The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel spoke about a Ukrainian citizen who does not even have a registration in Moscow, Maxim Sheremet. He opened a construction office with the name "LLC DMS GROUP", made it bankrupt, but somehow the company, being at the stage of bankruptcy, began to win large tenders. In collusion with Konstantinov, the head of the Renovation Fund, Anatoly Konstantinov-Sheremet was able to agree to hold an auction and, as the only participant, it is not clear why the only one, was able to win the tender for 28 billion rubles of the renovation program for the microdistrict 24 of the Sviblovo district.

Максим Шеремет

⠀ In his close circle, Konstantinov says that JSC Moskapstroy is surviving from the Moscow market and ordered the head to bring him to criminal responsibility.

Who is the recipient of tens of billions of funds for renovation? We studied this office, as well as Sheremet himself, the company threw partners for almost 500 million rubles - now the proceedings are underway in the Moscow Arbitration Court. How she was allowed to participate in the auction, it remains only to think, it is quite obvious that a corruption conspiracy with Konstantinov can be traced. Maxim Sheremet himself is not a builder by education; earlier, according to the reports of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate for the Moscow Region, he was held as the leader of the "Organized Criminal Group of OPG", was involved in extortion. So, on 04/06/2016, he was taken to the Main Internal Affairs Directorate for the Moscow Region for extortion, but somehow he was able to evade responsibility. Surrounded by Sheremet, he says that he put Konstantinov in office and that he actually distributes the entire budget of the Renovations Fund and, according to him, has patrons from the central Office of the FSB of Russia.

According to, the head of the fund, Anatoly Konstatntinov, a lover of expensive watches and gifts, distributes budget money in violation of the Federal Law "On the contract system in the procurement of goods, works, services to meet state and municipal needs" dated 05.04.2013 N 44- FZ.

I simply gave 28 billion to swindlers and swindlers. Maxim Sheremet is collecting government orders with the help of Anatoly Konstantinov and then, without hesitation, he offers to subcontract the same contracts for a 20% rollback and no matter how and who will build the facilities. Most importantly, this is a 20% rollback, and this is a direct embezzlement of budget funds, thus it becomes clear that the fraudster Sheremet is practically an accomplice and creator of the scheme for embezzling the Moscow budget.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov