In the city quarter "river Park" in Moscow on the waterfront installed a demonstration site with a layout of the facade, designed for the buildings of the second phase. The project was presented by Dmitry Starostin, Vice President of Aeon Corporation construction company. AEON Corporation belongs to Roman Trotsenko, and the ways of doing business are clearly required.a top Manager like Starostin. The latter, as told sources has behind a whole bunch of allegations of criminal offences and sentences. Both for economic crimes, and for banal drunk fights.  

Dmitry Starosti in 1994 graduated with honors from the Moscow Higher combined arms command school named after the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, served as a platoon commander in the same school. Mid-to-late 90's were such times when the Russian army dragged a miserable existence, officers in large numbers went into business that would be able to support families. Not an exception, and senior officers in command of Starostin, in particular Oleg Zelensky. He passed the Deputy General Director of LLC Kudesnik which is engaged in production and sale of load-lifting equipment. Zelensky invited to the firm Dmitry Starostin, who took her position as head of the Department of trade operations. The young officer very well established itself in the firm and soon it "threw" in a responsible direction. OOO Kudesnik acquired in Kostroma region Galichsky jib cranes factory. As a result, Starostin was sent there first as a commercial Director, and then took the position of General Director. Promotion to it provided that Dmitry managed to find instantly a common language with local authorities, first of all with the Governor Victor Shershunov of that time.

And then, according to sources, Starostin began to suffer from the "disease" peculiar to young top managers of that time. Dmitry began to forget that is all, only a hired employee, and perceived the factory as your own, to spend its income at its own discretion. In particular, part of the company's funds went to the election campaign Shershunov. When in 2000 Shershunov was re-elected for a second term, he soon appointed Starostin Vice-Governor as a thank you. Dmitry immediately after that forgotten about his army friends, who called him "the Magician", and about the plant. But in fact the enterprise and its owners, recalled Starostin bad word, because he left behind a mass of large debts. "Hung" they are at the plant. Owners of the enterprise tried to write statements, but further pre-investigation checks business didn't go. The Governor and his young Deputy immediately blocked any attempts to initiate proceedings. Thus, it continued until 2002, when Shershunov "grappled" with the Prosecutor of the Kostroma region Ivan Kondrat, who had strong support in the Prosecutor General's office. (Later Kondrat became Deputy attorney General). He "resuscitated" application for Starostin, the Deputy Governor was immediately initiated two criminal cases. The first concerned the "free" treatment of the means of the Galich plant. As investigators found out, the plant suddenly became a guarantor for a loan of 16 million rubles, issued by Sberbank "Kostroma timber company". However, such guarantee became unexpected only for third-party people. The timber company was created by order of Shershunov, belonged to the administration of the region and was considered the "feeder" of the Governor. And the loan of Sberbank, for which the plant had to pay, was received just before the election campaign. 

On Starostin sued for hooliganism. As a top Manager of the plant, Dmitry spent his evenings in expensive restaurants, "gaining" there to a semi-insane state. In 1998, in another frenzy, Starostin severely beat a certain N. Tarelkin, and bruised V. Marinichev.     

In the autumn of 2002, Starostin did not appear for questioning, after which he was put on the wanted list. He was detained in the Volga region of the Ivanovo region and placed in the jail of Kostroma, changing the measure of restraint with a subscription not to leave for detention. However, the lawyers managed to prove that it was not an escape, but a business trip, and the Deputy Governor was again released for the duration of the investigation on his own recognizance. Thus the regional Prosecutor's office recommended to the Governor to release mister Starostin for the period of a consequence from a post. Victor Shershunov refused to do it, explaining that he was pleased with the work of his Deputy, and his involvement in the theft has not yet been proven.

The trial of Starostin began in autumn 2002. By this time in business there was one more episode. The investigation found out that on the eve of the departure of Mr. Starostin from the plant to the regional administration, that is, during the gubernatorial elections, he stole from his native enterprise 147 thousand rubles. According to the materials of the prosecution, for six months Dmitry received a special pay increase, and in addition, seized from the cash register of the plant on fictitious documents tens of thousands of rubles. The prosecution insisted on four and a half years in prison for Dmitry Starostin. As a result, the court awarded the headman three years in prison for theft, and for the episode with "harm to health" in the restaurant — two years. At the same time was given probation (the court considered positive characteristics from work).


To be continued

Roman Trushkin