them (corresponding a motion was lodged them 15.05.2009). 6. These falsifications were committed Vitaly Orlov in the structure of stable criminal groups and within the General intent to steal property of Alexander Tugusheva.

According to "Rosbalt", Tugushev also believes that these falsifications are part of the intent of Orlov and his accomplices to steal his shares of the companies of the group "Norebo" and "committed by a structured Association of organized groups (community), followed by the extraction of property benefits not only by members of the community, but also by other persons." Alexander Tugushev also refers to other similar episodes that took place earlier - in particular, to the falsification of his signatures on the contracts for the sale of shares of Almor Atlantica CJSC and to the fictitious trial in the Koptevsky district court of Moscow, in which his interests were represented without his knowledge and by a fake power of attorney by a certain A. Dryndin. A similar scheme, as stated by Alexander Tugushev, was implemented in the Louhovsky district court of the Republic of Karelia, in which he was also represented by unknown persons. Subsequently, fake evidence was created already for the initiation of the SCH GSU of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow criminal case against him, and prosecution of which was discontinued after the investigative body established his innocence to the sane crimes. These episodes are listed in the statement about the crime written by Tugushev addressed to the acting head of the Main investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow A. A. Strizhov.

Thomas Gordon