As it became known to, an employee of one of the American real estate companies contacted the Attorney General Igor Krasnov. He claims to have been the victim of a € 3.5 million scam by well-known people in Russia who now live in London. These are close associates and friends of Anatoly Chubais and Mikhail Ablyazov. We are talking about the former Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Atomic Energy, the ex-Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rusnano Andrei Malyshev and the ex-financial director of RAO UES and a long-term partner of the former General Director of Rusnano Leonid Melamed Dmitry Zhurba. The first on the international wanted list in the case of embezzlement in "Rusnano", the second left Russia after being summoned for interrogation in this case. Malyshev and Zhurba with their families settled in London.

Андрей Малышев

According to the applicant, the company where he works received an offer to purchase 70 properties in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Limassol, Larnaca, Monaco, Cannes, Marbella, Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt am Main, Baden Baden, Paris, London, Riga. The company's clients were only interested in a number of objects, during the negotiations it turned out that the property belongs to the families of Malyshev and Zhurba. Both personally negotiated, agreed that the deal will take place in London and by bank transfer. However, then Malyshev and Zhurba asked to transfer the deal to Moscow and pay in cash, offering a good discount from the price for this. Due to their status in a criminal case, they asked a proxy to carry out the transaction, to whom 3.5 million euros were transferred by the buyer. The real estate was registered for the representative of the company, but almost instantly it was arrested at the request of the wives of Malyshev and Zhurba and by the decision of the judge of the Basmanny Court Karpova (Malyshev's neighbor). The money was not returned to the buyer, he believes that he has become a victim of a planned scam.

Дмитрий Журба talked to the victim (he asked not to be named) and publishes the version of events he told:

“I work for an American company in the real estate department.

In the spring of 2019, we received an offer from an English broker. There were over 70 real estate objects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Limassol, Larnaca, Monaco, Cannes, Marbella, Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt am Main, Baden Baden, Paris, London, Riga.

All owners are citizens of the CIS. All properties were offered on exclusive terms as Off Market Sales

We have sent this offer to our clients as part of the newsletter. Some objects were of interest to our clients.

One of these clients was an American company, which eventually became interested in 3 apartments in Moscow. And 2 more in France. The company is engaged in real estate investment.

After the selection of real estate objects of interest to clients, we asked the broker for more detailed information.

The client company has authorized me to purchase apartments for the purpose of investing money and then renting them out.

So I met Dmitry Gennadievich Zhurba and Andrey Borisovich Malyshev

All negotiations were conducted with them.

I communicated with them exclusively via Telegram.

All properties were assigned to their wives. Which is quite common.

Several times the sellers met in London to discuss the details of the deals. The meeting was attended by Andrey and Dmitry.

Initially, it was planned to carry out payments for the purchase of real estate through escrow in the UK. But then Dmitry and Andrei expressed a desire to carry out settlements in Russia for cash, since they needed money there. And they offered to make another discount. In general, the buyer's company was satisfied with it.

The deal was planned to be carried out at the end of September, but Dmitry and Andrey had something to postpone all the time, they could not decide on the dates of arrival, then they were on vacation.

As a result, it turned out that Marina Malysheva, Andrei's wife, and Natalya Belanova, Dmitry's wife, would not be able to fly to Russia for signing, but they notified us that on Russian territory all transactions would be carried out with the sellers' attorney, their acquaintance, a certain Victoria, who acts on the basis of general notarial powers of attorney. Copies of which were provided to us by Dmitry Gennadievich Zhurba and Andrey Borisovich Malyshev.

When we learned that the transaction would be carried out under a power of attorney issued in a foreign state, it was decided to conduct the transaction through a Russian notary. To which they agreed.

The client's company authorized me to conduct the transaction.

At the time of the conclusion of the transaction through a notary, the authenticity and legal grounds for the transaction with real estate were verified by him.

The funds for settlements from our client were transferred to me in Moscow City on December 12, 2019.

The first time I saw Victoria was at the notary's. She was accompanied by 2 men. They also called up with Andrey and Dmitry all the time when they were drawing up the purchase and sale agreement.

For safe calculation For the purchase of apartments, Andrey and Dmitry were offered to use a safe deposit box of the Fora bank.

The calculation was carried out by agreement in euros at the exchange rate on the day of signing the contract. The bank counted and transferred the funds, after which I received 3 receipts from Victoria on the receipt of money. At the same time, we talked twice with Dmitry and Andrey by phone. Victoria, accompanied by 2 men, left the bank with the money. A few days later I received all the title documents for the purchased apartments.

And here, just before the New Year holidays in Russia and Christmas in Europe and America, the most interesting thing began: on December 29, Natalya Belanova, through lawyers, is seeking an injunction against the apartment I bought and owned by the judge of the Presnensky District. Although everyone says that on New Year's Eve it is unlikely to hold at least some kind of hearing.

In mid-January, Marina Malysheva, arrives in Moscow, submits a statement to the police that her apartment was allegedly stolen. Our gallant guards of order and purses of Londoners from the Department of Internal Affairs of the CJSC (everyone is familiar with the case of Ivan Golunov) react instantly. And within 2 days, their representative Victoria, the mother of 2 minor children, is detained.

Already on the same evening, police officers, without warrants and documents, come home to my former common-law wife, the mother of an underage child, and take her out at night in an unknown direction, demanding to hand me over to them.

As I was told by professional lawyers, the scheme of the perfect scam is quite understandable. Andrei and Dmitry were negotiating the sale, but the property belongs to their wives according to the documents. Then they found the girl Victoria through one of their acquaintances, and wrote out a power of attorney for her abroad. After receiving payment for the apartment from me, after a short period of time they file a lawsuit to invalidate the transactions. Thus, I lose more than 3.5 million euros of other people's money given to me by the company, and I lose the right to use and perform any actions in relation to the property I have purchased. And if we add to this the planned arrest and detention of me, then I practically had no chance of doing anything.

Then came the courts in the Presnensky court, and the pandemic. The case fell to Judge Karpova, Marina Malysheva's neighbor on Molodogvardeyskaya Street.

The wonders of the Russian judicial system are no secret to anyone. And, despite the fact that all the documents prepared and sent by Andrey and Dmitry are officially registered in the register of the Prosecutor General's Office that issued their country, and in the register of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Judge Karpova did not consider this a significant fact, did not send court requests through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or international legal assistance. Despite all the requests of my lawyers and the provision of official confirmation, including from the consulate of the Russian Federation.

Naturally, Judge Karpova ruled in favor of the Malyshevs and Zhurba / Belanova.

Our appeal was denied.

There was no reaction to all appeals to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the General Prosecutor's Office, the FSB, the Presidential Administration. In addition to the usual wording - your appeal has been redirected to the appropriate department. And lo and behold, again at the Department of Internal Affairs of the CJSC. Although the real estate objects are located on the Arbat. More precisely Plotnikov Lane and Lane Sivtsev Vrazhek. "

To be continued

Timofey Grishin