Source: continues to acquaint the reader with "wiretaps" from Boris Berezovsky's archive. On this record a certain Chechen (it is known that it is the representative of the lasansky organized criminal group, probably, Hozh-Ahmed Nukhayev) asks WOMEN about his interests in the field of oil business. In particular, about a possible joint "pilage" obankrochennogo Ryazan refinery.  Berezovsky says that the proposals are excellent and it will deal with his "absolutely trusted person" Roma Abramovich.

B: Hello?

H: Alo!

B: Yes, Hello.

CH: Boris Abramovich, good evening…

B: Hello, Hello.

W: are you?

B: Yes, thank you, nothing. How are you?

CH: I'm fine, thank you.

B: Great.

What are you doing?

B: Well, you know, work.


CH: I actually called yesterday…

B: (interrupts) Yes, Yes, I just couldn't tear myself away from the process there yesterday…

H: Yes. I wanted to know... You know, I'd certainly like to see you, for a reason. And of course, there are some things to hide. I just wanted to know about your interests, here, in the oil field. Because I have there is now any there is, as would…

B: Okay.

CH: ... unusual conditions for our plant there, something else, there are some different proposals, just taking into account your activities, so to say, I would like to understand…

B: Yes. I mean, there's yourself, as it has not yet started to do…

H: Yes…

B: Abramovich Samara does all This.

W: Okay.

B: I mean, I'll do it, but not yet. That's why, if you have any ideas, you think that you need to meet, but you need to have it too.

H: Yeah.

B: Or just with him first, because...on the case, he's actually kind of doing it.

W: Okay.

B: Another thing is that if ...

W: (interrupts) But he's a Trustee? Just, uh, confidential information for now.

B: Absolutely, absolutely, not just trust, but absolute trust.

W: Okay. Well, in principle, so in a nutshell, I will say what it is. As far as I know, there you with Novitsky, Yes, are engaged, and so on. That is, it is ongoing, Yes?

B: Yes.

W: Well, just now here with (inaudible) there the question is, as it were, on the verge of bankruptcy. Now, the main creditor of this plant is us.

B: Ryazan?

H: Yes.

B: Yeah.

CH: So they owe us 235 billion rubles. According to the court decision, the decision came into force. But there are different moments how to behave further. Behold. I have there interest, generally that, any part of money, that which I, say, spent, Yes, and something else, from there to pull out, Yes. There are companies there, and financial groups that are, say, interested in...interested in the plant.

B: Ah it.

CH: In principle, it will be in some sort of way.

B: It's a great production. I once again say that Roma is just here, an absolutely trusted person - once, and the second – he is just doing it.

Q: Well, Bor, are you in Moscow at all, or what?


Q: are You in Moscow?

B: I'm in Moscow.

W: I'm just leaving tomorrow.

B: Where are you in Moscow?

CH: I'm in Moscow now, but I'll fly to London tomorrow.

B: If you want, we can see each other today.

W: Maybe it's too late today, if you can. Or how?

B: what time is it late?

W: Well, wait, now, well, it's not too late, let's say, let's say... half past seven. May I?

B: At half past seven, then the conversation will be mostly without me, that is, I will start.

W: And when can you?

B: But it would be better if it was... now I'll turn around, now I have to leave... Igor! (talking to someone next to him, talking) Now, one second.

Q: Boot (?) your with Kostin met in this, have themselves there.

B: Yes, I know that.

W: I'm mostly there.

B: It's... now, just a second... Okay, okay. All right, let's try in... somewhere around... so... eight o'clock.

H: Okay. Where are we going to meet?

B: In the club.

H: In the club.

B: Yeah.

W: In Novokuznetsk, at home?

B: Yes, Yes.

H: Okay. Good.

B: Agreed?

W: Agreed.

B: Thanks.

W: Well, good luck.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov