The Telegram channel of the VChK-OGPU and continue to receive new details in the case fabricated by the previously imprisoned swindler Alexander Bykov, who positions himself as the main cashier in Moscow, with the active participation of Bykov's acquaintances, employees of the "K" department: the head of the 8th department Abdrafikov Rustam, his subordinate Burov Alexei, as well as the previously imprisoned Yuri Evdokimov and Alexei Volodkin (the role of which is to organize illegal earnings for the above characters on the “platform” for cashing out funds, which we will talk about later and separately). Also, this “interest group” included employees of the 1st department of the ORC UR No. 4 of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region Starkov Marat and his colleague Vyacheslav.

On Friday, September 30, 2022, a regular hearing was held in the Zyuzinsky court in a criminal case fabricated by Bykov against two heroes of the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus, who have many state awards, ex-fighter of the Alpha special forces unit Maxim Zhukov and veteran of the Special Forces of the Ministry of Defense Igor Tsapko.

Zhukov was among those who rescued hostages from the musical Nord-Ost, carried children out of a burning school in Beslan. Tsapko received many wounds during the establishment of constitutional order in Chechnya and has a huge number of state awards.


 At this meeting, all its participants, including the judge and the prosecutor, heard the testimony of witnesses, which shed light on the level of corruption among the employees of our valiant bodies. Two witnesses were questioned. From their testimony, it became known that Bykov attached falsified material evidence to the criminal case. Earlier, lawyers proved that the medical certificates of Bykov’s beatings were fake, after which the investigator of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Neryupov did not attach fake medical certificates of Alexander Bykov to the indictment, as the defendants began to insist on initiating a criminal case on the fact of falsification. At first, Alexander Neryupov replied to all the appeals of Zhukov and Tsapko that an audit would be carried out later, but then he simply did not refer to them in the indictment so that another criminal case would not be initiated against Bykov. Digressing from the topic, recalls that at least three criminal cases have been initiated against Bykov for fraud, in which he was arrested and placed in a pre-trial detention center.


So, the editors admit that Neryupov did not know that another material evidence in this criminal case against Zhukov and Tsapko is Bykov's jacket stained with his blood, also the result of a falsification committed by Bykov.


As a witness explained in the last court session of the Zyuzinsky District Court, Bykov stained his jacket with blood on the recommendation of operational officers in order to have confirmation of severe beatings from the defendants. According to the witness, Bykov knew that it was impossible to establish the age of the blood stains, and it would not be difficult to confirm that it was his blood. The witness also said that employees of department "K" and the 1st department of the ORCH UR No. 4 of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Moscow Region took an active part in the promotion of this criminal case. The first interrogation of the witness was conducted by Starkov Marat and his colleague Vyacheslav, employees of the criminal investigation department of the Moscow Region. Many people were illegally present at this poll in the office, including, most surprisingly, the "injured" Bykov. In an informal setting, in a friendly company, they dictated testimony, which the witness simply signed, because at that moment he was dependent on Bykov. Later, all these testimonies were copied word for word by operational officers and investigators and given to the witness for signature. At the moment, these testimonies are in the criminal case, given at different times, in which no one even bothered to change a word. The witness told how, on behalf of Bykov, he gave a cooler, a laptop, an armchair and much more to Starkov and his colleague Vyacheslav. He also said that the above employees were doing "business" with Bykov. They helped Bykov in resolving issues related to migrants, markets, almost everywhere where he needed the support of the authorities. The day before the arrest of Zhukov and Tsapko (06/10/2020), Bykov with Burov and the investigator of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Ministry of Defense Linkov spent the whole day in the Investigative Committee “compiling” the documents necessary for the arrest. On the day of detention, they were in the UK from 4 am. And at the very moment of detention, during a search in one of the houses, Burov personally sent photographs of the process to Bykov as a report. This correspondence and photographs were preserved in Bykov's phone, which was attached as material evidence to the criminal case. Thus, we understand that the course of the criminal case against Zhukov and Tsapko was completely controlled by Bykov with the total support of his partners from the "K" department. It also turned out that Bykov issued to his proxies fly-by-night companies, through which he “threw” counterparties and cashed out funds. It became clear to the witness what one of the companies registered to him and his brother was doing only after employees of the regional Economic Crime Department came to him in the summer of 2021 as part of a criminal case on stolen budget money, where the witness was the founder and director. But this case, apparently, was not given a move, since the 8th department of the “K” department has influence on the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Ministry of Defense.


In June 2020, Zhukov’s wife wrote a statement against the head of the FSB’s Internal Security Service on the fact of falsifying documents. In July 2021, the FSB CSS found confirmation of all of the above and, thanks to the ORM, new facts were discovered. As a result, on June 25, 2021, the Russian Investigative Committee sent a report on the discovery of crimes under Art. 303; 306; 307; Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but this report disappeared without a trace. Six months later, thanks to the publicity of these events by the Cheka of the OGPU, the report was found, but some of the materials were missing from it. The 1st Deputy of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Kaburneev, personally made efforts to “hush up” this scandal, after which the investigator Sariy issued a decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case, citing the fact that he could not find Bykov. It turns out that the evidence of falsification with the testimony of witnesses was not a sufficient reason to hold Bykov accountable.


As it turned out from the testimony of the second witness, Bykov brought him to the office on Lubyanka for "preventive communication", where employees of the "K" department persuaded him to give the "necessary" testimony. They were frightened by being sent to a pre-trial detention center, etc. etc. A similar situation occurred during his interrogation, during which Neryupov entered the office and instructed him to be taken to the pre-trial detention center if he did not say what the investigator needed. The witness was not afraid and gave truthful testimony, which the investigator refused to enter into the protocol of interrogation.

As a result, instead of being at the forefront in this difficult time for the country, two officers with extensive combat experience are forced to defend their honor and dignity by fighting against the professional fraudster Bykov and the law enforcement officers corrupted by him.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued