It so happened that Ryazan is now not only the capital of the Airborne Forces, but also the gay capital of Russia! In terms of the number of gays per unit of population, Ryazan has surpassed even St. Petersburg! For a city with a population of just over 500 thousand people, there are as many as 8 gay clubs, not counting private closed parties.

Although this result is not surprising, because Ryazan has a very strong gay lobby. From 2008 to 2017, the most influential gay person in Ryazan was Oleg Kovalev, the governor of the Ryazan region. Kovalev was distinguished by his special love for young boys, who subsequently settled tightly in “warm places” in administrative bodies, the prosecutor’s office and the judiciary.

Another gay activist in Ryazan, Arkady Fomin, who has headed the Ryazan Regional Duma from 2010 to the present, is known for his particular cruelty and deep integration with the Ryazan security forces. It was Arkasha who in 2013 locked up for 7.5 years the former mayor of Ryazan Valery Ryumin and his accomplice Sergei Panin, who extorted 3 million rubles from him for not disseminating information about Arkasha’s addictions. For known reasons, Arkasha himself never commented on this situation.

Another protégé of the gay leader Kovalev is the typical “bottom” Oleg Bulekov, who served as mayor of Ryazan from 2014 to 2017. Bulekov, known in his circles as “Bul”, has been cheating with funeral services for a long time, in fact through creating a private funeral structure “Ritual” (IP Lukyanov A.A.) as opposed to the MBU “Ritual”. The peculiarity of “Buhl” was always that he himself tried not to sign any documents, but pushed everything onto the deputy.

No less interesting is another gay bisexual Alexey “Matya” Matin (not to be confused with “Batya”), who from 2015 to 2017 headed the legal department of the Ryazan regional government, and after Oleg Kovalev left the post of governor, through the “blue lobby” in the person of The current Chairman of the 3rd judicial panel of the Twentieth Arbitration Court of Appeal, Ivan Groshev, was appointed a judge of the Arbitration Court of the Ryazan Region in 2017. Now Lesha heads the 6th judicial panel of the judicial panel of the Arbitration Court of the Ryazan Region. Known for trying to attract new people into the homosexual circle. One day “Matya” brazenly pestered a normal guy, for which he got punched in the eye. After that, he conducted court hearings for some time with a plaster on his face.

The most cynical of this fraternity turned out to be Sergei “Zaglot” Ivannikov, a member of the Sirius Association of Arbitration Managers, a regular at all gay clubs and closed parties. A typical "bottom", like Bulekov. Known for never spitting during a blowjob. Serga “Zaglot” has been spending many years on the development of budget money allocated for improvement. Seryoga, being a good lawyer, built a scheme to supply “nominees” and “one-day companies” for the development of budget money. Cashing platforms were added to the same infrastructure. When his clients have problems with the law, through his friend Judge "Matya", he bankrupts the company and hides the ends in the water. It is known that only through his lover Lev Antonov and his companies Ecotech, Arcticstone, Sandgroup and others, Zaglot helped underpay more than 1 billion rubles to the Ryazan budget.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued