Source: WWW.RUCRIMIANL.INFO begins a series of investigations about the" bigwigs " of the Russian energy complex. These people move billions, and sometimes unknown to the General public. Who knows about Alexander Muratkin, George Kopylenko, Alexander Zaragatsky? And these people master huge budgetary funds and has the extremely interesting past and the present. Our first investigation will be devoted to the member of the Board of Directors of the "Energy Russian company" (ERKO) George Kopylenko, known for his close cooperation with Victor Vekselberg.

George Kopylenko began his commercial career with the tent business. In 1994, he created JSC "kuris", which opened a network of commercial tents in Moscow. Its partners in the "kuris" was Sergey Korneev, Andrei Ryzhak, Alexei Fungi. At the very beginning of their business partners were in an unpleasant situation. According to in September 1994, Kopylenko, who was the financial Director of AOZT "kuris", was detained by employees of Department of internal Affairs of Northern district of Moscow "for extortion in the group of money in the currency". His accomplices in the police report concluded there was Sergey Korneev (the General Director of "kuris"), Vladimir Privezentsev, Fedor Lobanovskiy (employee "kuris"). Mysteriously Kopylenko was released soon, and the criminal case was closed.  However in ZITS was made card No. 000043118 , where he reported the incident.  In 2003, this card was mysteriously removed from the ZITS.         

Within a few years, the path of partners in the "kuris" dispersed. Andrey Ryzhak first created a company to install plastic Windows, and then became one of the creators and leaders of the ID "reader's Digest", which sends a huge number of letters with proposals to participate in the lottery, and the letter is accompanied by a key to the allegedly played machine or a guarantee of 10 million rubles. According to the interlocutor in banking circles, it was Ryzhak who further contributed to Kopylenko and Ko. in the purchase of the magazine "Man and law". Alexey Gribkov, who was the chief accountant of "kuris", first worked as the chief accountant in different construction companies, then became a notable auditor, a member of the Moscow chamber of auditors and the General Director of the audit firm"tera-consult". In this status, he even teaches at the financial Academy under the government of the Russian Federation.

Kopylenko, along with Korneev in the beginning I tried to become registrars, which in 1995 Kopylenko established LLC "Mpuls-Registry", but this type of business they have, what is called, did not go. Realizing that working with shares is a "Golden bottom", they decide to continue to work in this area. And Kopylenko attracts a new partner – Sergey Kirimov. A graduate of one of the Sverdlovsk vocational schools, was once convicted of hooliganism, and then moved to Moscow. One of the advantages of Kirimov was the presence of links in the judiciary and law enforcement agencies of the Sverdlovsk region. As a result, Kerimov, Kopylenko and Korneev, since 1998, has created a number of structures "Professional and industrial Agency" investment company "Kellogg", a non-profit organization "Fund of support and development of the regional market of securities", JSC "Independent investments", etc. First, the partners tried to play on the stock, and then began to engage in the purchase of shares in favour of third parties for subsequent capture of the enterprises. Gradually, the business partners began to turn into a raider mechanism, the core of which was JSC investment company "DISI-invest". Kopylenko as the person prudent, was officially registered in it only by the CEO (Kirimov - the Executive Director). Founder ZAO were the two shell structures – LLC "AVK Stroy", OOO "Ekspostroytreyd". OOO "Ekspostroytreyd" was established by two individuals - Vladimir Canarium and Anton Surovtsev. In December 2003, the Federal Commission on securities has suspended the licence "dis-ivest", alleging a series of violations. Including the fact that "the middle managers of JSC "IC" DISA-invest"do not have qualification certificates have not been registered in the Register of certified persons". The leaders of the "middle managers" were entirely zits-chairmen. So on the Internet you can find an ad where a former top Manager of "disa", who held the post of its Deputy Director is looking for a job with a salary of $ 700.   

            One of the first major customers of the raiders was Guta Bank, which was familiar from Korneev. According to sources , in the interests of this Bank Kopylenko and Co. seized enterprises ice-Fili, Refrigerated-7,Hladokombinat-2000, etc. For these purposes, Kopylenko, Kerimov and Korneev has created JSC "Trading house ice cream" and so on "Regionprodukt". The next major client of the raiders was SUAL, controlled by Viktor Vekselberg. In 2003-2004, "DISI-invest "in the interests of" SUAL "was engaged in the purchase of shares and the subsequent seizure of a number of enterprises, including" kulebak metallurgical plant"," Boksitogorsk alumina " from the Leningrad region, the upper Salda metallurgical production Association (VMPO).  In buying the shares was also attended by Andrey Pashkovsky – head raider of the unit Renova, other structures of Viktor Vekselberg. According to the interlocutor in banking circles, by the time Kopylenko and Pashkovsky were already familiar. According to his version, Pashkovsky at one time worked in the construction business, was familiar with Gribkov, and he brought him with Kopylenko. Another interlocutor, reported that Kopylenko and Pashkovsky closely met during purchase of shares in interests of "SUAL". One way or another, but this bunch – Kopylenko and Pashkovsky – later turned out to be very strong. 


Anton Grozdev

To be continued