We continue to talk about the main fixers of the Russian special services of the last decade – the ex-chief of Bank Management Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation Dmitry Frolov and his friend Valentin Gontareva, which was the "right hand" of the former head of the office For Viktor Voronin and influential masseur, Konstantin Goloshchapov. As we found out Valentin Gontarev was closely associated with the ex-head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. Can say is bonded as family. Spouse Gontareva Maria Balenovic is a relative of the wife Yakunin, she was in the leadership of the largest insurer's of the Railways. Now Bolanovich protects family capital, amounting to millions of dollars in the United States.

Gontarev and Frolov, is a kind of milestone in the long shadow of the activities of the Russian security forces. Sometimes the fate of large bankers, businessmen, assets worth billions was decided not in high offices, but in the lobby of the Savoy hotel in Moscow. The fact that Viktor Voronin when he was head of the FSB of the Russian Federation did not acquire in Moscow own or a service apartment. He settled in a spacious room of the hotel "Savoy", from which he walked and walked to work. And in the foyer of the "Savoy" were "right hand" Voronin Valentin Gontarev. There he offered "clients" the General patronage and the solution of problems for the sums from 1 to 10 million dollars. He could ask for a share in the business. According on the final stage of negotiations to join Dmitry Frolov. If it was about very large projects, the businessman could go down personally Viktor Voronin. For businessmen to appreciate the importance and high level of the side with which the negotiations are conducted. Often the talks were attended by Konstantin Goloshchapov.

It should be noted that Valentin Gontarev had the support not only of Voronin. In the 1990s, he worked in the law enforcement agencies of St. Petersburg and provided assistance through his line to a number of novice small businessmen, in particular Boris Rotenberg. I went with them, as well as with the beginning St. Petersburg officials, to the bath.  Then these "small businessmen" turned into billionaires.

Support the empowerment Gontareva happened due to wife Maria Bolanovich, which, according to sources is related to Natalia Yakunina - the spouse of the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. In June 2005, the latter headed Russian Railways, and six months later Maria Bolanovich became the first Deputy General Director and member of the Board of JSC "ZHASO". Insurance company ZHASO was completely under the control of ZAO MC "RVM Capital", which is controlled by the family Yakunin. Using JASO took a gigantic amount of insurance 1.5 million staff of Railways and insurance of passengers. In 2007, ZHASO was included in the top 20 Russian insurers in terms of premiums with fees of 8.8 billion rubles.

And, Bolanovich and was the real leader of ZHASO. When the General Director of the company Mikhailov signed the contract without coordination with it, then immediately flew out of place. At all parties and events Bolanovich could be seen on the right hand of Vladimir Yakunin. At these events next to the wife and Yakunin, present and Valentin Gontarev.

All this cooperation with Yakunin as Resilovo in the line of security forces, bring the family Gontareva and Bolanovich a very good income. Over time, Maria and the children moved permanently to Miami, Gontarev spent much of the time, appearing in Russia, to "Spud" another client. Now these clients are lining up to apply for him and Frolov.

In Miami settled and most of the funds Gontareva and Bolanovich. The family bought real estate there for almost $ 10 million, opened a lot of companies.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov