On June 12-14, the High court of justice of England and Wales will hold a hearing on the claim of Alexander Tugushev to his ex-partner Vitaly Orlov. The latter is simply assigned a share in the fishery is Not holding “Norebo”. Hearings promise to be exciting: they will not only decide the fate of Orlov's assets, but may reveal corruption in Sberbank. The market is no longer a secret that the eagles brought from Russia to huge amounts. Sources it is believed that such successes he owes much to a close friend - Vice-President of Sberbank Alexander Bazarov. The latter is a representative of a powerful Ukrainian clan in the Russian financial system.

Alexander Bazarov is not only a friend of Orlov, but actually his relative. The Vice-President of Sberbank is the godfather of one of Orlov's children. In a related lobbying for the interests of the fish oligarch, Bazarov has already pretty much tarnished both his reputation and the reputation of the Bank. Experts believe that as a result of the London proceedings, Norebo may expect a default. And it will hit first of all the largest creditor of the holding - Sberbank. All this can cost Bazarov, at least, a position. In 2018, he was already removed from the Board of Sberbank and since then his position in the Bank is very shaky.

But the personal capital Orlova alleged default may not hit. In the absence of the holding Tugushev, Orlov built a scheme by which all products and profits went from Russia, and the Treasury received a penny. To do this, three companies controlled by Orlov - Norebo Europe Limited (UK), Norebo Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong) and Norebo Africa S. L. U. ( Spain) - bought 80% of the products that Norebo sends abroad. And it is with these minimum amounts and made all contributions to the Treasury. And already the Trinity of foreign firms traded in production at market prices. The goods were sent directly to the final buyers by Russian structures, and three firms-"layers" were necessary only for financial frauds.

According also Orloff was a foreign firm Dragon Seafoods, through which Russia displayed considerable amount of money.

It is clear that all these operations would be impossible without the help of a good financier with foreign experience. By the way, before joining Sberbank Alexander Bazarov headed the Board of the Ukrainian representative office of Credit Suisse Bank, and also worked in the Kiev branch of Deutsche Bank. It should be noted that before the device in Sberbank, all the biography of Bazarov was exclusively connected with Ukraine (where he was born) and close contacts with representatives of this country, he did not lose. But this, as they say, is another story.      

When the media call Orlov the owner of "Norebo" and a billionaire, they do it absolutely wrong. He has to split everything in half. All this fish holding was created by Orlov together with Alexander Tugushev. When the latter went to the officials, entrusted to manage his share of partners in the first place eagles. Having experienced UPS and downs on the service ladder, Tugushev decided to return his part of the fish holding. The eagles offered him five times less than the cost of the share is Not. And then, said that it is a gift to which we must agree, otherwise you can go to prison. And financial resources quite allow Orlov to bring cases on opponents.

Tugushev preferred to solve the problem more civilized, he appealed to the English court. In the lawsuit, the businessman claimed that the owner of Norebo Vitaly Orlov, co-founder of the holding Magnus Roth and their partner Andrei Petrik conspired to deprive Tugushev of a stake in the company, and demanded the restoration of their rights. The high court of justice of England and Wales froze Orlov's assets for the amount of the claim and on March 27, 2019 recognized the jurisdiction of the dispute as its jurisdiction. On 17 April, the businessman was denied the right to appeal the decision.

As already reported, now in the TFR are materials from which it follows that Orlov may be behind the falsification of evidence (article 303 of the criminal code), as well as being the leader of the criminal community (article 210 of the criminal code). In particular Orlov suspect that his order was falsified translation of the judicial act of the High court of justice of England and Wales, referred to the Arbitration court of the Murmansk region.