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On March 7, the meeting of the head of the Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov and Vladimir Putin was held. The chief railroad worker told the president about the company's profits for 2016, tariff freight turnover, etc. Of course, he did not say that all these indicators could have been higher for RZD long ago if the company had not been "eaten up" by corruption. It literally pierced all the units of RZD, and the resignation of the former head of the company Vladimir Yakunin did not change the situation. Top managers of Russian Railways literally bathe in luxury and even build themselves some luxury cities. This is, for example, in Rublevka, in the Krylatsky district, amidst age-old pine trees, where all or more or less important top managers of Russian Railways acquired mansions or, in the worst case, apartments. The former RZD lawyer Eduard Vidov told all about this in his address to the head of Rosfinmonitoring. This appeal was at the disposal of and we publish it in full.


To the Director of the Federal Service

On financial monitoring

Yu.A. Chikhanchin

From Vidov Eduard Sergeevich,

On the scale of corruption in JSCo «Russian Railways»

Dear Yuri Anatolyevich!

I am the former leading legal advisor of the legal department of the largest branch of JSCo Russian Railways, the Central Directorate of Infrastructure (IDC), who was illegally dismissed because of the fight against corruption when concluding contracts. All procurement activities of Russian Railways are regulated by Federal Law "On Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Individual Types of Legal Entities", according to which all RZD contracts must be concluded exclusively on a competitive basis, ensuring publicity and transparency of procurement, preventing corruption and other abuses. However, this law is ignored in RZD. Competition procedures are conducted only in respect of a small number of purchases, and those are fictitious. Procurement documentation is prepared for specific, the same counterparties, often consisting of a director and an accountant, but those who win multi-billion-dollar Russian Railways competitions are, at best, employees of Russian Railways for amounts hundreds of times lower than those stipulated in contracts, And a colossal difference is being "cut" between the counterparty and the management of RZD. According to a huge number of contracts, the work is not carried out at all, and at the same time they are fully paid for, on the basis of fictitious acts of work performed. The quality of work on such "executed" contracts is extremely low, almost never meets the regulatory requirements. In fact, the volumes performed are also several times lower than those specified in the contracts.
In cases where the managers of RZD were not sure that they would "drag" their counterparty to a fictitious procurement procedure, they simply issued an order or an order on the basis of which a contract was concluded with the counterparty that they needed, for any amount, for absolutely different types of work. The amounts under such contracts exceed billions of rubles.
Successfully applied in the Russian Railways and other schemes. For example, in the Procurement Regulations, which is accepted by RZD in accordance with the requirements of the above-mentioned FZ-223, but contradicting it, corrupt officials of RZD illegally prescribed a rule that "gives them the right" to conclude a contract for the delivery of the same goods without conducting procurement procedures amounting to 500,000 Rubles per quarter for the whole Company. Despite the fact that the norm was initially illegal, the management of RZD managed to "cut" tens of billions of rubles under its cover: the purchase of the product of the same name is simply split up into thousands of contracts throughout the Company for amounts of 500,000 rubles without any procurement procedures. For the uninitiated at first glance, all this will seem a trifle - 500 thousand rubles is not money for such a Company, but this is done. Only in 2014 and only in the CDI have more than 18,000 such contracts signed for more than 2 billion rubles, splitting the amount of contracts for 500 thousand rubles, inventing non-existent items under contracts, ignoring the law on procurement and antitrust laws.
"Peel" all who can. Who is responsible for what economy, at the expense of this and rob. Do not forget that the official salary in RZD is very high, but for large ranks it is simply not understandable for the consciousness in terms of validity. Plus to this - individual mansions or in the worst case apartments in the closed "city of Russian Railways" in Rublevka, in the Krylatsky district, amidst age-old pines, multibillion-dollar spending for the maintenance of which for RZhD "mere trifles". Of course, for managers everything is free. Representative office foreign cars, for the purchase and maintenance of which also take billions, there is no need to speak, as well as about what kickbacks are received from a dealer selected on a "competitive" basis. It would be "surprising" if the railway transport authorities used rail transport to once again exercise control over its condition, not to mention that it is several times cheaper, especially in this case, as they say, at cost. It is much more "logical" for the railway management to use motor vehicles, and then suddenly they will learn on personal experience what the notorious railway service with dirty cars and bending over on the side because of "innovative" ways by hardly moving aeroexpressions and other trains means, and that the fare at the price of an air flight. At the same time, you can participate in creating traffic jams on the road and sit in it half a day to get to the airport, into another, completely aimless business trip. Two drivers, two secretaries and an assistant in addition to everyone, even the smallest pimple in RZD.
To ensure that corruption in the Russian Railways does not slow down and its scale was confidently holding the "honorable" first place, the leadership of RZD determined nepotism to be "reasonably" second in the scale of evil in RZD, in all its forms and at all levels. In the beginning, of course, the appointment of wives and children - they call it familial or hereditary railway workers. When incompetent wives and their same offspring are attached to grain places, the line reaches the rest of the relatives and former accomplices whom they steal in the regions. Muscovites among the leaders in the office of the Russian Railways no place. And it's alright if they invited genius production workers and managers who developed innovative methods of effective management or production. But after all, the most illiterate, unworthy crooked-looking persons are dragged here from all parts of the country, those who out there mercilessly plundered the Company, sharing with whom they need to be upstairs, in fact proving their indispensability for the nomenclature. After the promotion, these "professionals" behind them drag their whole gang, up to the secretary and the driver, because Muscovites "are not able" not only to manage the Company, but even the company car. The results of the activities of these interrupted managers, corresponding to: the prices for RZD services, which can not withstand any criticism, are maximally unreasonable, train wrecks and wrecks - every day, and corruption, nepotism and personnel arbitrariness only increase.
Of course, and "my" branch was no exception. The Center was established in 2011. Head appointed Sverdlovsk railway. Suprun VN, one of the most corrupt and vile leaders - this and known throughout the Company. Immediately after his appointment, he brought from Sverdlovsk all his former accomplices and other minor executors of his illegal assignments. He brought to Moscow not only his two illiterate secretaries and drivers, but absolutely everyone, right up to the experts of the Sing category. As well as "obliging" the traditions in the Russian Railways, he appointed his wife to be directly subordinated to the deputy head of the Service Management Service, with a salary of several hundred thousand rubles. For three years of work in CDI under her leadership, in the literal sense, not a single document was prepared, not even a simple cover letter. She did not participate in any meeting, and she could only see it on the way to the dining room and back, and also every time the employees of the IDC were rewarded for their achievements and achievements in their work. Another deputy of this Service was her close friend from the Sverdlovsk Railway. The head of this Service Suprun appointed Yakovlev - his cousin, whose professional level is simply shocking because of the total absence, which managed to make five mistakes at the very top word in the CDI - "infrastructure". He used Suprun mainly to carry things, as well as collecting various gossips about the employees of the CDI. Ordinary specialists in this Service, in the majority, worked as friends of Suprun's daughter, which they openly informed themselves in order to establish their own orders.

Our department also did not become an exception: first Suprun appointed Lyginu - the daughter of his assistant in Sverdlovsk, and then two of her classmates, who spent the whole day sitting in a cafe or in a smoking room. Lygin himself was appointed head of the administrative and economic department of the CDI, and his wife - in the Personnel Management Service. Also to us in the department Suprun appointed an absolutely insane person, without hesitation stating that he was a civil husband of his daughter. The daughter of Suprun attached to the Legal Service of the Moscow Railway, and after she, even with the connections of the father could not work there, he attached her to the assistant to the notary Kosenko DV, who serves the Railways. Son Suprun attached to a subsidiary of RZD. On the same principle, Suprun formed all other services, departments and departments of the CDI, and those leaders who were appointed not from his gang, he mercilessly survived, drawing time and again to disciplinary responsibility on false grounds.
Suprun's behavior was more like the behavior of a completely inadequate person, out of the mind of the surviving old man. 90% of hours of meetings he devoted to them the same fictitious gossip, insulting all in a row, regardless of positions, age and even sex. In one of these attacks, he, right at the meeting, insulted one of the leaders, and then began to ask everyone: is the word "shit" a literary word? Even those who were accustomed to his insanity and afraid of his leaders, still began to say that no, but his madness only intensified and he sent the above-mentioned Yakovlev to his office for a dictionary. Yakovlev brought the dictionary, and without finding this word, Suprun began to yell with inhuman roar that they had brought the wrong dictionary. On September 30, 2014, on the eve of the Company Day, a celebratory event was held in the CWCJ, but most of the employees of the CDI did not come to it, because Everyone was tired of listening to Suprun's on-duty, worn speeches about their irreplaceability and exclusivity, as well as clapping his wife, which he once again undeservedly awarded (with a bonus payment). The whole next day, from 8 am to 7 pm, in revenge, Suprun and Bersenev summoned absolutely every employee of the CDI and asked about the reasons for their absence in the CCPM. Is it possible for mentally healthy people to behave this way? At the same time, on the Day of the Company, they reprimanded almost all the leaders, even those who are on a business trip thousands of kilometers away from Moscow these days (protocol 01.10.2014 No. ЦДИ-1603 / пр), because their subordinates do not Came on the eve of patting Suprun. He got away with everything, because he was at the head of billions of flows. Only with the arrival of Belozerov Suprun was expelled from the Company. At the same time, his entire gang and did stay in the CDR, continuing the work of his patron.
The managerial staff of only one CDI (700 people) in number is several times greater than the entire apparatus of the Ministry of Railways of the USSR, not to mention the many-thousandth apparatus of Russian Railways. During the whole period of Suprun's work, train wreckage and wreckage grew in geometric progression, forcing the owners of wagons to take the blame on themselves, threatening them with various administrative resources, for example, a ban on the operation of their wagons.
With influential owners, they simply agreed: officially they take the blame on themselves, and RZD compensates them for the damage caused to them in full. Those. It turned out that like wine in the wreck of documentary is entrusted to private traders, but at the same time harm compensates RZD for private traders. Neither the tax authorities nor the law enforcement agencies have ever checked such an absurdity. In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Transport of December 25, 2016 No. 163, in force until 2014, the representatives of Rostransnadzor were obliged to manage the commissions to investigate the cases of train crashes, however, as a rule, they did not even happen at the crash site, and the investigation was actually handled by local railwaymen, Wagons, etc., which, while the big ranks that arrived from Moscow had a great time, prepared a conclusion for them, and the commission from Moscow then simply signed it. Those. The incidents were actually investigated by those who are guilty of his incident.
And then, like a mediocre producer, everything is the same scenario. The first analysis (investigation meeting) is held at the enterprise where the incident occurred, a protocol is being prepared. The second is for the head of the infrastructure directorate. The third - the chief of the railway. The fourth is from the head of the corresponding directorate of the Central Information Office in Moscow, where a huge number of leaders from the region of the incident fly out. The fifth is from the head of the CDI. The sixth is for the vice-president of the CFM supervisor. The seventh analysis - the first vice president of RZD. Of course, all the analysis on different days. Protocols in all seven parsing are rewritten comma in a comma, only signed by different leaders. No real desire to understand the reasons - only the creation of the appearance, that at all levels conducted a "thorough" investigation. The costs of the endless flights of a huge number of executives and their "free" placement in Moscow, awaiting further analysis, are of no interest to anyone, despite the availability of modern halls for video conferencing everywhere, not to mention the fact that for this time the region actually remains without guidance, Since everything is in Moscow. They themselves called the Ministry of Permanent Meetings the Ministry of Permanent Meetings.

As already mentioned, nepotism, like corruption in RZD, flourishes at all levels. Deputy Suprun for personnel Bersenev, previously also his subordinate all in the same Sverdlovsk, from his patron did not lag behind, appointing his wife also to himself in direct submission. His offspring, Bersenev immediately after graduation, appointed a driver. Bersenev the offspring did not go to work, he managed even during the year of his "work", three times to fly outside of Moscow for two weeks of rest, and during his absence, he was continued to forge medical examinations, travel sheets, time sheets, etc.., And paid him for these periods of his absence salary. These actions must be unconditionally qualified in parts 2 and 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - fraud committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, as well as using their official position. Despite this, the Moscow interregional transport prosecutor Tyulkov V.G. forbade a criminal case against this young rogue and his accomplices, who confidently began his fraudulent life in the footsteps of his father. Instead of deporting this shameful family from RZD and bringing to criminal responsibility, Bersenev-dad assigned his son to the central apparatus of the CJI in his direct submission, and a few months later appointed him head of human resources for one of the Moscow enterprises. This is just one of a thousand examples of the fact that theft from the first days of work in RZD is the main, if not the only, guarantee of career growth, which, in turn, opens vast expanses for even greater corruption.
On the presentation of all the facts would have gone years, but a few ordinary violations still point.
1) Examples of concluding contracts with fictitious items on the basis of illegally issued orders:
Contract No. ZDDIP / 24 / 162-13-00034 dated November 25, 2014 with JSC NIIAS for work in preparation for the management of JSCo Russian Railways, by 11,300,000 rubles. Reason: order Tselko from 14.04.2014 № 936r;
Contract No. ЦЦЦЦЕ / 37 dated October 17, 2013 with OOO ENERGOPROMSBYT for the development of a concept, business plan and tariff model for the formation and development of the electricity grid business, by 25,960,000 rubles. Reason: Order of September 16, 2013 № 1974r;
Contract No. ЦЦЦЦЕ / 38 from 01.11.2013 with CJSC ERTA-consulting for work on preparing documents for submission of the investment program of JSCo «Russian Railways» to the Ministry of Energy of Russia for 11,800,000 rubles. Grounds: Instruction Totally dated 17.10.2013 No. P-AC-31;
The agreement № ЦДЦЦЭ / 2 from 20.06.2014 all with the same with CJSC ERTA-consulting and again on the preparation of documents for submission to the Ministry of Energy of Russia, for 6 136 000 rubles. Reason: of course Instruction Full as of March 19, 2014 No. П-АЦ-12;
Contract No. ЦДЭ / 1 of 16.10.2014 with JSC "IERT" for the development of current indices for the change in the estimated cost of work performed at the current maintenance of the railway. Way, to 4 932 400 rubles. Reason: Order from 22.10.2013 № 2235р;
Contract number TSTSIDM / 7 dated 04.06.2014 with OAO "VNIIZhT" to perform work on the causes of the destruction, damage or fracture of the upper parts of the structure the way to the BIC facilities for 7.08 million rubles. Justification: Order of 21.03.2014 № 732r;
Contract number 123-14-00001 / TSDITSV / 19 dated 11.08.2014 with OAO "NIIAS" to the maintenance of the operation of navigation and communication modules firefighters trains at 29,499,918 rubles. Base: Directive Vice President Gapanovich on 3/19/2014 number 701r;
Contract number TSDIBT / 1 dated 07.08.2014 with MGUPS (MIIT) for execution of works on the theme "Development and implementation of a pilot project profriekami management system in the IDC," to 9.5 million rubles Base: Order Gapanovich from 12.07.13 № 1556r;
Contract number TSTSISZ / 4 from 16.09.2014 with LLC "Holding Company" Rostzheldortrans "the supply of furniture boss CDR at 12,856,837 rubles. Base: Order of 08.20.2014 number Tselko 1935r.
Contract number TSDIT / 1 dated 12.05.2013 with ZAO "MCD Partner" to work on the formation of models of operational management processes, infrastructure CCCI complex on 23.6 million rubles. In this period of works - 31.12.2013! Base: Order of 15.10.2013 number Tselko 2201r. More than two years of leadership CDR sought to create another of his unit - CCCI, thousands of times basing its necessity, and suddenly now they do not even realize what needed model management processes that CCCI, spending tens of millions to come to an understanding!
Apparently the size of the rollback of the above agreement as inspired, and perhaps disappointed that with the same counterparty, JSC "MKD Partner", entered into another of the same pointless Contract number TSDIRSU / 2 from 07.22.2014 on the work to develop a process model CDR on the amount of 29,777,915 rubles. Justification: The course Tselko Order of 05.30.14 number 1325r. What kind of process model, what are the results of the contract, they have been used in the CDR, and the three years prior to this, BIC managed to function without this process model? Understand, of course, no one will.
As can be seen, the subjects in most of these agreements are not just blurred, so that no one could find fault with the "results" of their execution, and altogether absurd, and represent only a set of relatively hard-beautiful concepts in the aggregate carrying any semantic load at all. What was required to do under such agreements do not understand and are not going to understand not only the contractors but also the leaders of the Russian Railways, to issue such orders. Actually, to understand something here required an entirely different: it is heating the entire body the word "rollback", and therefore, a light stroke of a "cheap" pen (well, in the end, not only Gaiser also has a legal, almost a constitutional right to have an inkwell for one million dollars), and most importantly a sense of impunity, to issue an order. What was done. But unfortunately, the enjoyment of such work in the RZD managers no longer what it used to. There is no longer of vital adrenaline, as in the days when they are doing all the same, but at a multiple of a smaller scale, each time shaking with fear of falling into the hands of a fair trial in the world. Now, unfortunately these leaders is a daily routine no longer delivers the former drive, no more of those detectives who, if not for the "fatherland", as used to be, but at least for its share, as once, suddenly descend, scare ... and immediately agreed. Boredom.
It is only instructive Soviet cartoons haircut just started. The Railways, she is in full swing since the founding. In fact, it was created as a huge Railways hairdresser, but rather even laundry. Shear and washed here all and sundry. And not laziness here in this part of the whole. To me for approval, for the carrying out of competitions, received 12 projects with contracts already given them the exact amount (the total amount - 374 746 191 rubles) and with specific counterparties: OOO "PromStroy- Invest" and LLC "Stroytransrekonstruktsiya". As soon as the head of our department Margiev AG began to understand, how do we know the exact amounts and the more winners if tenders have not even announced, Tselko then illegally issued an order from 15/9/2014 № 2173r on the basis of which all concluded 12 contracts with the number TSTSITSP / 11 number TSDITSP / 22 the same amount and with the same two contracting parties. It is important to note that, in violation of the law and common sense, in most cases, such orders Railways executives instead of the signature just put seal in the event of prosecution, to declare his innocence in the crimes committed. How can you then say that a man is not able to see into the future.
2) The number of control units in the Railways is simply amazing, but in practice all their work boils down to in order to identify violations and to "negotiate" with the offender. And how differently? The main activity of the natural monopoly. Since the internal control center "ZheldorkonTROL" directly subordinate to the president of Russian Railways, is constantly detected in the BIC violations of billions of rubles, but no leader had not been brought even to disciplinary action, and the law enforcement agencies and the materials they did not provide. The winners are all: the thieves still continue to steal, and law enforcement officers pretend that nothing is happening. Although, of course, do not flatter the detectives of our time, they really are not able to know anything and are only able to fabricate for money against an innocent man thing, but the real crime - it's all because of that joke about the library, where the fiction on the third floor. Each time the inspections, "Zheldorkontrol" elicited a multimillion-dollar theft of the RDC and Suprun ordered his deputy for finance Merkulov agree with the auditors on any terms. But it is very difficult - to share something you do not want.
That is, in the truest sense, an ordinary day Railways example. 13.03.2012, the vice-president, in charge of IDC, held a meeting (Minutes № WB-23 / etc.), which examined the results identified by the Center "Zheldorkontrol" violations CDR on investment in the renovation of track equipment. From the report "Zheldorkontrol" it implies that there were massive violations of the BIC managers in the form of the signing of fictitious invoices to obtain technology, resulting in a failure to comply with equipment delivery schedule was nearly half - 39%. Unauthentic acts had been signed by 1.9 billion rubles. More than 300 million has been put technique unusable. Due to the "ordinary" negligence in the form of delayed initial recognition technology, Railways has lost the opportunity to recover the VAT in the amount of 298 million rubles, etc. Of course it ended, as they say some lawyers in our country, "landing", but rather transfers from one high chair to another, even higher.
3) But, as Baron Munchausen, and that's not all, but in this case all of the above, unfortunately, only the dry facts, not fiction, not counting the next sentence. Within one month, after the above analysis, all; violations, which revealed "Zheldorkontrol", "have been removed" in full, billions of dollars of theft were "compensated" fair (from the word of honor) and the principal leaders of the Railways of his "meager" salary. Thereafter, 20.04.2012 was signed a five-year contract for the supply of all of the same track equipment by a small amount - only 91 billion rubles. Contractor by the Railways under the Treaty has been CDR, ie still the same honest and never robbed Company Suprun and his gang of Sverdlovsk. Of course, the ultimate beneficiary of these flows was not him - he has a gut, though straight, but stenochki too thin. And indeed, without his patron and positions, even with billions available, which of course he did not steal, who he is, this Suprun.
It is worth noting that 91 billion - this is the price of the technology, but taking into account that the money received in the Russian Railways Lease of OJSC "VEB-Leasing", is not very difficult to calculate how many eventually will cost the Russian Railways for this technique. Needless to say that even once the delivery time techniques have not been met - who is suddenly interested. None Railways released from the timely payment of the lease payments, and it does not matter, put equipment or not - an advance payment. Thus, Railways bear the cost of the interest on lease payments and damages for not engaging in the production process of the planned technology, because it is not delivered on time. But these billions - a trifle, because our country is not worried.
4) A few small examples to conclude quite unimaginable in the subject, the feasibility and value of contracts (if you do not remember about the goal of Railways). 30.07.2013, Suprun made a number TSDITSGO25 Contract with JSC "Transputstroy" to perform high-precision surveying to determine the actual values of the geometric parameters of a railway transportation infrastructure in 2013-2015., To 14,456,180,000 rubles. Why CDR needed these options "do not know" as well as "do not know" how many actually are such works, but the same leaders recognized that these options are not merely unneeded, but also long been known from satellite data. What, then, spent 14.5 billion? However, what's the difference, most importantly, what is not on the development of Russian Railways.
Contract number TSDIM / 3 dated 11.08.2014 with ZAO "Investstroyproekt" to provide services for the characterization of reference for the carriage of the machine path distillation programs and calculation devices way to 1,723,843,347 rubles;
Contract number 167-12-00007 / TSDITSP / 34 from 30.12.2013 with OJSC "Research and proektnokonstruktorsky Institute for Information Technology, Automation and Communication on Railway Transport" to work on the theme "Monitoring the Tuapse-Adler section of using satellite data for 2012 -2013's. ", on 21.24 million rubles. Not difficult to guess, even on the basis of the date of conclusion of the contract and the period of the works, which is the purest prachechka.
Another example of the same: Contract number TSDIDM-00-01 from 06.26.2013 with JSC "Scientific and Research Institute of Railway Transport" expert work on the causes of the destruction, damage or fracture of the permanent way on objects of CDR for the period from 2012 to 2013, to 7,177,940 rubles;
Contract number TSDITSP / 29 dated 12.06.2013 with FBOU of higher education "Siberian State Transport University" to work on the development of standards of labor costs in the precinct of the current system of track, depending on the operating conditions, at 7.67 million rubles;
Contract № TSDITSV / 15 of 07/31/2014 with "Transtech" maintenance automated diagnostic systems for measuring geometrical parameters of wheel pairs, at 50,601,806 rubles;
Contract number TSTSIBT / W from 08.27.2014 with ZAO "IFA" for the provision of industrial safety of services, inspection, technical inspection of technical equipment and installations hazardous production facilities of structural units BIC at 22,857,856 rubles.
Contract number TSDISZ / 6 from 17.11.2014 with "tekhkontrol Expertise" for the provision of consultancy services for the development of design estimates for 28,129,989 rubles.
Contract number 1007 / TSDIRSU / 1 dated 03.07.2014 with OAO "Mosgiprotrans" for the execution of the project optimization control technology BIC and its territorial units to 196,459,635 rubles.
How many billions have to make this optimization to the project to pay for its 200 million! Or more correctly the question: what is the roof, in every sense, it is necessary to have in order to enter into such contracts!
5) In accordance with the FZ-349 on 12.02.2013, under the Treaty of 68d / 240 of 04.18.2014, concluded RZD FAZHT RZD allocated 26,029,950,000 rubles federal subsidies to perform Overhaul infrastructure Railways. 17.03.2014 for the number 143, Vladimir Yakunin approved the work plan for that amount, after which they were held, as usual, fair competitions, which won the regular customers, efficiently, on their own, in full and, of course, in time by doing all the work.
Thus, operation Treaty № KR1DE / 6 of 27.06.2014 with ZAO "SetStroyEnergo" at 106,753,728 rubles were to be met before 30.11.2014. Due to violation of terms of performance of works by the contractor, the Additional Agreement of 29/12/2014, instead of collecting all the caused damages, the period of performance of works has been unlawfully extended until 31.12.2014. Frank and more absurd is that the work that the contractor has not fulfilled for six months, he had to run for two days from 29 to 31 December.
23.12.2014 has been signed the Agreement number KR CE / 39 for a range of works on capital repair of objects in the electrification of the economy CDR 9,894,009 rubles from the execution of works up to 31.12.2014, ie the work had to be completed within 8 days.
30/12/2014 Agreement signed number KR-TSTSITSSH / 38 to 7,921,329 rubles for the repair facilities management automation IDNs. The works were to be carried out the next day - 31.12.2014.
There's no doubt that the work of these contracts, as well as in other cases, have not been implemented at all or performed with a large violation of the terms of quality and volume, and is likely to force a simple hard workers Railways, not contractors. But money, as it should have been paid in full and the down payment.
Such examples in the Railways endless. Only apparatus CDR in the last day of 2014 to contracts financed at the expense of federal subsidies illegally, without the consent of the Tender Committee Railways have entered into dozens of additional agreements, which illegally prolonged turnaround time. If the CDR leadership has taken such a step, so violations were horrific because because of the "little things" in the form of tens of millions of rubles to Russian Railways never tense. Center for organizing competitive procurement Railways has repeatedly pointed out the illegality of such action, but after a few days without any noise agreed on these unlawful actions, it is clear that for free.
6) As already indicated above, stealing all suprunovskaya gang, but a living, "of course," enough not to all. For example, the above Lygin concluded "penny" contracts, whether from Contract № TSTSIAHUZ
20.02.2014 CJSC "Profteh Company" for the supply of flowers for the head of the CDR, to 1.5 million rubles; Contract № TSDIAH / 12 of 24/07/2014 with SP Bolgar OA the supply of cards for the head of the IDC, to 1 million rubles; Contract number BIC AH / 10 dated 04.11.2014 with OOO "Relief Center" for the supply of stationery, to 16.52 million rubles; Contract number TSDIAH / 11 dated 06.04.2014 with ZAO TPK "Felix" for the supply of office furniture for the CDR leadership to 6,624,659 rubles, etc. For one in 2014 and only the supply of furniture for more than 38 million rubles were spent for the management of CDR. Of course, Lygin anything with these contracts had not, and on the above amounts, for example, every day gave Suprun bouquet of flowers. No, it is one and a half million is not reached.
Bersenev also not particularly roam, honestly sat on his very modest salary, signing contracts with the same counterparty LLC "Production Company" Amethyst "and LLC" concert agency "Prime-show." Suprun not even hide the fact that this company Berseneva. In 2013, with these counterparties was signed 3 contracts to 9.99 million rubles: number OU-TSDIK-00-01 from 02.28.2013 to 1.4 million rubles, number TSTSIK / 6 on 09/07/2013 at 8 million rubles for the celebration of the Day Railroader (and said the crisis), number TSDIK / 18 dated 12.06.2013 for 590 000 rubles. In 2014, with the indicated offices contracts concluded 5: № TSDIK / 1 of 14/03/2014, TSTSIK / 2 of 17.03.2014, TSTSIK / 3 of 17.03.2014, TSTSIK / 15 of 7.18.2014, C DIC / 16 dated 20.08. in 2014 to 3.555 million rubles, and in fact anything that all activities are carried out at a very low level for this because the contracts requirements for the quality of services, their scope and even the nature, hardly established. In this case, for example, during the gala event with each employee CDR (700 people) raised more for 4000 rubles. Just a few years with these offices have entered into dozens of agreements. And what's the big deal? He is a bad Bersenev that does not want to become Suprun, and Bersenev tried. Although the classic country of the Great argued that born to crawl ... We know that the device is going to Railways sign a contract with LLC "Production Center Event" to celebrate in 2014 the day of the Company at the International House of Music on the sum of 40 million rubles. Concluded or not I do not know.
7) In case of violation counterparties of their obligations to the Railways, virtually on any agreement not to claim the more claims for compensation for damages caused. Violations, particularly by CDR counterparts, involve, among other things, reducing the speed of trains, and is virtually the only source of income Railways. If late ridership in our completely "legal" state does not even have a theoretical chance to compensation for damage in case of shippers Railways assumes financial responsibility for the late delivery of the cargo. Benefited corrupt leaders Railways removed, certainly of all, but only for personal use. Even under agreements for the current ottsepochny repair of private cars, car owners receivables before Railways never drops below 1 billion rubles. About the size of "gratitude" from owners of cars of this alleged negligence of Railways, one can only guess.
8) The Railways there is a persistent practice of "cover" made in the Company's crimes. They call it corporate solidarity. Of course, it does not corporate, but the most common thieves solidarity: you do not hand over me, so I did not give you. On coming in from all over the country thousands of requests from the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service (in those rare cases when the law enforcers still identify crime) to determine caused to Railways damage size and write the appropriate application of Railways should always be one answer (regardless of the extent of the damage) 5 that the damage caused by the Railways, is immaterial. Article 20 of the Code of Criminal Procedure expressly provides that regardless of the size of the damage, for a criminal investigation and preliminary investigation on cases of embezzlement in the organizations, a statement from the organization is not required in the case of state participation in the authorized capital of the organization. State participation in the authorized capital of Russian Railways is 100%. However, this practice has satisfied all: heads of Railways and then quietly continue to steal, and law enforcement officers safely pretend that if none Railways statements, therefore no crime to investigate. At the same time, and can be identified with rubanut corrupt, and this is now the most important thing.
9) The main reason for all this tyranny - man's dishonesty, but also the professional level rzhdeshnikov strikes. Despite the presence of its own corporate university with her MBA, strategic sessions, 5 business simulations, training, and so on, the quality of management and productivity in this strategically important and the largest companies in the country shamefully low. To prepare even an accompanying letter, officially involved dozens of managers at all levels, each of which, in turn, attracts tens, or hundreds, in CDR, his subordinates, but even with so many matching, in the Railways are not able to achieve even linguistic literacy. For example, a member of the Management Board and top manager of Russian Railways, and he is the head of the Legal Department Bynkov, does not consider it shameful to himself to the project simply agree to sign a cover letter with the comments of the two, and the unreasonable commas. All the work in the RZD I did not come across any document of the Legal Department to the position corresponding to the level of at least the first-year student, not to mention the level of experts. We had all the time to give their comments on the documents, and they are all illegal forces, together with a gang of Suprun, we survived.
The ten-year contract with the company "Siemens" in the maintenance yard Luzhekaya, amounting to hundreds of millions of euros, Margot repeatedly wrote that the head of the Legal Department Bynkovu the inadmissibility of the performance of this contract German law, especially since the execution of the contract is carried out solely on the Russia. However Bynkov, or as always, not wanting to participate in the work or not able to do that, whether in pursuit of the interests of very different entities, clearly Railways invited for a considerable sum, a kind of company "Freshfields" which, instead of eternally nothing do legal Department, "participated" in the development of the said contract, "vigorously defending" the interests of the Russian Railways, and this despite the huge state of the legal Department, and dozens of legal departments and offices in the Railways. Despite all the efforts Margieva used in contract law of the Russian Federation, and the calculations carried out in rubles, Bynkov decided to apply only to German law, and the calculations of the contract be carried out in euros (and this is when the available situation on the currency market) to all ten years of Railways to pay for services "Freshfields" a guest Bynkovym company. No doubt, Bynkov, as it should be leaders in R5KD not pursuing any personal goals, all for the sake of Railways. The very same treaty "was consistent" Legal Department for two years, and initialed and signed it, they will still not looking up, one day, after another complaint Yakunin from the company "Siemens", which for a long time will be amazed complete incapacity of the largest Russian companies.

10) Another favorite in the Railways - outsourcing. What does this mean in the understanding of the leaders of Russian Railways? This is when the work that was carried out since the Nikolaev railway, all of a sudden, for no reason, no reason, have become unprofitable for Russian Railways, despite the fact that there are all necessary for such works infrastructure and skilled workers. In this case we are not talking about non-core activities in the form of build space ships, and on the works which are actually an integral part of the production process, well, such as welding of rail lashes kyuvetoochistitelnye, cleaning ROW or conductors on trains, etc. Railways gives these works, with all the adjusted decades infrastructure and personnel so-called outsourcers, ie companies that were created in the literal sense of yesterday, do not have any idea about these works in principle and, moreover, no personnel and infrastructure, but for some "inexplicable reason," these companies are working all of a sudden become very profitable. "Inexplicable reasons" is quite understandable: the outsourcer or a relative of the head of Russian Railways created or figurehead, or a friend, work or transferred for huge bribes or other is not given. There is no need to tell everyone that after the transfer of jobs to outsourcing, the actual costs of Railways on them in times increase. Do not say anything, the economy, and most likely the economy.
11) In such "trifles", as a failure of the Russian Federation Putin Prime Minister Vladimir orders from 28.12.2011 number VP-P13-9308, according to which JSC "Russian Railways" is obliged to conclude contracts receive full information about the owners of counterparties, including the final beneficiaries and to provide this information on a monthly basis to the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Tax Service and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service nobody even pays any attention. Still, after the implementation of this requirement will open communication, including and related, with the owners of counterparties. You can in fact do a formal Instruction Yakunin from 13.01.2012 number PP-3.

Margiev was the only one of the leaders who stood against all this arbitrariness. Even those leaders who were not of the gang Suprun, feared him, because We understood that it supports Yakunin. First Suprun, Bersenyev Merkulov just Margieva warned that he should not "disturb" their work. Then he was offered money to them, he did not interfere, and when they realized that they could not buy it either, nor intimidate, started it all means to survive, creating all sorts of obstacles in the daily demanding to leave and threatened with dismissal, "according to the article." The amount of work we increased all the time, giving instructions, that is not part of our job duties. Due to such a load more than a year we had to work all weekends and holidays (confirmed by the Bureau of Railways passes). 25/12/2014 Margiev forcibly applied to the Federal Cardiology, was absent from work 4:00 13 minutes. Despite the fact that the treatment in the hospital, he agreed, although it was not supposed to, and submitted all the supporting documents, 29/12/2014, he was dismissed for alleged absenteeism. "Not worth it" here remember about Berseneva son, do not just who was walking to work, but also flies regularly on a two-week holiday, but just not for this expulsion, and more and gets even during absences salary with bonuses.
Margiev wrote to Yakunin, together with the documents confirming the extent of arbitrariness and corruption in the CDR, of which he knew, to put it mildly, are better than us. I will not say that it Yakunin and created this huge corrupt machine. At the direction of Yakunin, Vice-President, Human Resources Shakhanov sent a formal reply from the same line, that "the facts have not been confirmed." Needless to say that the "fact" in principle, not be confirmed can not, because it is already a fact. But with a "professional" level of heads of Russian Railways will not argue. And because it is not only the chief personnel officer Railways, top managers of the company, member of the Board, but also a "professional" lawyer, former chief of the Interior Ministry fighter against corruption in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Thereafter Margiev went to court, but there is an administrative and financial resources Railways have done their job: the judge Zholudova TV, consider it a claim, make a real outrage, not allowing to declare even the simplest application, attach to the material evidence of the case, and in the course of court proceedings, according to her instructions over Margieva were two armed bailiffs, as if he was not a civil party and the defendant for a felony.
However, his dismissal was illegal so that Zholudova judge once afraid to make an illegal decision and 08.27.2015 made a decision to reinstate him at work. Two months Railways management refuses to comply with the court's decision, while police officers do not return to the new President of the Russian Railways Belozerova. Thereafter Margieva SMS received death threats from these cowardly scum demand "calm down", but the Interior Ministry refuses to initiate criminal proceedings. 26.10.2015 with the help of bailiffs entered the building of the IDC, however, immediately after leaving the bailiffs, his computer and a pass in the Railways building immediately blocked. On the following day, 27.10.2015, at 09.00 in his office, as directed by Suprun broke 7 "brave" CDR leaders inflicted beatings (video and the conclusion of the medical examiner there) and gave warning of the reduction. He just defended, even face to anyone did not beat.
After that, Margot again went to court, but the judge Afanasyeva, would consider his claim in the process as well as Zholudova, acted beyond all possible abuse. 11 and one is absolutely legitimate and justified the application does not satisfy. She refused to even requesting of Railways of written evidence, questioning CDR leaders as witnesses who were in the courtroom, they even cause it was not necessary. Even so, it was quite obvious that the decline was blatant lawlessness, but Afanasyeva not even going to understand this, I am sure, also exclusively due to the receipt of bribes. Illegal decision he was ready. Leading the process, she did not even realize what was going on, asking a completely absurd questions, and when she tried Margiev explain it simply forbade him to speak (I was also in the process). Of course, Afanasiev refused him all claim requirements, and the corrupt Railways refuse Margieva to now even return as the work book. Addressed Belozyorova We sent more than twenty-written applications that are registered in the Railways, but no one treatment, we have not received even a formal reply.
A similar arbitrariness was uchinon against me and Kochetova MV - substituent Marghiev because we helped him in the fight against this tyranny. Immediately after the illegal dismissal Margieva 12.29.2014, Kochetova we began to force quit. Knowing that from the legal point of view to our work and have no complaints, corrupt CDR decided to carry out a fictitious reduction of our department, and instead of it, in the same order dated 25.02.2015 created exactly the same department, with exactly the same number of staff, with the exact the same position and salary, changing only the name of the department. The new department was transferred completely illiterate workers who took after his dismissal Margieva, and at the time of the transfer, they worked in the Railways less than a month. And to me, it works great at that time for about 2 years, was handed a warning on the reduction, as well as Kochetova, who worked with the first day of the establishment of our department, starting with a Senior Counsel, and for the outstanding professional work was transferred to the post of deputy chief . For faultless operation Kochetova was also, like Margot was awarded the Commendation Chief TSTSI. Our personal belongings thrown into the corridor of the office, leaving us on the technical floor completely empty room, in which there was not only computers, but even lighting, completely removing us from the workflow, so that we can not follow the illegally enter into contracts and other arbitrary in TSTSI.
Despite the fact that in accordance with Art. 179 TC RF, and me, and the more Kochetov, had transferred to a new department, as we had an absolute advantage does not translate, enjoying higher productivity and skills, rather than translated former employees of the department, this was not done. To the position of chief and his deputy in the new department invited people naturally from Sverdlovsk. Kochetova and gave me lists of vacancies for 47 sheets with exclusively working professions: fitter way osmotrschik wagon driver railcar, train driver, etc., which are not just contrary to the requirements of the Labor Code, but also common sense. Among the hundreds of such positions accidentally hit two posts of lawyers in the Trans-energy - a branch of Russian Railways. Kochetova I Ya, in accordance with the Labor Code, make a written declaration of transfer for these positions, but in spite of the fact that corrupt leaders BIC even theoretical chances did not deny Kochetova and I translated, they cut Kochetov, as with overseeing the prosecution and the court, at the time, it was already established all the necessary contacts.
With me CDR leadership decided to do even more illegal. In the night from 24 to 25 March 2015, on the eve of eviction nashets with us? cabinet, unknown persons have stolen from our work computers all documents, including confidential documents "Zheldorkontrol 'Center, which confirmed the extent of corruption in the CDR. The next day, our personal belongings thrown out into the corridor, and I was with Kochetova sent, as already mentioned above, at a technical floor in the empty room. Knowing full well that this was done on direct instructions Suprun, I demanded Berseneva stop this outrage, immediately call the perpetrators and recover the stolen documents. That is a demand I reprimanded for quite extravagant grounds - allegedly a violation of the Code of Business Ethics. In this order of bringing me to the disciplinary action was issued 28.04.2015, ie a month later, which means that even on these grounds is illegal order.
BIC employees, the vast majority of whom hated Suprun and Berseneva, gave me screenshots of personal pages on social networks mentioned above Berseneva Jr., his personal photos, where he is defamatory worker Railways (or simply human in principle) form, especially the personnel, revels straight from the throat of the bottle of brandy, and Uploaded by the caricature of the Russian President Putin VV in Nazi uniform with upturned hand up and signed "Heil Putin" and all this on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. Also, I was told screenshots from personal pages in social networks son Suprun, who posted the information on your page fascist, racist, anti-Semitic, nationalist and pornographic nature, as a minimum, contain signs of crimes under Art. Art. 242, 282, 354.1 of the Criminal Code: a photo of Hitler, your photo, where he drinks from a cup with a Nazi swastika, most likely from a home set, breathes in an inadequate state of some narcotic gas directly from a huge balloon, pornographic pictures with their participation, and some girl, probably his wife, etc.
05/05/2015 I sent a letter to the then still not dismissed and Tselko Yakunin, RZD incoming number - 13472, set out the facts of corruption and arbitrariness of the RDC and the requirement to intervene and bring at least some order in the D CI. In addition, I have joined to his handling the above screenshots, with the question: how can Suprun, brought up his own son in this fascist and Bandera, who taught his only addiction and debauchery, to be the head of the 350 000 workers BIC? I also sought to answer as it might be Dad Bersenev-chief personnel officer-educator 350 000 BIC employees if his son he had raised by this fascist and an alcoholic who placed the said caricature of the head of state, while at the same time the employee personnel Railways division? I also set out the facts of fraud Bereeneva Bush. Response from these entities were received, as well as any action to restore order. Instead, the second time TSTSI guide told me a reprimand, for the said appeal to the leadership of Railways, for the fact that I am supposed to disseminate information discrediting the leadership TSTSI and their families. After that, I was fired with the wording "for repeated failure to perform job duties."
With this, it is evident arbitrariness, it would seem, even a theoretical chance to deny me the claims of the court was not, but the billions stolen work wonders with any laws. And the prosecutor's office, headed by TYULKOVA, and the court in the face of all of the same judge Zholudovoy decided that my dismissal was completely lawful.
The same happened in court and Kochetov. All the same Zholudova with which corrupt Railways wonderful set the affairs, ruled that a fictitious reduction of our department is legitimate, that the translation in the new department of former illiterate and do not work in the RZD even a full month Professionals 1-categories of laws, thus reducing Deputy Head of Kochetov, which had incomparably higher productivity of labor and skills. In the course of the proceedings Kochetova filed a motion for the admission of making it a reward for hard work, exemplary fulfillment of their duties and a significant contribution to the development of CDR - Thanks chief BIC - one more evidence supporting higher productivity and skills Kochetova, compared with translated experts first category, but just threw Zholudova gratitude from the case. Then, on the orders of the leaders of C CI, Head Sirotin personnel management services, has forged a certificate stating that Kochetova while working in the Railways was never awarded. These actions are a crime under Art. 303 of the Criminal Code - the falsification of evidence in a civil case. Said certificate Zholudova based his fabricated solutions. The actions Sirotina Kochetova filed in the RF IC of the Meshchansky District, where, of course, not seen in it no crime, illegally refusing to initiate criminal proceedings.

Sprat prosecutor also decided that its reduction was lawful. Of course, such a decision sprat took absolutely free, guided solely by the law. Also, guided only by the law, sprat prohibits to open a criminal case against the younger Berseneva- for committing the above fraudulent activities. I can not even imagine how much money you need to get to, as the prosecutor general's two stars, prohibit the initiation of criminal cases so obvious crimes. And the "okay" to sprat covered some political value, without it anywhere in our country, but we are talking about simple swindlers! Prohibits sprat to initiate criminal proceedings and on my other allegations of corruption in the Railways, in spite of the huge amount granted me the supporting documents.
Any our appeal to TYULKOVA name ends with an absolutely illegal response, with the same absurd phrase that our arguments have not found their documentary evidence. This phrase is used to them even when the arguments themselves already consists exclusively of documentary evidence and if our arguments, in terms of procedural law and common sense, in principle, can not be documented, as we prove otherwise, not by written evidence. Of course, in any case, sprat not substantiate your answer, and not just because testing never carried out, but because it is well aware that the prosecutor korrumpirovano- bureaucratic machine in this "legal" country does not win and another example of the fact his deputy Mokhov, corrupt known throughout the country for the gambling case, former prosecutor of the Moscow region. Anyone in his place after such a disgrace to the same day and even the resignation has not submitted, and quiet and, most importantly, fairly, without bribes, holed up in the most rogue prosecutor's office. And not disappear as prohibitively acquired by the good years for honest work in the prosecutor's office.
All this arbitrariness in relation to me, and Kochetova Margieva had only one reason - our opposition to corruption, nepotism and other lawlessness corrupt leaders Railways.
There is no need to demand to inspect, within the competence of your office, these facts because This is done all the same will not be because, to put it mildly, all and so all we know better than we do, let's call it so, because I will not, I say that all this tied.
If it is very short, perhaps, everything.



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