While the heads of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin and Yuri Urlichich report on the mythical achievements of the Russian space industry, it is increasingly declining. There is no particular surprise here. For some reason, a couple of Roskosmos executives are sympathetic to top managers who have come across corruption stories. This time will tell you about the Deputy General Director-General Designer of the Russian Space Systems (RCS) Sergei Yezhov. At one time, the operatives detained the main censor of the Russian space industry, the head of the Mercury company, Alexander Polyakov, through whom they were kidnapped and "washed" billions of budget rubles. Top managers of RSC Energia were closely associated with him, including the ex-director of the ISS, RCS, etc. operation program. During interrogations, Polyakov admitted that when he served in the military mission in the RKS, he became friends with Yezhov and that he introduced him into the world of big space money. Polyakov collaborated with top managers who were controlled by Yezhov. And Yezhov had a share of all the stolen money. Yezhov's personal driver constantly came to Polyakov and his deputy Diorditsa for a share. There was even an official identification of this driver. All this testimony and evidence in relation to Yezhov was simply thrown away at the trash can. We are publishing the materials of the case against Polyakov.

The head of the investigation group - Deputy Head of the Investigation Department of the Fourth Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Colonel of Justice A.A. Katkov, having examined the materials of the criminal case No. 116011454004000054, ESTABLISHED: Polyakov Alexander Viktorovich committed fraud, that is, theft of other people's property by abuse of trust, using his official position, by an organized group, on an especially large scale. So, he (Polyakov A.V.), being a shareholder and general director of CJSC "Mercury" (from March 20, 2012 to the present), at an unspecified time in the period from 2010 to 2011, became a part of the established Krylov I.A. ... organized criminal group, which, in addition to him, included the director of the rocket and space instrument making plant of JSC Russian Space Systems VI Tolmachev, shareholder and general director of JSC Mercury AV Diorditsa. (from July 27, 2009 to March 20, 2012), as well as unidentified persons, with the aim of committing theft of budget funds allocated by JSC Russian Space Systems (until October 23, 2009 - FSUE Russian Research Institute of Space Instrumentation , from July 16, 2015 to the present time JSC "Russian Space Systems"), located at the address: Moscow, st. Aviamotornaya, 53, within the framework of the implementation of treaties in the space sector, by abuse of confidence, using official position. In pursuance of a criminal intent, Krylov I.A., being, according to order Ne 3626k of December 21, 2006 (appointed from December 1, 2006), deputy director of the experimental plant for economics of FSUE "Russian Scientific Research" (hereinafter FSUE "RNII KP") , according to order No. 825k of February 25, 2011 (appointed from January 1, 2011) Deputy Director of the rocket and space instrument making plant for economics of JSC Russian Space Systems, according to order No. 2610k of September 24, 2013 (appointed from August 1, 2013 ) Deputy Director of the Rocket and Space Instrument Making Plant for Development, Innovation and Economics of JSC Rossiyskie dated October 6, 2014; Director for Contractual and Economic Work of JSC Russian Space Systems (dismissed on November 20, 2015 in accordance with order No. 4216k of November 20, 2015 ), by virtue of their official position, having information about the availability of budgetary funding under contracts: No 732 / 716-11-11 of February 12, 2011 and o 732 / 716-10-11 of February 12, Institute of Instrumentation "Space Space Systems", according to the order on 2942k 2011 between JSC "Russian Space Systems" JSC "Information Satellite and Systems" named after academician 1M.F ... Reshetnev "for the manufacture and delivery of products for spacecraft" GLONASS-M "No. 50-57, which are dual-purpose vehicles, of the federal target program" Maintaining, developing the framework and using the GLONASS system for 2012-2020 "; 7301 / 650ЭЗ dated December 01, 2010 between JSC Russian Space Systems and JSC Rocket and Space Corporation Energia named after S.P. Korolev "(hereinafter RSC Energia, JSC) for development work" Production and transfer to the Customer of prototypes of equipment "EKTS-TKA" for publishing. 11F615 and ed.11F732 "within the framework of the state contract of November 17, 2007 351-8626 / 07 between the Federal Space Agency and RSC Energia, at an unspecified time in the period from 2010 to 2011, assigned the roles and responsibilities of the partners included to an organized group, namely:

Tolmachev V.I .: : to ensure the choice of the type of parts that do not have individual numbers in production, in order to conceal criminal activity, preparation of fictitious documents reflecting the transfer of design documentation, fictitious materials of documents and their approval by JSC Russian Space Systems, and subsequently the destruction of traces of criminal activities, and the signing of tags indicating the details of the alleged substitution of CJSC "Mercury", the manufacture of all the necessary parts-assembly units (hereinafter DSE) for the assembly of equipment by the plant employees, the approval and signing of fictitious documents from the heads of JSC "Russian Space Systems" unaware of the criminal intent of the participants in making the group; -

to him (A.V. Polyakov): ensure the signing of fictitious documents by CJSC "Mercury", the organization of the cash withdrawal process, the timely transfer of stolen cash to I.A.Krylov, the creation of documentary visibility for the production of DSE, the veiling of the criminal activities of an organized group under the guise of real financial and economic activities of CJSC "Mercury";

- Diordice A.V. ensure the signing of fictitious documents on the part of Mercury CJSC, preparation for organizing transfers for the purpose of cashing out funds received under contracts from Russian Space OJSC for organizations that do not carry out real financial and economic activities and have signs of fictitiousness, accounting for Mercury CJSC ", Payment of taxes and fees from the received monetary performance of the work; signing of fictitious documents of the system"; implementation of real financial and "rough" accounting for the visibility of the funds of the company's economic activities, the creation of an organized group, namely, accounting for the amounts distributed by I.A. Krylov. between group members;

 - to unidentified accomplices who are aware of criminal intent: to provide assistance in obtaining cash from him (A.V. Polyakova) and A.V. Diorditsa, preparation of fictitious documents of contracts and annexes to them, signing and approval of these documents.

In turn, Krylov I.A., in addition to the general organization of the activities of his duties of the criminal group, left in cash the personal receipt of funds, the distribution of stolen funds between the members of the organized group and unidentified persons, the approval and signing of fictitious documents from the heads of JSC Russian Space Systems, unaware of the criminal intent of the group members.

The stability of the created by I.A. organized criminal activity (more than four years), the constancy of the main composition of the participants and the invariability of the criminal goal of personal enrichment at the expense of the state, the cohesion of the group was determined by the duration of the implementation of which the organized criminal group was manifested in the workers, all the accomplices sought to achieve. the presence of long-term friendly relations, dependence on each other for professional activities and based on this trust between Krylov I.A. and his immediate supervisor Tolmachev V.I. 2007 (with and professional ties with him (Polyakov A.V.) and Diorditsa A.V. (since 2008), the strict implementation of decisions taken by I.A.Krylov on the activities of the group. The organization of the criminal group was expressed in the distribution of roles and subordination Krylov I.A. of all members of the group, as evidenced by clear and consistent interaction: in the preparation of fictitious documents, allegedly testifying to the performance of work by CJSC Mercury and the supply of DSE to JSC Russian Space Systems; when making payments from a year), also the duration of friendly relations of accounts in JSC Russian CJSC Mercury; in the implementation of space systems "to cash-out accounts and a pre-agreed distribution of stolen budgetary funds, interest in obtaining their share of the stolen funds, as well as in conspiracy, corruption and veiling the criminal activities of the group by covering up the activities of CJSC" Mercury ", which has experience in the space industry.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov