Source: continues to publish materials from the case against the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) and his militants, who have committed more than 25 contract killings. Our articles contain the testimony of the accused in the case, including the killers, so the reader can see the events through the eyes of the "main characters" of the gang. In this publication, we will tell you about the shooting of businesswoman Joyce Mugash, whose firm sold coffee and snacks through vending machines at Sheremetyevo airport. Mugashe worked with a partner, they had a conflict and the woman decided to create a separate business. She took out a bank loan to purchase equipment, but there were problems in order to get the opportunity to work and rent space in Sheremetyevo. Then the "authority" Dato advised her Piskarev, as a person with great connections. Kostya Bolshoi wanted 51% of the firm for his services, Mugashe agreed. Piskarev kept his promise, soon Mugashe began working at the airport, and her former partner with machine guns was kicked out of Sheremetyevo. But Joyce herself did not keep her promise. She was ready to pay Kostya more than half of the proceeds, but she was dragging on with the registration of half of the company. Piskarev got angry and threatened her. And then he changed into a fisherman who is going on a winter trip: sheepskin coat, warm boots, wadded pants. Warm and not suspicious. In this form, he is located at the entrance to Mugashche. When the businesswoman began to get into the car, Kostya Bolshoi shot her with a pistol.

Джойс Мугаше publishes the testimony of the accused and witnesses in the Kostya Bolshoi case.

“The testimony of witness A. Nikanorov, according to which the witness got acquainted with Mugashe in February 2010 in connection with the provision of legal assistance to her: she was afraid to go to a meeting with Piskarev, who demanded from her a share in the Alfa Martel enterprise for her earlier assistance in renting on the territory of the Sheremetsvo airport. In early March 2010, a meeting took place between Mugash and Piskarsv, which was attended by Nikanorov. At the request of Piskarev, Nikanorov did not interfere in their communication. Piskarev immediately asked Mugash if she had drawn up the documents for transferring the shares of the enterprise to him, and was angry when he learned that the documents had not been prepared. In response, Mugashe explained that she did not want to transfer shares to him, as she was afraid to admit the second co-founder to the enterprise. Mugashe offered another option for fulfilling her obligations to Piskarev, for which he demanded written guarantees. Piskarev shouted rudely at Mugash and insulted her with obscene language. According to Piskarev, it followed that he had assisted Mugash in concluding a long-term lease agreement for space at ISheremetyevo International Airport to accommodate vending machines, and Mugash had promised him to transfer more than 50% of the authorized capital. After this meeting, Nikanorov, together with Mugashe and her friend Galina, prepared such an agreement on March 16, 2010, but Mugashe said that she would sign it only after the state registration of the lease agreement. After March 16, 2010 Nikanorov did not meet with Mugashe any more: their communication took place only by phone. Mugashe told him that she had repeatedly communicated with Piskarev, but they never met again. "

Константин Пискарев

The testimony of the witness G.A. Kovaleva, according to which the witness got acquainted with D.K. Mugashe. about 8 years before her murder. Kovaleva knew that Mugash, together with Shatobina, were installing vending machines: they had a joint company. Then there was a disagreement between them over the distribution of profits. In April-May 2008, Mugashe and Shatobina could not agree, and the activities of their company ceased. At the end of 2008 Mugashe opened Alfa Martel. For the purchase of equipment, Mugashe took a loan from Fora-Bank, whose representative introduced her to an “authority” named Dato, who, in turn, “made contact” with Konstantin Piskarev, who promised to “help strengthen positions” at Sheremetyevo. After the agreement between Alfa Martel and Sheremetyevo was signed, Piskarev began to demand payment for services - first in the form of becoming a member of the founders, then as a percentage of the proceeds. Mugashe began to ignore Piskarev, as he threatened her and her family members. After Mugashe's death, since April 2011, she was in charge of management at Alfa Martel as Deputy General Director, the General Director was Mugashe's mother. There was no pressure on the company from the Sheremetyevo airport, the obligations under the contract were fulfilled in full. "

“The testimony of the accused, Bezrukov S.Yu., according to which in the fall of 2010 Piskarev instructed him to follow one woman — as he later found out — it was Mugasha. Piskarev showed Bezrukov a place near the Sheremetyevo international airport, where a meeting with Mugash was to take place, so that from there one could begin to follow her. According to Piskarev, Mugash had vending machines for I am selling coffee and chocolates. Mugash arrived at the meeting with Piskarev in a Nissan Mikra car with a registration plate “300”. Bezrukov described her as a woman of medium height, about 165 cm, full build, mulatto, black hair. After they parted, Bezrukov drove for Mugash, but that day he lost sight of her. Then Bezrukov managed to track Mugash from the airport to her house, which was located in the Strogino district of Moscow, at the intersection of ul. Tvardovsky and st. Tallinn. Bezrukov reported this to Piskarev, and he instructed him to monitor Mugash's house in order to establish exactly what time she was returning home. Over the next 2-3 days, Bezrukov established that Mugashe was returning home between 18:00 and 21:00. Bezrukov also reported on the results of his observations to Piskarev. About a month later, Piskarev told Bezrukov to re-track Mugash in case of changes in her routine. Repeated observation of Mugashe's house confirmed the invariability of the time of her arrival home. On one of New Year's Eve days, in the morning, Piskarev ordered Bezrukov to come to his office on Prospekt Mira at 16 o'clock (located at the address: Moscow, Droboliteyny lane, 5, building 7). At the indicated time, Bezrukov arrived at Piskarev's office in a VAZ 2115 car. After a while, Piskarev drove up to him in his car. Piskarev that day was dressed very warmly, like a fisherman - in warm boots, a pea jacket and wadded trousers. Piskarev took a mobile phone from Bezrukov and gave him a radio station for communication. Then Piskarev ordered Bezrukov to go to the Moscow Ring Road to the Novorizhskoe highway. About an hour later they arrived in the Strogino area of ​​Moscow and parked on st. Tvardovsky not far from Mugash's house. After looking around the place, Piskarev got out of the car and walked towards the house where Mugash lived. After 2 hours, Piskarev contacted Bezrukov on the radio station, clarified that he was in the same place, after which he returned, got into the car, and they drove back to the office on Prospekt Mira, where Piskarev's security guard Yurov Dmitry returned Bezrukov's mobile phone. Bezrukov became aware of the murder of Mugash only after the arrest: before that he only guessed about it, since Piskarev and other members of the gang did not inform him about it.

“Testimony of witness MP Rusanov, according to which the witness was an inspector in a separate company of the police patrol service of the OVD in the Strogino district of Moscow. Carrying out the service for the protection of public order, on December 27, 2010, at about 19 hours 50 minutes, Rusanov received a radio message that at the address: st. Tallinskaya, 26, next to the car is a woman. Approximately 2-3 minutes after this message Rusanov together with the policeman-driver R.A. Lopatenkov. and the policeman Endolov M.G. arrived at the specified address. Upon arrival at the place Rusanov saw that the Nissan Micra car was located 5-6 meters from the entrance. The driver's door was open. A woman was lying on the floor in the car; her upper body was in the cabin, and her legs were located outside it. The woman's head in the occipital and temporal regions was bloodied. The woman was unconscious, she wheezed, bleeding from her nose. In the temporal region of the head, the woman had a bullet wound, and in the interior of the car, the presence of a cartridge case from a 9-mm cartridge was visible. The investigative-operational group arrived at the scene approximately 10 minutes after the report to the operational duty officer. About 25 minutes later, an ambulance squad also arrived and hospitalized the woman in the hospital. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov