The arrested Senator from Karachay-Cherkessia Rauf Arashukov declares that it stipulated in the case of murders for 60 million rubles. "Senator Arashukov conveyed through his lawyers, who visited him today in the detention center, that he is preparing an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation, which will lead to the facts, from which it follows who exactly and for what reason organized the criminal prosecution of Arashukovs, and will also lead to evidence that both "killers" in his case testified at more than 30 million rubles each," - said the Senator's defenders.

Something, apparently, not very good at Arashukova and with imagination, and with the defenders. To understand this is not difficult enough to count the testimony of Rustam Kopsergenov that has

"In 2009, I was with my friend Kunizhev Muhumed on condolences on the death of one of his relatives in the village of habez of the Khabez district of the KCR. At this time, there was Rauf Arashukov. I know him was not , however, at the time knowing that he lives in Zabete. I don't remember what Rauf Arashukov was doing at that moment. When we were at the condolences, Kunizhev Muhammad introduced me to Rauf Arashukov personally. While Dating , we Rauf phones are not exchanged and after about one year I never met him, hadn't called. I have a mobile phone, his number was not", - stated in the testimony, which is available to

Here it is necessary to explain that Rustam kopsergenov-criminal "authority". And the person for a certain circle of persons necessary. Well, if you beat someone, knock out a debt, etc. 

As a result, when Rauf" across the throat "stood Fral Shebzukhov, he asked to arrange a meeting with Kopsergenov, knowing that he was just a specialist in" disassembly " with objectionable.        

"In 2010 on Kosmonavtov street in the city of Cherkessk I met Rauf Arashukov....During conversation, Rauf Arashukov told me that he has problems with one person - Fral Shebzukhov, and asked me to help to solve this problem, that is to find people that they frightened and beat the last. At the same time Rauf for the provision of this service offered 500 thousand rubles. I explained that during the week recognize and identify with the people, and then tell him later," - said in the testimony, which is available to

Then kopsergenov began to search for artists amongst their "friends". So, I agreed to work today Kosterov. With him kopsergenov was friends since childhood, together they were engaged in Boxing. Kosterov moved in a wheelchair, but undertook to find men. And found Gabueva, Totorkulov, Tulparov.

As a result, a meeting between Kopsergenov and Rauf Arashukov was organized again near the administrative building of Gazprom, located on Kosmonavtov street in Cherkessk.

"I came on my BMW 650 in black and matte color without license plates. .....Rauf Arashukov sat down to me in the car, I told him that I found people who can perform his service, namely to scare and beat Fral Shebzukhov and Rauf Arashukov gave me money in the amount of 500 Tr banknotes of 5000, after which we parted," - said during the interrogation kopsergenov.

Later, he added, unfolded the testimony, etc. Recall these testimony was given on December 9, 2017 after the arrest of Kopsergenov. SU SKR on KCR did not want to catch him at all, the operation was carried out by operatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of skfo. And here comes now, kopsergenov for money assumes "murder", that is podpisyvaet under a term of 12 years and above. And most importantly, some attackers bribed Kopsergenov for his testimony in DECEMBER 2017 . When Rauf Arashukov Almighty Senator, his father Raul gas king and the chance to somehow move from their positions almost was not. That and has been confirmed then. Recall, Rauf was detained in January 2019 - more than a year after the testimony of Kopsergenov.

All these excuses Rauf and his protection look so ridiculous, that and to speak not want. And nothing else in their defense, they have not been able to come up. Kopsergenov's testimony is confirmed by the testimony of dozens of witnesses and other evidence. 

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy